What To Do With Your FIRST Real Estate Commission
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What To Do With Your FIRST Real Estate Commission



    $1800/month for me to survive.

    Thanks for the advice. I’ve heard that 95% of income should be invested in Bitcoin. How do you feel about that investment strategy?

  • HairTalkWithTash XO

    Great video Bryan, could you possibly also do a video on how to set up your business for tax purposes? I.e. what type of business account to have, how to incorporate your business, what software applications to use to manage expenses associated with real estate? That would be extremely helpful!

  • TheOtherSideOfAlex

    My situation is a little different. Up until I started my licensing courses I was a licensed in home child care provider and before we moved to NC I was making over 4k a month with that. We moved and the market is just not there for the service I was trained to provide, so I sped up my plans and went to class. So my husband and I went from make over 8k a month together to just over 4k. We don't buy a lot of clothes in a year, I cook all of our meals and stick to a monthly budget for food/household expenses and put money in our kid's ESA's, mortgage on our first income property that we are currently living in. And the usually stuff. To be honest, it is tight for us and what we are used to. But I am and will continue to apply these techniques you teach and I know we will only benefit.

  • Manny Marine

    Yup! My first few months were rough, I would overspend due to having “commission-vision”. Thinking it was ok to spend now because I’ll be closing ‘such n such’ deal next month. Will definitely recommend this video to any new agents starting out

  • Andrew Santiago

    If someone joins your program do you ever do like one on one facetime sessions or anything like that? kinda like how you paid the entrepreneur you learned from.

  • Stjepan C

    Good video, I am a 17 year old in High School and I’m tired of the same old “classroom” way of learning. I personally think this system doesn’t work well for everyone. In conclusion, I don’t want to go to college. I am a really hard worker, don’t wanna brag but you could say I am smart because of my GPA (5.4 this junior year), and I am down to do it all to have a great future with my future family. I’m thinking of not going to college at all and starting my journey to Real Estate early OR going to college for business/sales major (to learn not for degree but it’s a plus). Any tips? Thank you

  • Yukon Hand

    Hey BC been watching tons of your videos and I’ll be going for my license next month. I live in a tiny town and will be relocating to a larger city in my area. I am wanting to know how I could tell which city would be the best market. Is there a certain number I should look for or any help would be appreciated. Keep up the great and informative videos

  • Ryan Korn

    Hey Bryan, thanks for the video. So I consider myself lucky in the aspect that I live at home with my parents, and drive a paid off car. I have no expenses aside from gas and food. This month I’m closing on a deal and will be getting almost $6,000. Any insight on what I do with that, considering that I have close to no expenses?

  • kyky sheer

    Does making around 5,000 a month mean that your closing at least 1 deal a month? Sorry if this question isn't the smartest I'm 19 and I've only read the first chapter of the Abc's of real estate😂😂😂

  • Dylan J. Tettemer

    Financial management is an awesome topic for ALL commission based careers! If you are able to manage your money correctly you are instantly setting yourself up to great financial freedom. I went from being clueless with my money to living on half of my income for my family and myself. Secrets of the millionaire mind is a great book too!


    Hey I'm John out of Brooklyn N.Y. Been an agent for 9 months only doing rentals, now I'm locked into sales, mailing flyers, door knocking, cold calling. Now I'm tuned into buyers as well, and I have a buyer getting pre-approved next week. My goal is to have at least 2 closed transactions on the buyer side by May 1st. What do you think and what should I do more to reach this goal?

    And it's funny because almost everyone I met when I first started and to this point are not even in real estate anymore, but im grinding and hustling everyday because I just have that belief it can happen for me.

  • Daniel Buzard

    Great stuff BC! And perfect timing, my first closing is the 26th ( got a listing from door-knocking) and I was just thinking about this topic. Thanks for all the knawledge!

  • mirneezy

    Your advice is gold 🙌🏽

    With tax season around the corner, can you make a video more in depth about it? It’s a scary thought as a new agent especially because I hear you can pay up to 40% in taxes!

    Really wish I could’ve made it to your event in SJ, hope to be able to go the next time you come to the bay. I’m in SF if you need anyone to show you around or anything.

    Thanks again Bryan! Always look forward to watching your videos, you are an inspiration for young (Latino) entrepreneurs 👍🏽🔥🤑

  • Zane

    Hey BC love your videos, I’m in the process of getting my RE License in NY. Just wanted to know how many times do you have to contact a lead before they actually list their home with you?

  • Stonewall Strategy

    You mentioned purchasing a lead service and the triple-line dialer. Do you have any videos about other helpful services and tools to increase efficiency?

  • Ryan Arnett

    I just wanted to say thank you for your videos! They have been very motivating for me as I am about done with my Real Estate course and going to be working for Keller Williams in Oak Harbor Washington. Your videos have helped get me ready and know what to expect in the beginning. I am excited to make some sales and kill it! Anyway, I cant wait to get in the game and keep you posted on my successes! can't wait to sell a house! Keep up the good work with you Real Estate career and your great videos! I hope for much more success for you. Have a good one brother.


    Hello Brian.
    Please make a video on how a legal migrant can make it in real estate. Am new in the USA don't have friends and also people say am an introvert. Can I make it as an agent?

  • Jael.nere

    Thankfully my husband has a successful business and our bills are covered, The main reason for me going into real estate is because we want to build our dream
    home, and I wanted to contribute. I’m putting 50% aside for our “build” 20% goes into savings for future investment properties, 10% for my church and the rest to do as I please. So far it has worked wonderfully! Great advice BC.

  • Tony Sayavong

    Yo I’m rock bottom jus never really had a start, struggles all my life. My mom and my dad still do. I got a bunch of siblings and I’m oldest. Im trying to make it so I can take care of their bdays, let my mom get a break and catch her breathe. I’m trying to get into real estate. I blew some chances. With somethings similar but that’s the past. I jus gotta take the info you can give me with your vids, and see what I can make. I believe I can do it and really really do it, but jus so hard in beginning. So tough yo

  • Christopher Chiccino REALTOR

    Due Service Monthly
    5/15 AUTO INS. $250 –|
    5/12 POWER $128 |
    5/13 WATER $100 +=>$763
    5/15 SPECTRUM $138 |
    5/15 PHONE $147 –|
    Loans/Banks Owed
    6/5 AUTO LOAN. $170 -| $4500
    5/5 Care Credit $49 | $632
    5/26 Synchrony(Chris) $150 =>$451 $1074
    5/11 Synchrony (Tay) $55 | $883
    5/20 Dental First $27 -| $100
    TOTAL MON`THLY – – – – – – – – – $1204
    RENT- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – $725
    TOTAL: $1929

    You asked for it! lol

  • Andre Turner

    I definitely needed to watch this video I was trying to figure this out you been a big help I'm starting my real estate Journey today and watching videos help me a lot

  • Eric Calabrese

    I save about 27-30% of my salary after tax, I’m just starting off as an agent but I’m an amateur real estate investor so I know numbers/projects and what buyers like in agents due to the tariff wars going on I’m sitting back and seeing how markets are changing due to the price of lumber,steel,aluminum. I’ll invest a few thousand into my real estate career from the start.

  • Jenny Donna

    I really appreciate your video. never thought of this type of career as a choice. I love the idea of setting up home to sell. love designing shows and I'm in the process of fixing my home and designing and that's how i came across your channel. I have work 8 years at walmart and I hate it mostly because how your treated there and how they run there business. Would real-state be the same environment? I know I would have to work on my confidants and not be intimidated with authority, do you know any tricks or guide lines to overcome that? And thank you so much of your videos its very helpful information to start that career path.

  • Cristian Washington

    Hey Brian I’m thinking about getting into this industry and I want to know what people mean by “study your market”, Is that like seeing property prices going up and down and seeing how they will increase in the future in my area?

  • Cabra Goon

    Hey! Bryan you’ve mentioned people starting in from lower vs higher bracket. Im a single father and a home owner.. I’m getting into the market. I have a great friend/ realtor who was encouraging when hearing of my venture. I read and self motivate have lost tons of weight and recently ran my 1st 5k. Do great with the ladies yadda yadda yadda. The fear or dilemma I have. Is can one do it or start part time? I fear losing the consistent income “right now” and avoid losing my house while selling another’s 😂..any advise?

  • Dan San

    Thank you so much for your videos Bryan. I'm a 24 yr old sales professional, I spent the past 3 years building the sales for a startup we sold for $22 million and I've made $100K a year the past 2 years as a professional salesperson but realized I could achieve so much more in Real Estate. Money management has changed my life, I save at least 50% of my income to reinvest into cash flowing assets. I'm aiming to make $450,000 my first year as an agent, it's worth noting I'm in NYC and the average house on my block is now over $1.5 Mil even though I'm from the hood lol. I've been devouring your videos daily and am excited to get back into cold direct sales. You'd probably like Personal Capital, I think it's the best software for managing your networth and cashflow all in one place, you should check it out! Thank again for being an inspiration!!!

  • Technical Guru

    I straight up live like a poor person. Monthly COL expenses are less then 2k. This will be my standard of living until I have liquid assets over 1 million. Which should only be a couple more years. After that. I'll live like I did dream of living when I was in my late teens/early twenties.

  • Jerrie Stanford

    Hi, Im new to this. I'm wanting a career change for more financial stability. Currently my monthly expenses are- rent, cell, groceries, insurance, paying of med bills, student loans. No dependants, I own my vehicle(really needing a new one). Your vids are very informational. I have subscribed, thank you for sharing Bryan!!


    I’m about 50% but I don’t pay rent I pay for everything else I’m 18 with a serving job looking into getting my real estate license

  • Jon Jon Giles

    Assuming closing goes smoothly, I'll have my first check for $4,800. My mom's owned her own accounting firm and is a CPA for over 30 years and she's already told me I'm setting aside 30% for taxes lol. But I'm wrapping up my first year and this is my first closing. Took A LOT longer than I thought it would, however I got 2 more deals pending that should close in the next 30-45 days so I'm trying to take this momentum and everything I've learned the last 11 months and smash it in 2019. Trying to be smart with this first check and everyone after that as much as I can. Thanks for your content.

  • eric colon

    I'm watching your videos as I am going to get my real estate license within the next 3 months. I have done home rehabs, cleaning homes, managed apartment complexes and have done minor bookkeeping for a independent home buyer/seller. If you have any contacts in Atlanta who would be willing to allow me to Shadow please let me know. Thank you.

  • victor ayala

    Great video. I’m at $4500 a month to survive. I’m a aerospace repair technician and make above 6 digits a year And exited on my new journey which is real estate. I have at least one year plus saved, and a e-commerce business as a passive income, working on other passive incomes. Profit first is another great book to get into.

  • Chukwuedozie Joseph Igna-umahi

    Am Joe from Nigeria, currently in Dubai. A new real estate agent yet to close a deal. Hoping and believing in the Hustle

  • Erika Magicskull

    Im going to real estate school, ive got one more course to complete. Gonna keep watching your videos they keep me motivated!

  • Ernest Miranda

    Im interested in doing Real Estate I have the drive and vision to do it, I currently work in Texas at a pipeline I’m 20 years old just trying to achieve my goals .

  • linking.axiom

    I've been having this idea for a few yrs of getting into real estate. I know nothing about it and here I am researching YouTube. Your vids are the first ones I've been binging on. They're soo informative. Thank you for sharing all this with us!!🙏

  • Banking on Boredom

    Getting my license in a month & already saving. My girlfriend & I live in the Bay Area. We save most of our income right now. Of course, it helps that we’re both into fitness & eat at home mostly. We spend $2800/month in rent, $400 on groceries, $160 for gas, and other menial expenses. Despite all of that, we aggressively save the rest of our income. It’s not too bad, and in a month’s time, I’ll have the means to truly execute my plans in Real Estate.

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