• val coleman

    I had same problem with my Realtor for my Flips. I end up hiring another one who is a blessing and she is a friend of mine. Beyond being professional and on point. I agree Loida photography is a must

  • Ronnie Haase

    any advice for a young low income start ?
    I'm curious as to the money I should invest and save and if I'll be able to make the transition comfortably.
    I want to fully commit as i know i can succeed but want to assure I won't go under in the process.
    any advice appreciated

  • Seth

    Yay thanks for making this. Real estate has always been a hobby of mine and I like looking at new listings. It's amazing how so many homes have the most god awful pictures of them. There was one home that had a great outside picture so I clicked and I swear to you that of the 30 pictures there were for the house almost all of them were of the living room. And they bragged about a brand new pool, hot tub, media room and game room but they didn't show any of that stuff. By the time I got to the 20th photo….of the living room, I just busted out laughing. To be fair it was a nice living room but come on.

  • Fexy Swagman

    I have a question. I have recently graduated from high school and am extremely interested in becoming a real estate agent and hopefully become a broker and run my own company. My question is do you think if i apply for an MBA it will help me and teach me with anything that has to do with running a real estate company? Do you think its necessary to take business courses?

  • Novus Citrix

    I dont know if you remember my previous comments, but im 13, and my dad is an agent. I showed him 2 of your vids and now he loves them

  • Jorge Rojas

    Hey Bryan! I work in Real Estate (residential rentals) in Brooklyn, NY and one of the biggest things that bothers me is lack of access to properties, either due to tenant access being a hassle or Listing Agents not being specific about entry or keys not working on properties. Makes you as a agent and brokerage look bad in front of clients.
    By the way I'm a huge car enthusiast (used to be a painter in automotive industry) I drive a Turbo Genesis R-Spec Coupe, love your GTR and I think its great that you feature automotive content on your channel.

  • Willreal

    Broker ask what is your long term goal?  I say" I want to invest and build a portfolio of properties"  Oh we don't do that here.. WTH are you serious

  • Thomas Manning

    Great video! thank you
    Another thing that needs to be addressed in the industry: being a full service agent but charging a discount broker commission of 1-2.5%. Its okay if it is a multimillion dollar home i get it, but charging 2% on a regular property? not okay

  • Street Hooks

    Its amazing that you have to go over these things… This all goes back to being "self-aware". Thinking goes a long way. Your videos are helpful man 🙂

  • Philip Chan

    Can you please share what kind of vehicle do you drive around with your clients for home viewings, or do you ask them to drive their own car? thank you

  • vincenzo vicente

    Hi Brian , nice to meet you.
    i ve start in Century 21 since last week, here in Tenerife…i Will keep watching you vídeos…..you are the man….

  • Milly Roze

    Hey! I'm considering getting into Real Estate and I think your videos are very informative. Your door knocking techniques are amazing but as a woman, they might not be safe. What would you suggest for a woman wanting to get into this field? Would bringing someone with me to walk around neighborhoods be professional?

  • Stephanie O

    I had a question, for someone starting out in real estate what would you say would be the most successful way to go about obtaining listings?

  • foxywhite1122

    Agree with all of the pet peeves you guys went over. Becoming a fan yours. I've been working with a lot of buyer's on investment properties and I can't believe how many of them will only show with accepted offer and deposit into escrow. I know it's become kind of the norm and disrupting tenants on a multiunit property is tough, but the answer seems real easy to me. "There will be 2 showings of this property, X day and X time and Y day and Y time….offers to be reviewed after second showing." Talk about a call to action and getting it done the first time. But, that's my 2 cents. Keep up the video work!

  • Shantal A. Gomez Miranda (Solorio)

    I agree 100%, I've been in this business just 4 months and am already annoyed with some of these same scenarios! The worse is when they see you hustling and starting to succeed, yet they try to make you feel "less than" by saying something like "I've been doing this (X amount) of years"…ok would you like a cookie? lol

  • DanaRene Kalina

    Thank you. I agree with all the points you've made in this video. I would add that trash-talking other agents is a turn-off. Also I think Real Estate agents, especially when engaging with the public or other agents should keep any racist, sexist or other biases out of the conversation. You would think this goes without saying but unfortunately that's not the case.

  • MaryAnne Clark

    As one of those, " I've been doing this for 25 years people", my biggest pet peave is agents that refuse to keep up with technology. Please learn Dotloop I have no time to do my job and yours or wait until you have time to get something signed.

  • All we need is a bit of Love

    Hey Brian I'm 16 and real estate is really growing on me. I understand the fundamentals of selling like getting the customer to know what they need and why they will need it In the future etc and I can connect to a lot of people emotionally cause I tend to put myself in their shoes and understand their needs or there whys because I've been through a lot so I think that's were I get it from. I'm gonna be trying to sell real estate by myself in the area of LA knocking on doors like u but my question is how will I start? I have no connections or anything. I'm planning to do this solo as soon as I get my license but I have no idea what to do or how to get in the market since I'm doing this all myself.

  • Kerry Estevez

    You might also want to add for agents to include attachments! I am seeing more and more agents not attaching the seller's disclosure!

  • Dyagodru

    bryan should discuss the media portion or the presentation…women know about REAL ESTATE than this douche!!! You're F…G annoying Bryan. I know and the audience knows that your counterpart is the leader!

  • Bill T Daniels

    Agree 100%.  15 years ago when i started in lending i surveyed a number of agents and found the #1 issue with lenders was communication…. If there is a problem… address it immediately and look for fixes… don't go MIA and too many lenders do.  And i deal with so many agents that get emotionally involved and not only does it often disrupt the process and waste everyones time away from important tasks… but it stresses the hell out of everyone including their own client… Nice videos keep it up.

  • romanticshadow s

    please tell me realistically. is this something I can do to support 2 kids. If I do do this, I will want to do it mon-fri durring school hours so I can be home with them after and only work weekends by appointment. I am not looking to get rich, I just want to make enough to pay bills and give the kids what they need.

  • Toms

    Hey Bryan check out this app for agents and investors. Very cool for sharing deals and referrals to agents. "Flip Anything" both Android and iOs

  • andrademeza

    Yes. Wen i was searching for our new home. I skipped so many listings within our price range n area because of lack of pictures and info.

  • Vivek Duggal

    I would have to agree with the "I've been in the business for X years". Nobody really cares how long you've been in the business.

  • Nic H

    talking about pictures and interiors looking professional and creating a good impression when there's bedsheets in your window and the background of your video looks like a hot mess lol

  • Briana reyes

    I’m not an agent, but my husband is so I see and hear a lot. The picture thing is definitely our number one! I was a home buyer at one point also and just looking at listings with him we always laugh and vent at how awful some of the pictures are! ESP when they are blurry or focused on random items. I also hate pictures of cluttered houses! I know sometimes you don’t have control over that but at least try to explain to the seller how much more appealing the listing will be if you can at least get the house cleared out a little to take the pictures 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Judth Chrismon

    You 2 have really hit the nail on the head with your videos, I've learned a few things that I think will be helpful to me once I complete my class & get licensed. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. 😍✌🏽

  • Bryan Casella

    video with all LINKS TO PRODUCTS, SERVICES and AFFILIATE opportunities


  • Randy Smith

    Great advise, however your back lit…perhaps you should have swapped your footing position while filming your video ..i can't see your faces.

  • Omma Means Mom

    Great video. You both look and act professional are exactly what I hope to aspire to. My only critique is kill the music in the background. Love your vids Bryan! You are one of my biggest inspirations as an agent. I am about a month away to being licensed. Thanks for all the tips.

  • Spec Development LLC

    Both of you touched on key points that are hindering the ability of committed realtors to perform their jobs. My biggest gripes are lack of communication, horrible images in the MLS, and getting emotionally involved. Great vid, thanks.

  • Dominique Briscoe

    This information is awesome. You’re helping me to refocus by not making it more complicated than it has to be! Wonderful!

  • Ulyses Moyao

    I soooo much agree with Loida when the agent doesn't reply back fast. It is sooooo frustrating, and it is worse when the phone numbers they provide don't work at all. I have seen listings where I call the numbers and the phone is disconnected. I'm like whaaaat!?
    Another one was I went to a property, no lock box, I texted the agent asking about it and he just replied "Ok". I'm like "wow! you really don't care!"

    I love your videos sooo much. Thank you for sharing. I actually see light at the end of the tunnel.

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