What to look for in real estate agents🔍?
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What to look for in real estate agents🔍?

Hi, my name is Charles Vander Stelt. I’m a
real estate agent in Northwest Indiana. I work for a brokerage named ‘Listing
leaders’ and I am also the founder of a real estate related website named Quadwalls.com, go ahead and take a visit to that website, you can see every home for
sale in Northwest Indiana and get some great information about buying or
selling a home. “What to look for in an agent?” So, we’re
gonna transition out a little bit to what to do when you’re interviewing an
agent. I’ve got just a few quick things to talk about there. First, I strongly
encourage people to use a full-time agent. There are a lot of part-time
agents in my industry. I’m a full-timer. If I was getting on an
airplane I know I would feel a lot more comfortable with a pilot who flies, you
know, 40 hours a week, week after week, after week, compared a pilot who
decides to pull his or her airplane out of the hangar once a month. I’m just big
on full-timers, so I would strongly encourage you to use a full-time agent,
where it is their only profession. Look for testimonials from past clients, or if
the agent is able to connect you with past clients for you to maybe shoot an
email, or have a brief phone conversation with. Trustworthiness
is probably the biggest issue if you don’t feel like you can trust your agent,
you probably shouldn’t work with that agent. Your relationships probably just
not going to go very well. Trustworthiness is very important to me.
You’re entrusting your agent with what’s likely your most valuable asset, and
it’s valuable from two standpoints: it has an enormous financial value and,
secondly, it has an enormous day-to-day everyday life value: you have to live
somewhere. You know, you don’t want to be homeless, because they sold your house
before they found something for you to buy, and things just turned into a
mess. So, I understand the amount of value that both financial and an
intangible, non-financial that your home has. So, I understand that selling a home,
buying home it’s a major event in life. It’s a major interruption in life,
especially when you’re selling. You need an agent who’s trustworthy and will get
the job done right. Fees are negotiable. If you have an agent
who won’t give an inch on fees, I kind of want
that goes back to trustworthiness, really. There’s a lot of you out there who have
beautiful homes, that are in great condition. They can be put on the market
today and they’d be gone in a week. they’d be sold because you take great
care of your home. That means you’re making your job easier meaning you
probably should get to pay a little bit less. Ability to terminate a relationship.
I don’t like to talk about this a whole lot, I don’t want to meet you
and say you can fire me, but I actually tell all my clients in our listing
appointments: if it’s not working out you can fire me and you can move on to a
different agent. I don’t believe that you should be tied into some contract for
months and months to be forced to work with somebody who you don’t think is
doing the job for you. If you’ve got agents or brokerages who aren’t allowing
basically, like an easy breakaway, because they’re just not doing the job, they’re
not following through with what they said. You might want to think
about looking in a different direction. There are agents out there, such as
myself, who make that really easy for you. Communication, great communication is key.
A lot of this too kind of goes back to the full-time agent type of thing. If your agent can’t pick up the phone to speak to you, can’t return a
text message, can’t return an email and a reasonable amount of time, which
should be about 24 hours or less, especially if you’ve got a pending deal,
or you’re thinking about listing, you probably have a problem there. Your agent
should be able to communicate with you clearly and in ways that you understand,
and make sure that you understand everything that’s happening. It shouldn’t
be “let me take you by the hand and drag you down the road”. I like my clients to
understand everything that’s happening to them, happening to their house, and
happening in their transaction. And communication goes the other way, too. Your
agent needs to listen, they should be very informed on what you need from the
purchase, or what you need from your sale. It’s all about you. So , they shouldn’t
deviate from your strategy and your path very much.

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