What is IDX? For Real Estate Agents
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What is IDX? For Real Estate Agents

Hi, I’m Christina Cannell, co-founder of AgentWebsite. I’m going to answer in plain english: “What
(the heck) is IDX?” It’s pretty simple. When you go to a real estate agent’s website
and you’re able to search the MLS, that property search is made possible by a system called
IDX, or Internet Data Exchange. If you’re looking around that website and
you can browse MLS property listings by neighborhood or community, that’s IDX. If you can look at sold listings, or open
houses, or see property details across all the listings in MLS, thats IDX. If you’re a realtor and you’re thinking about
getting your own website (or if you already have your own website) and you want people
to be able to search the MLS on your site, then you will need to sign up for IDX. The rules for getting IDX are set up by your
local MLS board or realtor association. So in most places, you have to belong to a
board of realtors in order to have IDX features on your website. The good news for realtors is that AgentWebsite
has made the process of getting a website with IDX super easy. And, we can do some pretty cool things with
IDX. Like letting buyers sign up to get daily email
when properties that match their search criteria come on the market. Or, getting hyper-local with your marketing
and showing all the properties for sale in certain neighborhoods on your website. We can even prompt buyers to register with
their contact information after they look at a few property listings on your website. And what’s awesome is that the leads go to
you. Not three other agents. Not the listing agent. They go to you. At AgentWebsite we strive to make the process
of getting a real estate website Smart, Easy and Affordable. If you have questions about getting your own
website with IDX, you can call me. Really. Here’s my number: 1-888-320-2922. I’m looking forward to talking to you!

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