What to Expect As A New Realtor
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What to Expect As A New Realtor

good morning everybody it’s brian kocel SBC and i wanted to make this video about the journey that you’re going to be on as a new realtor now what can you expect as somebody who just gets into real estate and you’re new maybe you’re young maybe you’re middle-aged maybe you’re a senior citizen it doesn’t matter here’s the real a reality of it now if you go in full-time and it’s your first time like it was for me you know I’m speaking from my perspective as well because I was the most I guess you can say raw type to get into real estate I had no self experience no previous actual I guess technically corporate experience or anything like that so what you can expect is a lot you will be tested mentally you will be forced and put in many uncomfortable positions you’re going to be pushed stretched and pretty much every other word that has to do with growing and developing and I’ve kind of created my own theory regarding this I believe and again any video I make is just my opinion right I believe that in order for you to grow to the next level to really breakthrough from where you’re at to the next level and the one after that the one after that is the requirement is you have to be tested mentally emotionally because my interpretation of it is you’re being tested to see if you are worthy at the next level you want wealth you want success you want Fame you want recognition whatever it is that you’re after you will be tested and it’s a requirement because any person who has made it will tell you they were tested time and time again and the same thing will happen to you because what makes you worthy it is being able to overcome the obstacle and pass those tests right so think of it that way because if you’re like me you’re new to sales sales is going to be challenging you’ve got to have to talk to strangers all the time and you’re going to trip over your words and you’re going to have to learn big deals you have to learn contracts I you have to deal with different personality types you have to understand the whole escrow process how to the specifics of working with a buyer the specifics of working with a seller knowing some real estate law so you don’t get yourself in trouble gaining confidence in yourself not only as an individual but as a salesperson to be able to lead strangers through one of the biggest decisions of their lives of buying and selling a home you see this is a little bit more intricate than most people think now at the same time to meet it’s exciting I was super excited and I still had them all the time as you can see in my videos I have this fire this is esta bout me because this is fun real estate is giving me the opportunity not to give back make videos coach people sell products speak at conventions speak at companies Wow unbelievable because of all the all these things that I’m telling you I embraced and I learned from them and I grew from them I want to be the person who I am today it wasn’t for all the people would say struggles but I say challenges through real estate see real estate open door for me to study more and develop as a human being so one of the doors that open I I’m fascinated I enjoy studying communication human behavior human psychology and and everything that comes with it Manila State was one of the reasons one of a few reasons that I jumped through that hoop and went through that door and started studying it and really learning it on a deep level because now sales to me it is the science we know that and it’s something that really fascinates me I want to get good more and more every single day I consider myself as very very good at sales however I want to be one of the best on the planet if not the best so I continuously study and I’m excited about that see so what you can expect is pretty much all of the above everything I’ve said you will be tested emotionally – there was times where I was in tears and I will admit that to the world I was two or three times and you will be tested as well be ready for people around you to doubt you to be skeptical especially my family anybody that was close to me family and friends doing something right this is such a big risk and it’s entrepreneurial and there’s no guarantee there’s no steady paycheck people will have doubts that it’s not that they are attacking you it’s it’s unknown whatever is unknown to the human being to most people causes fear because of the unknown you don’t know what’s going to happen you need to embrace that be ready for others opinions to come as well on top of that you’re crazy and they’re going to some people will attack you some people will say you’re not good enough be ready for that be ready for a lot of challenges now with this extreme amount of you being or discomfort would be the word to that same degree that you’re going to be pushed and it’s going to be a challenge for that same degree you will get a reward there’s always two sides to the coin guys such as your new person brand new person watching this there are two sides to the coin so if you’re willing to go through the he’ll be pushed be challenged and grow go through the emotional rollercoaster and all that the competition on this side just as it’s equally challenging will be equally as rewarding like until needs a pretty sweet reward ok so that’s it for this one guys if you’re brand new I highly recommend you go to my website and sign up for the new new agent 101 because I will give you the video series to kind of guide you and it will also give you access to the private Facebook group which I have about 45 people in it right now and you can Co mingle and it’s really a good environment I still do some teaching in there and you can ask me questions so everything is in the description subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already guys don’t forget to give this video a like anything else you guys need reach out to me and I will see you on the next video


  • Speed3_Serg

    great video! I'm on my journey to starting the real estate pre license here in oregon, I'm 22 and im ambitious. i want to make something of my life. after seeing you're video, it fires me up, I'm ready! thanks

  • Edmond carter

    thanks for the info bro after watching you and loida videos I can honestly say I'm ready to burn the boats and be 1000% committed to real estate for my situation I have everything to gain and nothing to lose

  • Steven Echeverria

    Bryan as usual great video! Hey so i just got my license and am looking to increase my communication skills. Do you mind giving your favorite books and coaches? I want to be on your level.

  • kain69francisco

    just passed my real estate license test, i have a bit of experience on selling. door knocking, cold calling. but im new in the RE business. i am considering a brokerage that sells million dollar homes or luxury homes here in san diego CA. is that a brokerage you would consider for a beginner?

  • kain69francisco

    just passed my RE license test, planning on going in full time and have sells exp on cold calling, prospecting, door knocking.
    i plan on starting with brokerage that specializes on million dollar luxury houses here in san diego CA.
    is that type of brokerage you would recommend for a brand new agent?

  • Eden Jannides

    Ive been in real estate for 1 1/2 years in Australia. This week i went out on my own to sell – previously i worked as a buyers agent for my Business Owner. Because of your videos, your scripts and consistently educating myself i have already gathered 2 Exclusive listings and potentially a third in my first week. I highly recommend any other agents to call expired in your local areas, drop flyers and also become more in touch with your community! Thanks Bryan!

  • Ashley Alonso

    You give so much great advice! You are such a great inspiration and motivation! keep up the great work! I’m learning so much from all your videos.

  • Bryan Casella

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