What Not To Say at an Open House as a Realtor
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What Not To Say at an Open House as a Realtor

– Yeah, I saw you pull up in your 1992 Honda Civic over there. This house is three million dollars. Have you been pre-qualified? Yeah, this actually
really isn’t my listing. I don’t really know too
much about the house. I’m just more so here to get leads. Yeah, they had a dog. That’s what you’re smelling. Yeah I mean I’m only one snack per person. Yeah, you don’t wanna see the basement. It rained last night. Welcome in. Please sign in to the open house with your name, e-mail
address, and phone number. It’s for leads. Oh, so you think the home is overpriced? So you’re a real estate professional? Please leave, ma’am. When are you expecting? Yep, just sign in right here. Yeah, just don’t use
the bathroom downstairs. I had really bad Mexican food last night. Oh, have you been pre-qualified? How much money do you make a year? You know what? Just sign in and I’ll get
you in touch with my lender. Yeah ma’am, please no
kids in the open house. Oh, it’s actually an estate sale. They died here. Ma’am, please slow down on the snacks or we’re gonna have to ask you to leave. Hey there, can you please
sign in to the open house? This seller requests it. But it’s really for leads.

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