What the Floss? Realtor Marketing  | Video Marketing Breakdown | Ep.5
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What the Floss? Realtor Marketing | Video Marketing Breakdown | Ep.5

I’m not wanting to take anything away
from Gabe… I say that like we know each other. Hey Gabe! How you doing? If you watch this, we like you! You’re a good guy! Hey there! It’s Alex with your local studio today we’re gonna break down some marketing
videos I have two fantastic guys with me today we have Joe and Kevin! Joe… How’s it going! Joe Daly – I’m a video producer for the corporate world mostly He’s awesome…and Kevin! Kevin Kalbe, with Kalbe Creative Media we my backgrounds
marketing and media I am a creative dude the dude we are here today let’s break
down some marketing videos today’s video we will break down is by Gabe Mendes
right from Facebook let’s watch it right now every time I watch it every time I watch
it this is something mine my daughter likes my 14 year old just bust this out
sometimes randomly yeah yeah like downward yeah he just yeah yeah you’re
right the actions name and then centric to 121 actually them gets a nice little
yeah so what the floss is no overall strategy what what do you guys feel
about the strategy of his approach with this video I mean this strategy is to be
crazy right and hope that catches on like when I first saw this I figured it
was a house that couldn’t be sold and he got challenged by one of his fellow
Realtors to like sell let’s see who can sell this yeah and this is they and this
is the concept he came up with it’s like in movies when a used-car salesman has
to sell the ugly green car and the in the lot and they come up some crazy way
to sell it that’s kind of what I felt when I was watching this what do you
think the strategy is sorry I think that’s right I think you’re right I mean
I you know you’re selling a home you know and and I think we’ve all seen the
the videos where they’re you know it’s the beautiful shots through the home and
and and they’re great and there’s a part of me it’s like if I’m selling this home
I’m like dude move I want people to see this I know but at the same time what I
do applaud him on is that it it does cut through it does get your attention it’s
almost kind of like a car wreck you can’t stop looking uh-huh you know I
questioned how how effective it is yeah but look I’m always gonna have somebody
chops for trying something different and just taking a chance yeah if you’re a
young professional in your mid-20s you probably know what the floss is and
you’re moving to San Diego they’re not hip new growing area and you’ve got all
this you’re looking for a house you’re like exactly like this guy’s pretty
awesome I’m going to talk to him I mean this guy a call yeah so honestly the
strategy the bigger strategy is personal branding this is a perfect video for
personal branding for mm-hmm this guy where is selling the
house you can’t hurt no you can’t hurts not another way it could work is and and
and I you may be on to something that that it’s really more about his branding
than the selling of the home is that it kind of demystifies the whole selling a
home and making it a little bit more fun and and probably bringing that in there
and loosening it yes like that so I mean how many people were really looking for
that home in that area who knows but if they’re looking more for like hey this
guy is kind of cool like yes I can relate to him yeah I think it’s
it’s the right tone for the the world that we’re in right now of authenticity
it’s just real just like something you connect with not trying to make it too
pretty it’s it’s very real now let’s talk about the production value tripod
static shocks very simplistic in manner not about camera per se know you
mentioned a good point on Facebook the Facebook version super grainy yeah
like you were talking about the graphic yeah with the like pencil-thin text oh
yeah if you’re not watching 1080 you would you can’t you a news hard to see I
mean for me personally it’s like anytime you put something on screen it’s it’s
got to be there for a reason and so if it’s it does it does it help the story
does it move things along and then if it becomes hard to read it’s almost a
distraction so you could almost argue at some of these I’m trying to read that
and I’m totally ignored him now yeah and maybe the rooms mm-hmm so it should have
been simpler and more bold and like just boom right hired I I think so I
personally I mean he had he had a look so I give him kudos for that yes they
were they were not consistent but I think I think the fun is will way too
thin and the font is just the type yeah and I think there’s too much for me to
just Dave upper hand yeah so production value as one point we can Nick him for
is on the the graphics on that but his execution particularly of his shooting
styles like looking at we’ve said he match cuts he come on the right
movements so the question whether he editor probably got someone to help him
with it so just the clip you had on there where he’s in the bathroom yeah
that’s the only part where I can think he actually had somebody else in the
house with helping them shoot yeah how did he just
open the door close the door cuz his hands are moving somebody helps him
someone helped him on there so somebody’s there yeah I felt it was too
long mmm and I love this I just felt there was a point where it’s like I got
it I’m laughing yes I’ve got it because some of the rooms start looking the same
they do and I 17-second hi personally and again I should know this is probably
the entire song which he obviously licensed which we found that out yes
let’s you won’t talk about that real quick yes we’re both surprised we’re all
surprised they’re like how the heck did he did nothing this video takedown Alex
but he sent me this video I’m thinking oh this dude is just like ripped us off
because he bought it which is very common because people don’t understand
you have to clear popular music and so we went to his YouTube channel and and
right off it he likes it which is the way to do it I don’t know how much it
cost him maybe he knew somebody maybe he had a connection or suddenly is a real
estate agent maybe he sold a house and that for these guys I looked up the
house and it’s only like a thousand square feet or something like that the
hose it feels bigger you don’t need a three-minute video for a thousand square
feet and I think sometimes when when if you don’t have what I’ll call
professionals okay how is that you know you get caught up in the idea but you
need somebody else to say hey you know I think this is a great concept but I
think we can do it maybe quicker or shorter a different way and because you
get so close to it yeah you’re like you love every moment like oh we can’t cut
this because this section is great now so distribution this the Facebook has
almost a million no over a million views right here million views in two weeks
and two weeks now YouTube does not so obviously Facebook was the platform the
medium for him to use mm-hmm and again I’m not wanting to take
anything away from Gabe watch this doing that but we like you good guy but just
stay out of my kids rooms but I personally think the reason this has
more reach on Facebook is he put it on his personal page
he I don’t he has a business page or whatever but I I bet you if he had put
this on a business page we would not have seen near that many yeah because
why do you think well Facebook is really changing the whole analytic way of reach
and stuff like that and there’s a lot of gazillion reasons out there and and part
of it is they’re trying to get it what they’re saying is more back to
relational and so they’re there if it’s a person-to-person live video is spiking
and then if we were if we were having this conversation online or on Facebook
it would pop more mm-hmm so therefore I think he was very smart by putting this
on his personal page yeah which also then serves the purpose of if his
friends and fan era is probably family knows but people know him but they don’t
know he sells now they do but I think that alone and then the people cuz it
had like 400 and something comments so I think I think I want to say was an it
was an absolutely targeted strategy like we’re gonna we’re gonna upload this to
my to my personal page and share it the profile page and see what happens I
think it’s a fine line sometimes with businesses you know communities you know
Facebook if it’s somebody’s personal page and it’s funny all the share but is
so easy it just said you’re already young in the yard Ian’s Facebook just
hit share and then this guy gave maybe you know uh-huh he has hundreds of
friends he’s acquired Facebook friends you know high school friends all that
college friends and they’re like this is hilarious I got this game high school
did this and they share it and then they share it it’s like it’s hilarious but
where if it was a century 21 video yeah yeah we’re sure the other thing to point
out too is that he also set has his setting to global mmm-hmm which public
which means that anybody who’s not even a friend with Gabe can see this very
that’s gorge if you want it if you want it safe for a business owner or marketer
what’s what’s one or two key takeaways that they could they could take from
from this video well I think a positive is don’t be afraid to try something new
and funny I mean we’re sitting here critiquing this guy’s video just because
because that’s zoo yeah look I got a million views on
Facebook like boom it worked yes I made we’re critiquing really small stuff like
that the fonts a little too thin and everything but it works so don’t be a
don’t be afraid to be out of your comfort level and and do something
that’s out there and a little different and even on a small budget which I think
this was probably done on a pretty small budget you can still have something blow
up and explode as long as its original and engaging my takeaway from this is he
wasn’t I mean he really put himself out here for all I know gave is just a
dancing machine but I think to take a chance to do something this way I think
you nailed it I think he’s far more interested in probably getting known and
then I don’t want to say you didn’t want to sell the house but I mean my takeaway
is if you’ve got like a brand or a business or or even your own personal
branding and and you can take chances like this do it because absolutely real
is now the world brand and not just the the persona that we see all the time and
stuff like that I mean this was about I think about as real if you can get and
then also be with a platform where people are I mean and and use it to that
to the way it’s supposed to like like he said or like he did on his personal page
making it public and uploading it natively far more engagement then I
think he’s had so far on YouTube cool well that was a video breakdown join us
next time for another video later thanks guys we wait you

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