What Is Turnkey Real Estate Investing?
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What Is Turnkey Real Estate Investing?

What is turnkey real-estate investment?
Well, I’ve done it thousands of times so I guess I’m pretty qualified to teach
today. My name is Kris Krohn and for you new investors, I’m going to show you how you
can be totally hands-on and maybe make $300 an hour and how
you can be totally hands-off and make $30,000 an hour. You do a deal, you put in a hundred hours
you make 30 grand, you do the math and I’m always obsessed with the calculation
what am I worth per hour? Because with time, I want to see that number what? Go
up or down. I want to see it go up and I don’t want to see it stay the same.
Because if it stays the same, that means I’m not innovating. It means I’m not
reinventing myself. And it means I’m not getting better at my trade. You want to
know where you’re at. Now, if you’re like typical investor, check out the way this
goes. In the beginning, I would put in 30 hours on a deal. And if I could turn that
into a really healthy profit, I’d make some good money. The problem with doing
everything yourself is that you’re the one who’s wearing many hats and you’re
not going to be good at all of them. You’re not going to be good at drywall or
managing contractors. You’re not going to be necessarily good at finding the deal
or lining up the financing. And when you’re wearing that many hats. if you
mess up them up. then you have a really high risk leverage point and it’s no
good. When I started shifting from me doing all the work to a team. things
changed. My team puts in over 300 hours per deal. Now why are they putting in 10
times more than I was? Because I got 200 members of my team. That means that I got
people that are handling my appraisals, a team for my inspections, I got a team for
doing the repairs, specializing in different types of repairs, I got a team
that’s out there managing the people that are doing the repairs. I’ve got
people that are doing my property management, the people that are managing
the property managers. I mean, you name it. Researchers, people finding the deals,
crunching the numbers, accountants. There’s a lot of people that make this
work. And when you get a team doing it, guess what happens to your profit?
Ironically, it goes up significantly. So, this is the mind-blowing part of the
video for most of you that are watching this, it’s like, “No, no, no, no, no Kris.
if I do it all myself, I get to make the most money.” That’s not true my friend. You
also pose the greatest risk but if you put in all the time, here’s the real
question. How many deals can you do a year? 3,
4, 5? Great! So, you turned real estate into a job. “But Kris, I quit my
job.” I’m like, “Are you kidding me? Real estate is a full-time job for you. You do
5 deals a year. Yeah you’re making a $150,000 a
year. And yes, you’re probably feeling fantastic
about that because it’s a good income. But guess what? It’s not passive. It’s a
job. So, I had Jack Daugherty you might know him from YouTube he’s got over 2
million subscribers currently. He’s 15 years old. He says he’s been blowing me
up for month. He flew out here with his dad. He’s like, “Kris… Kris you got to teach
me how to invest in real estate. I want to be a multi-millionaire by 18.” And I
said, “Okay, Jack. Let me give you a game plan.”
And part of what I share with him is what I’m going to share with you right now.
You’ve got to go from me the team. And the reason why is because just like you
make a lot of money in real estate because of leverage; You got to figure
out how to leverage your time. That’s what turnkey real estate is all about.
You’re basically saying every problem has a solution and it’s been provided
for. And a seasoned team exists. Now, let me just say a little bit about my team
so I can help you understand what you want to build towards. My team today
versus the team that I started in the beginning of 2 very different things.
In the beginning, it was like can I need a realtor that can find my deals. I need
a loan officer that can do my loans. I need someone to manage the properties.
And these 3 people, they made up my team and I was the investor. I was the
owner. My team today is over 200 strong. And what is my team today? It’s all of
that and so much more and we’re doing dozens of deals a month. I mean frankly
right now we’re crushing it. And as soon as that recession hits, we’re going to crank
it up times 200. And we’re going to do a whole lot more deals hopefully with you
in mind. The whole purpose of having a team is that together, everyone
accomplishes more. Cheesy absolutely true. Absolutely-er. So, team is really what you
want to figure out how to surround yourself with. Most people have a hard
time delegating. Because in the beginning, you don’t have a lot of money to work
with. And here’s where you got to free yourself up in the mindset. Let’s say you
do everything and let’s say that you make 20 grand. Let’s say that you bring a
team on board and now the sudden, you only make 15 grand. But you get 90% of your time back. Which would you prefer?
You need to value your time and most people don’t. And that’s why most people
financially are stuck. That’s why most people get leveraged instead of being
the leverage-er. Now, there’s one more thing that I love about team. When it’s
all you, do you get better from one deal to the
next? Man, I sure as heck hope so. But remember, you’re limited to just you and
your experience. When you work with the team of people and everyone has a their
hand at the wheel doing their part, they’re bringing a higher degree of
expertise… You can read Michael Gerber’s Emyth book and learn about
specialization. I got all these specialization where these people are
individually better at most things that I’m trying to do all on my own. And I
bring this team in and they’re getting better at an exponentially better rate
than I am. What that does is it drives your ROI up. Now, I’m living right now
in a world where this is more true than ever before because we’ve tapped out.
Right now on single-family homes that were holding for 5 years, we’re
producing ROIs generally of 25, sometimes upwards to 30%.
And that’s average. 25% ROI. That means that with 25%
a year, 25, 25, 25, 25. I double my money every 4 years.
That’s something the stock market can’t do. That’s something that 401ks can’t do.
That’s something that annuities can’t do. But that is something that real estate
done the right way can. So, here’s my invitation for you. Hopefully today’s
video helped you figure out, “I need to get a team.” Go start building one you can
do it. If you want help on knowing how to do that, go to Amazon and pick up
my book The Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth. I break down how to put a basic
team together. If you’re ready to step into a team that is already playing in
the major leagues and crushing it, then click the link, get a free copy of my
book and talk to a member of my team and say, “Hey, can you show me what it would
look like if I had your team supporting all of my real estate?” Because frankly my
friends, am I making $30,000 in an hour in real estate?
The truth is I’m on track by the end of this year to be hitting about 100,000.
And when we hit the recession I’m going to be over a million dollars an
hour. Now, I know that sounds crazy wild and near unbelievable. But when you’re
doing big big volume, understand in the end that for you, the real money is made
in doing decisions not the work. So, become a decision maker. Make the right
decisions and have a team that backs you up that does all of the work. And when
you have that scenario in place, yes you can achieve most dreams much quicker. So,
get with me and my team. Will share with you what that looks like or go and
purchase a copy my and I’ll walk you through what that
first looks like. By the way my friend, I wish you the very very best. Go crush it
and subscribe because tomorrow I got another video coming your way teaching
you how to crush it in real estate.


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