What To Do BEFORE You Get Your Real Estate License!

welcome everybody this is bc brian kocel if it’s your first video I’m a team leader here a real estate team at Southern California if you have any referrals even nationwide go ahead and reach out to us the email will be popping up here below and we can direct you to the best of the best a quick announcement my new product cold calling mastery which by popular demand you’ve requested me to make it’ll be released February 1st now let’s get into the video what to do before you get your real estate license the majority of people don’t really have a guide when it comes to what to do beforehand to not only set yourself up for success but to make the rookie or Payne period a lot less when you’re new it’s something that I definitely executed at a high level and I thought I’d made a video but I kind of searched and I did it so I wanted to create one to help you guys out I know a lot of you who follow me are aspiring real estate agents up-and-coming real estate agents in this applies even to people who have already gotten licensed because I’m sure some things that I say are probably things that you haven’t done yet or maybe haven’t thought of all right number one alright you’re in the process I highly recommend you start now looking for a brokerage that you’re gonna work with right because there’s a couple things that are associated with it you can begin to already spend time in the environment you’re going to be in if you’re gonna be in the office you kind of want to get used to the environment meet the people so your transition when you get your license is pretty smooth and seamless right additionally you can start to meet agents there and form relationships with them one thing I’m gonna recommend you to do immediately is you find somebody that will allow you to shadow them even if it’s just for a little bit in bits and pieces whether it’s an appointment with a buyer a seller when they make phone calls when they talk to clients and follow-up calls or clients that are in transactions with them currently escrow right so you get a feel for the day-to-day of an agent that’s some of the best some of the best hands-on training you can get right because that’s a lot of people’s concerns they tell me well you know I want to do business dude but how do I break out being new right nobody wants to know that I’m there first you know client and I remember when I did my first deal it felt so much more smooth and the client didn’t have any red flags because I didn’t look or seem or talk or move like a rookie you know at the end they asked me because I was young hey how long you’ve been in the business we’re just curious and I told them I was like well you’re actually my first deal if you had asked I would have told you they’re like wow no way we would have never have guessed because you seem so fluid and confident I said well you know I shadowed a lot of agents and I got hands-on training before I got started to avoid that that’s your best bet now some agents might be too busy some might not right I get still a ton of requests to shadow I don’t do that anymore I did a lot in the beginning portions of my career letting people come with me door-knocking and stuff and it got to the point where it was too overwhelming and I literally they had somebody with me every day every second and it was distracting me so if somebody even lets you do it for a little bit boom that that’s I wanted to say that first because it’s probably the best right and if you’re looking right now if you’re new I want you to go in the comments section and post because then there might be other agents watching this you guys can link up and roleplay which will be my second point and you can connect with each other right because that’s gonna be number two is you want to start practicing these scenarios right so you’re gonna be with a buyer or a seller what do you say start practicing your scripts and your dialogues and and the conversations are gonna have with people that way again when you meet with the client even though you may not be polished yet you’re gonna come off a lot more smooth and well-versed versus just showing up the first day and they say here’s your desk here’s your phone get to work which is what most brokers are gonna do training is highly lacking in real estate right so number one you shadow agents get to know them understand the day to day number two you start practicing in role-playing scenario right meeting with the buyer in an open house calling on a buyer right getting a signed column one of your listings the listing presentation your expired script your for Sale By Owner script you’re just listed just sold script your hot market script whatever it is start practicing memorizing them and drilling them by the time I had got my license guys I had all of them memorized and I could do a listing presentation and I was ready to rock and roll imagine the confidence you would have if you know when you get your license if you find somebody who’s ready to sell it’s like I’m ready to go if I find somebody I can talk to them get their information set an appointment with them confidently meet with them have enough skill and a great delivery of my presentation to get a contract signed and I can get my first listing which I did within about two two-and-a-half weeks you can do it totally possible number one you have to believe that you can number two you have to put in the work right a lot of the stuff that I teach you guys is the inner belief right however the steps on the outside the mundane action has to be taken which is the getting the scripts in reading it as you were following me yesterday on Instagram I put a little live snippet of Anthony and Kevin role-playing you know a listing presentation and expired or knock and cold calling and it kind of gets boring after a while but you have to master that right that’s probably the most important thing is your presentations and your delivery of your communication with clients if that you can make world class quickly like very very good that will put you way above the rest because people will feel comfortable with you you feel confident with you and you move like a veteran and you move like hey I’m the expert right that’s the most important thing people are trusting you with for most people their biggest asset whether it’s buying or selling so if you’re an expert boom that trust gap is shortened and now they’re gonna want to work with you and refer you people right number three right so we have shadowing agents getting the day to day down mastering your dialogues and scripts write presentations and all that and any conversation regarding real estate number three is become an expert at and you can start doing this right at the contracts right start studying contracts you go to that brokerage you say hey can I sit with action coordinator or can you direct me to the nearest escrow offices as most escrow so I can sit with an escrow officer and get to know these contracts and processes right you know the contracts studying the market right allow an agent to let you go on their MLS or browse the MLS with them do an MLS training course right so you start studying what homes for sale what’s the average days on market you know how long are home sitting now they’re selling above asking price in your market very quickly are they taking a long time to sell with multiple price reductions how many homes are expiring how many homes are active right now how much inventory is or how many homes are pending in escrow how many are closing every single month right get to know these little details and although it may seem overwhelming which is what a lot of people tell me I don’t know why that’s just a mental block it’s little details that if you study a little bit every day not ten hours a day 3045 minutes every day for even a month you’ll now become a pretty damn good expert right in most markets here in Southern California if you give me a property within 15 20 minutes I can give you pretty much dead on accurate price of what it’s gonna sell for now we can never guess perfectly sometimes we do sometimes we don’t however I can give you a pretty accurate small very specific range where it’s gonna sell and more often than not almost always I’m right I even tell people look it’s gonna sell between this and this and almost always it does with our clients right because I understand how real estate works I’m keeping up to date with the market right I use websites like DQ Dairy Queen DQ all right and you can check it out it’ll tell you how many single-family homes are selling the price increase or decrease year-over-year just little stuff like that right just with those three things ladies and gentlemen you’re already coming out of the gate like during the horse races at a full spring all right you’re gonna shorten that learning curve right the pain period for you will be a lot less and then all you have to do is just get out there and get to work get to work that’s gonna be my last thing is be ready all right start getting your list together and this would be the last actual thing that I give you get your the people that you know your sphere of influence your personal circle whatever people call it right your personal clique of people that know you acquaintances and friends and business partners and restaurants where you normally go your barber your accountant whatever it is and compile that list start letting them know hey I’m getting my license right and when you get your license hey I got my license who do you know because those people are a goldmine they already know you they already like you and they’re gonna want to refer you people to work with you now if you’re afraid all new I don’t know anything well you’ve already done these three steps so you’re gonna be that much better but if people are afraid or you still feel unconfident say hey I’m gonna have somebody helping me alright you have nothing to worry about you have my energy and Drive and you’re gonna have expertise as somebody who’s been in the business so you have the best of both worlds you have the hustler and you have the expert doesn’t get better than that does it boom now that’s covered your insecurity of not being seasoned yet is gone and now you can help people right my first deal that I closed even before I got my license was with the friend who bought a home Antonio I’ve said it on other videos shout-out to him and what did I do I had a mentor looking over my shoulder the whole time I did everything right boom closed it under somebody else’s name I still got paid so I got paid a day after I actually got my real estate license which is funny okay now the next video I’m gonna tell you what to do with your first Commission shift because if you follow me you invest in some of the products that I sell and you really dedicate yourself to being the best you’re getting in Commission checks frequently and right away and now the next step is what do we do with that money okay so that’s it for this one guys make sure you comment below if you’re in the process of getting your license where you’re at how long you’ve been in the business and you guys can connect with each other in the comments section I’m curious to see how many people will actually comment it’s gonna be pretty cool make sure that you subscribe to the channel like the video share it and I’ll give two quick shout outs number one to my event tomorrow we have three spots left double your income January 19th and 20th my websites in the description you can sign up and lastly modern success my personal coaching program that will continuously add value to your life you have pretty much daily coaching videos weekly lectures and QAS and a bunch of bonuses that you can read about on the website again that’s in the description don’t forget cold-calling mastery first all right see you guys on the next

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