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hi there friends welcome to my channel
where I normally put up ideas that are about kids ministry but today I’m doing
something totally different because I have had an amazing
opportunity this year to do two holy land trips and there are some things
that I was very happy that I brought along with my trip and some things I
wish I had brought so I thought I would just do a simple little tutorial of
showing you the things that I found really helpful if you’re planning on
doing a Bible lands tour in Israel first of all we went when it was really hot we
went at the beginning of May which was really hot and we went at the beginning
of October which was even hotter so it was really important that we had a good
hat now I like to use a visor which was really helpful for me but my husband
had only had a baseball cap that the tour company had given us and he had
wished he had brought a hat with a rim because the back of your neck just
really bakes the other thing that I was really happy that I brought was an
umbrella and it wasn’t because of rain it was because I ended up using this
thing for shade because it was so hot in that baking Sun so this was such relief
when we were going on walks and standing around and listening to things and
looking at all the old ruins having an umbrella for shade was so good I can
highly recommend that the other thing that you’ll need of course is sunscreen
so bring plenty of sunscreen – I was happy that I brought was invisible zinc
now what I did every morning is I put this on my face under my makeup and I
never had a problem with getting sunburned on my face so that’s something
that might be really helpful to bring the other thing that you need to bring
of course is an adapter now I brought this from home okay this is the type of
adapter that I needed – thing that my son’s gave me is they ended up doing a
hike from the Golan Heights all the way down to Egypt and they gave me this sort of adapter
which was really good for using your electronics plugged in so I don’t know
where they got it but it was really helpful to have for this trip – really
important is really good comfortable walking shoes I was so glad that I
brought my hiking sandals this time they were excellent now they had grippy
grippy bottoms and they’re not real pretty but they were so comfortable my
foot was nice and cool and in the evenings I would just wash them in the
sink and then in the morning there’d be a little bit damp but of course they dry
out as the day went on and they were fantastic we did lots of hiking lots of
walking and I really felt like my foot was very stable I didn’t feel slippy
with them on at all guess what I’m doing for Mother’s Day
I’m getting to getting to go up and do a hike in a really really interesting spot just really good shoes for walking the
other thing that I brought this time that the first time I didn’t bring is I
brought some closed shoes like this but I made sure again the bottoms were not
slippy the first trip that I took I bought some Sketchers that had a foam
bottom and they were so slippery on those really ancient ancient stones and
sandstone in the old city of jerusalem whenever we had a slight little incline
I was hanging on to my husband because I could feel how slippery my shoes were so
I made sure I brought ones that had good sticky bottoms and and what I did is I
alternated wearing the hiking sandals and enclosed toed shoe so I wouldn’t get
blisters at all the other shoe that I brought was a little sandal like this
that I could wear in wet or wear into the Dead Sea because one area the Dead Sea we went they had really sharp salt crystals at the bottom and so you could
go in with these on and not hurt your feet ‘We’re stepping on salt -that’s the salt pieces and they’re all underneath your feet it’s also salt that’s pretty cool but
I’m ready to get out’ and I could also wear these in the evening as well and
give my foot a break from the other shoes so having those was really good as well
now the other thing that was important was wearing clothes that were really
comfortable so I tended to wear these sort of caftan type shirts and with the
sleeve on it they were great because it protected me from the Sun I didn’t have
to worry about putting sunscreen all over my shoulders and they were nice and
lightweight and I just wore like a little camisole underneath and I found
that you know you’re gonna sweat you’re gonna drip but it was much more
comfortable and something that was loose-fitting and I wore usually little
tights or pants that went down below the knee so that if we went into any sort of
holy place whether it was a mosque or whether it was in a church or whatever I
was fully covered and didn’t have a problem because they will not let you in
churches and things like that if
you are showing a lot of your leg if you’re wearing shorts. you’ve got to have
your knees covered – even the men have to cover up their legs they can’t show their
knees so they’re getting their shawls to go into the church also you’ve got to have your neck area
covered shoulders covered so what I also did was when we went to the desert I
bought some a lovely little scarf from some Bedouins and this was great just to have in my
purse so whenever I needed it I could just cover up I also found it really
helpful was we would be out in the hot hot Sun and then we’d get in the bus and
have the cold air conditioning which felt great – blowing on you but you know
you can get sick when you go hot cold so having this in my purse to be able to
pull out and just wrap around me it’s really helpful the other thing I also
brought was just a pashmina like this because there were some evenings
where it was a bit cooler when we’re eating out by the Mediterranean and
having dinner and I could just pull this out of my bag and put that around me
instead of having to carry a sweater around so that was really helpful the
other thing that I brought which I was glad I brought was a little portable
lights like this so use in the hotel room or whatever but also was great when we
went through Hezekiah tunnel the other thing which I highly recommend
is you gotta bring your medicines but if you get a bit sick I love using Lemsip
they’re just wonderful I ended up giving some of these out and I’ve run out this
is my last sashe I’ve got a little bit of a cough you know but these are great
to have if you start getting a bit of a cold and a sore throat – so have your
medicines the other thing that was helpful to me was a really good selfie
stick that was nice and sturdy now this is a really sturdy one it’s called i-Klip and it extends and then one thing I found about having a good selfie stick
this one actually opens up into a tripod as well but there’s so many people at a
lot of these sites and so you can use your selfie stick and your phone and
just you can lift it up over everybody else’s head and you can get a shot clear
of everybody in front of you I’m really glad that I brought that so
this selfie stick was great now let me see what else oh the other thing that I
brought this time was I brought a crossbody bag and I bought one with
little lots of zips and I found using this much better than using a fanny pack
or a bum pack like I had on my first trip because I’d get all sweaty and I have
this thing wrapped around my waist where’s this one was much more comfortable with
all the heat now I’m gonna show you now what I would pack in my bag as we go out
for day trips I’ll show you what I’ve put in it so it has lots of zips and
what I’ve put in it is of course lip balm keep my nametag in there perfume in
case it gets stinky hot some lipstick of course and then I’ve got a pen always
with me and a little antiseptic wipe that I keep in that front pouch and then
always keep my passport with me so I’ve got my passport with me
all the time right in there then in this pouch, I’ve got my sunglasses and then
I’ve got my little selfie stick which I use for filming so I keep that in the
front part of this and then on the back I always get more tissues which
are always good for that I’ve got my extra little camera that I use for
filming there it is and then I’ve gotten a little travel wallet that I keep in
there as well and then of course I’ve got some personal items in the zip as
well as some panadol and things like that I keep in here – I keep a
charging cord plus I sleep another power pack incase I need to charge the phone or
my camera and this is my camera charging cord to go with the little power pack
and then this is really important to just show you guys this this is all my
extra camera cards and then the other thing I have here let’s see this is a
storage device that I can download all my videos and photos from my phone straight onto this little device then I can delete them off my phone so that has been really helpful and it’s still haven’t hit a limit at all it’s been
really good so this little bag has just been absolutely wonderful
and I’ll also share with you what I would pack in backpack for our day trips which
is really important that you have things with you so let me just show you what I
packed for that so this is what I’ve packed in we’ve got these little speaker
things that the tour people give you so you’ve got to have that with you also
have a charging cord for our phones for camera and then I’ve got battery pack
to charge with it if I run out of batteries mints okay I’ve got a pen what else do I in here oh I got my favorite tea bag in case I
want a hot drink now let’s see what we have here I’ve always got water which
you have from the hotel so I’ve got a jacket in there the other thing that’s
been so helpful is it gets so hot so I use this umbrella to protect me from the
Sun then I’ve got a brush I’ve got my glasses in case my contacts get messed up and I’ve got to take them out the other thing I have in here is a notebook incase I want to write something down and if you have any snacks from
breakfast an apple or something like that well we’ve got a meusli bar here as
well the other thing I threw in here which I have it needed it’s just a
poncho a cheap little disposable poncho and then of course you’re gonna need
sunscreen so having a little backpack like that has been wonderful to take
everywhere with us I also would like to mention that having American dollars for
buying things was fantastic so we got a bit of American money out to take with
us we also use our card it was really easy that way ‘I’m not gonna rip you off’ ‘come on sir, you don’t trust me?’ ‘I’ve got the three’ ‘I own a shop cost million dollars’ ‘I will rip you off for two dollars?’ what’s your name? Armadda Yours? ‘Father and son?’ ‘Its ok’ Gee, you’re making me proud now! means You would have had me when you were 16… ‘Ya, It’s possible, it’s ok!’ my father , he had my last brother – was age 65 ‘how old was his wife? 55 See honey, it is possible! From 2 mothers, first wife , he had 7 children my father married very young… he was 16…. I had wished that I had brought two things that I didn’t bring this time
I wish I had brought some dresses that were lightweight and loose-fitting okay
that would have been great to have the other thing is we did quite a bit of
hiking and walking in outdoor areas and I think I would have liked having my
walking sticks they would have been really helpful so you can check with your tour guide if you’re going to be doing some of those sights like we
went to Gamla which was up from down went to Masada
we went and hiked to some beautiful lookouts and they were great but I was
just always very conscious of stepping downwards and stepping upwards fine but
going down and keeping my balance last thing I wanted on a tour was to fall
down and hurt myself so I think having hiking poles would been a great thing to
bring along when you have more of an adventuresome sort of tour and that my
second tour was like that now I also thought I’m
I’d do a video on what things I bought as gifts or even as a Bible teacher when
I went there so I did pick up things if you’re a Bible teacher or teach kids
I’ve bought some pretty neat things in Israel that are gonna I’m gonna take
back to use with my classes so if you’d like me to do a clip on that well let me know so I think that’s about it guys that I have to share with you if you
found these ideas helpful please give it a thumbs up and if you’d like me to do
some clips on the footage or some of the vision that I’ve took because I took a
lot of video of my trip let me know in the comments below anyway thanks so much for watching and
if you like more simple ideas for kids ministry or things like that check out
my channel and subscribe if you like you know it’s actually free to subscribe and
we’ll catch you next time Shalom!

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