What is Realtor Caravan?
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What is Realtor Caravan?

Hey everybody, it’s J.R. Cox, Realtor in Lake
County,Florida. Right now I’m in downtown Mount Dora. We are about to go on Realtor
Caravan. Realtor Caravan is when several top Realtors in the area get together to preview
each other’s listings, so that way they’re fresh on their minds whenever they have buyers
who are looking for similar typed houses. What that does is that it just increases exposure
for that house, aside from having it just listed on the MLS, or Zillow, and Realtor.com,
things like that. It allows Realtors to keep it top of mind, and fresh ready to go when
they’re working with a buyer. If you have any questions about homes in the area, or
about Caravan, you want to learn more about how that works, call me at 352-409-4741. Thanks!

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