What does LA LA LAND mean?  Learn American Idioms and Slang
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What does LA LA LAND mean? Learn American Idioms and Slang

– Oh my gosh, that girl is off
in La La Land. – Welcome to Sozo
Exchange Vocabulary Challenge. My name is Susan
and I’m your host. On this show we ask
people from all walks of life to explain the meanings of various American
English phrases and slang expressions. Today’s word is “La La Land.” We are going to ask three people to explain what it means,
how it’s used, and who uses it. Now, let me introduce the
people who are participating in today’s vocabulary challenge: Spankie, Chandler and Rod. They are all YouTubers. Okay, let’s begin today’s
Vocabulary Challenge. Could you explain what the
word “La La Land” means? – The definition of “La La Land”. Well, I think it’s, there’s
two definitions for it. One, I live in Los Angeles
and I know a lot of people refer to L.A. as La La Land. And the second one,
I think people use it when someone’s head,
they’re kind of acting a little spacey or a little
strange and they say, like, “Oh, they’re off in
La La Land right now.” – La La Land, I mean,
the first thing I think of is the movie,
La La Land which is really good. I like it, it’s my favorite,
one of my favorites. But, to go further than that, 
I would think La La Land is, obviously, Los Angeles
and La La Land is a place for dreams and a place for
imaginations to come true. That’s immediately what I think
of when I think of La La Land. – La La Land is the place a person’s mind goes
when it’s too idealistic. And nothing can go wrong and all the conditions are just
perfect for what they want. – Great answers! Now, let’s recap the meanings of the word “La La Land.” La La Land is a noun that
has a several meanings. It’s a nickname for
Los Angeles or Hollywood. Los Angeles can be abbreviated
as LA, hence La-La Land. In general, people associate Hollywood with the Film industry where you see
famous movie stars and their lavish lifestyle. The word “La La Land”
also means a state of mind that is out of touch with
reality like dreaming and it may have a negative
connotation in some cases. Spankie used the word “spacey,” which is a slang expression
to describe someone who is out of touch with reality. Here’s the next question: Can you give us an
example of how the word “La La Land“ is used
in a sentence? – An example of La La Land
would be if someone is like, they wanna,
maybe they have like a huge dream or aspiration and
it sounds crazy to most people, or they have some kind of
idea and they’re just like, “Oh my gosh, that girl
is off in La La Land.” – La La Land in a sentence, well, I would imagine it would
probably be, oh, I don’t know, maybe some younger guy
with kinda sorta long hair and a white shirt, back in
Florida a couple years back and talking to their
parents, like, saying: “Oh yeah, I’m gonna
go to La La Land “and make my dreams
become reality.” That’s what I think;
I’m not talking about anybody specific though, but definitely something like that. – So, I’m a musician,
so people tell me this all the time, that hey, you gotta get your
head out of La La Land, you have bills to pay,
and responsibilities. You can’t just stay in
the studio all day. – I like their answers because they gave us
very specific examples. Alright, here’s our final question: Could you describe
the type of people who use the word “La La Land”? – Alright, the type of people
who I usually hear use this, I think
it’s like a little bit of an older generation, so
like, in their 30’s, 40’s, maybe even 50’s,
I’ve heard like, grandparents, even, using it. So I think it was something that
came around a long time ago that’s not necessarily
used in younger cultures. Maybe? – People who use the word La La Land. I would think people who
do use the word La La Land definitely are talking about
Los Angeles in a positive light. People who are really… People who really
love the culture. And people who really love
the environment of Los Angeles. It’s a positive thing that I
believe the term La La Land. It’s something that really
inspires dreamers and really inspires imagination. And yeah, I think
it’s a good thing. – I tend to see a lot of old rockers. So, maybe, 50 to 60’s or
above, and generally male, saying things like, hey, gotta get your head
out of La La Land. Or that guy’s in
La La Land right now. – I think they did a great job. What do you think? I hope you were able to
understand their answers. Also, make sure to check
out their YouTube channels. You can find the links to their
channels in the description below. That’s it for today and
thank you for watching!


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