What does a Realtor do?

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anything. So what does a Realtor do? There are a lot of misconceptions about what a
Realtor does and does not do. When you’re working with a Realtor, it’s important to
know what their duties are what they will do to make your experience as
smooth as possible. First of all, there are two types of agents: buyer’s agents
and sellers agents. Now many Realtors like ourselves, work as both buyer’s
agents and sellers agents but there are a few that only specialize in one area.
One thing that both types of agents should do is provide you with excellent
customer service. Buying or selling a home is stressful enough- moving, packing,
scheduling utilities, changing schools, or even jobs- that’s a lot to handle. Your
real estate agent handles a lot of behind the scenes stuff that you may or
may not even see. As a buyer’s agent a realtor services are FREE to you. That’s
right- you heard that right- free! How does that work? Well the buyer’s agent gets
paid from the sale of the house. That means the sellers are paying all of the
real estate commission. You as the buyer don’t pay your agent a penny. Yeah many
people don’t know that they just don’t realize. The first thing the buyer’s agent
will do is help you find a lender and get you pre-approved for a mortgage so
that you have your buying power. Many buyers are already pre-approved when
they meet their agent, but if you if you’re not, your agent will help you
point you to a reputable lender. Then comes the fun part-
shopping for homes. Even with amazing websites such as Zillow and,
a Realtor is going to give you the most accurate information on available homes.
Many times, these type of web services have inaccurate or outdated information.
Yeah I always say – good for pictures not so much for information. Yeah but once
you’re ready to make an offer on a home, the buyer’s agent will complete submit
all the required documents, contracts, paperwork to the listing agent to
negotiate your offer. There are many opportunities for negotiation on a
contract besides just the price and a great agent will know how to submit and
negotiate an offer that support your needs and wants.
Your agent will then schedule inspections, negotiate necessary repairs,
make any amendments to the contract with with the listing agent. After your
inspection is complete, your buyer’s agent will keep in constant
communication with your lender, the title company, and the sellers agent to make
sure that your transaction stays on track
to close and fund on time so you’re able to move in on time. And that’s very
importan. A seller or listing agent, of course works just as hard for you . From
the initial consultation and walkthrough, your listing agent will be
able to guide you through what repairs, touch-ups, staging, decluttering- all the
things that should be done to make sure your home gets top dollar. Your listing
agent should schedule an attend professional photography and will make
sure your pictures just make the best impression online. Your listing agent
should have a marketing strategy and a budget and should be able to tell you
all the many ways that your home will get exposure to buyer. With nearly
ninety five percent of buyers finding their home online, it’s important to be
sure that your home will be listed on as many websites and services as possible.
Yeah of course when offers are received, then a listing agent will
discuss the pros and cons of each offer. Sometimes a higher offer isn’t
necessarily the best offer to agree to so it’s important to have a realtor
discuss these offers and help you make a wise decision.
Of course, once an offer has been accepted and repairs are negotiated, a
great listing agent will also keep in constant contact with the lender, the
title company, and the buyers agent to make sure that your transaction closes
smoothly and on time. We hope this helps you understand exactly what a realtor
does and it helps you make an informed decision when hiring one. Of course if
you have any questions we’d love to help for all your real estate needs, leave us
a comment or give us a call. We’ll see you next week!

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