What would you do for the property you really want?
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What would you do for the property you really want?

Julie: “Now I want y’all to imagine, okay, we’re
driving down the road and you got a pocket full of money. And sure enough, you’re driving you’re like-
“Whoo! excuse me.” You look out in somebody’s yard, and sure
enough, there is a 57 Chevy sitting in that yard, right? It’s not for sale. The grass is grown up around it. The tires are flat on it it needs bodywork
and a paint job but man you’ve wanted this your whole life. Raise your hand and tell me what you would
do to try to buy that car.” “I would walk up knock on the door and see
if the owner’s home. See if I can ask him if it’s for sale or if
I can buy it.” “Get out and walk around the vehicle. See, you know, check it out and make sure
it’s what I want and then go knock on the door.” “I would go to the neighbor’s house. I would knock on the doors on the other side
of the neighbors. I would leave signs in the yard. I would try to find a phone number. Just like everybody you know- like- trying
to find a property, you’re trying to find the owner- go direct.” Julie: “So the point is, if you really wanted
that 57 Chevy, right, you wouldn’t think it funny to knock on the door. Right? You wouldn’t think it weird to send them a
letter. And you certainly wouldn’t think it weird
to pick up the phone and call them would you? Right? This is driving for dollars, but with houses
instead of cars. You guys when you go to make these calls,
y’all are overthinking this. People want to do business with who they know
and who they trust. You’ve got to be yourself.”

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