• Bryan Casella

    video with all LINKS TO PRODUCTS, SERVICES and AFFILIATE opportunities


  • Dave

    As 17 year old I'm gonna take some real estate courses this month during high school, I want to work in the business area. Should I still go to college and get some kind of business degree or go all out in real estate?

  • kawaiikittikat

    Thank you for a very honest review on the industry. Your first point about negativity is what I have repeatedly encountered when researching this career, and I started to think either people who have failed are the main ones leaving online advice, or successful realators are trying to deter possible competition. Your video really helped encourage me to take the next step!

  • c19ANDRE

    Absolutely true, minus the fact that a lot of successful people in real estate will tell you negative stuff. You will hear from a lot of people in the business that if they hadn’t closed that first big deal in the first couple months they wouldn’t have bothered sticking around for the second

  • Vanilla

    I want to do real estate so bad but idk where to get my license from because a lot of info online is wrong and I don’t want to pay $100+ for something that isn’t a legit course

  • Melissa Santos

    This video definitely helped. I'm starting to entertain the idea of real estate, having never done it, and I'm exposing myself to as much information as I can. Still in the beginning stages. Thank You!

  • Rivkie Silberstein

    Hi Bryan, I love your videos. They are really amazing. I started doing real estate, I am still in the beginning stage. I joined a Real Estate company that I am not so sure about. the broker is a nice person, however, when they called me, they told me that they give alot of trainings, and leads. The trainings are basically videos to watch, which is not intense at all. I never received any leads. Most agents do rentals. What's your opinions in regards to rentals? I would really appreciate it your input on them. Also, is it better to join a big company like KW, or century century 21, as opposed to a small realty co.? Thank you

  • TheTurqoise1

    So fun fact: You are really good looking lol but also besides all of that you are one of the few people who actually want to help the upcoming real estate agent succeed in life honestly. Thanks for the honest feedback hope to hear from you soon.

  • Lisset Sanchez

    Thank you Bryan. Finally a video which has facts that make sense. Funny, how the "negative" comments I have been getting from people regarding becoming an agent is what brought be to this video. 😆

  • Zayyy Money

    Hey I want to thank you for motivating me and everyone else who has a dream like this , my issue is i can’t talk in big crowds i just can’t it’s hard so videos like this willl definitely help me out , i’m currently going to go ahead and do this dream of mine and so how it goes using your tips and advice thank you!, if you don’t mind i would like to talk to you in any type of way. God bless you

  • Jeremy Zengler

    I am getting myself prepared for the huge amount of negativity from family but it won't stop me. Thank you for your great videos.

  • lahoku

    FIRST video I ever watched about real estate. I’m at a point of career change & a lot of people been mentioning, over the years, that this will be a career for me. I’m nervous but excited & also kind of upset about me not taking up the initiative Earlier in life; however, I gained such valuable insights & experiences these past 6 years since I graduated with my bachelors.

  • brent maveric

    Brian I finished all of my California classes back in 05 then the market crashed. In December I looked up Keller Williams and they hired me of course I'll commission right but now I'm in their class at night for the state exam. I just subscribed to your Channel call me out in the future talk soon


    Love your videos
    I would like to see a more detailed video on what you should have and focus on before going to real estate school. I have a list of question you can consider and talk about.
    1. Should you quit your job or work part time ?
    2. What about nice clothes?
    Shirt , ties, Pantes, Italian shoes?
    3. saving? Should I have something or nothing?
    4. Picking a brokerage firm and dealing with discrimination?
    5. What if you can't find a mentor because of jealously? They know you are going to be successful and so here comes the hatred what your feeling on that and experience?


    7. Are Thier brokerage company that give an Advance?
    Like a Trucking Company up to 900. A week while in training. While going to real estate school ?


    Sorry about that
    Going through some hard time trying to survive in the streets of Orlando Florida. I will go through the videos. Thanks

  • Adam Kirk

    I am joining the Real Estate world and am currently pursuing my license. I understand you're a busy man but I'd like to come to your office simply to shake your hand and introduce myself. I look forward to meeting soon.

  • Rocco Falzone

    If you work for a brokerage is there high management oversight and do they dictate when you have to come into the office? Are you able to just cold call from home and not visit the office everyday

  • Sunflower Roark

    Great video! In popular areas of USA, it is not uncommon for a family to live in a house for ten years and sell it for 50 percent more than they bought it or built if for. They lived free and made a large profit. Wow! Now that is a selling point.

  • EvangelistSStoneLifeCoach

    Thank you for sharing and you are spot on am a realtor and your information is much needed 🙌🙌🙌

  • Blaine Wieneke

    Looking to join the Real Estate world. my biggest concern are the rumors that you start at the bottom and can be given the crappy cheap listings. Is this actually true? my aunt said this happened to her.

  • Karen Salem

    I just watched you say how terrific the training was at century 21 and Keller Williams and here you contradict that saying agents get no training! Blah!

  • Megan Lusardi

    Do Real Estate Agents have to file their own taxes since they are their usually independent contractors? Thanks!

  • sue hefta

    Hi Bryan, I am thinking about becoming an agent. In your opinion, is 54 too old to start in the real estate business? Thank you!

  • Zane (Ragin_Pacifist)

    Oh man I hear ya on the people who are negative and always have something negative to say. I can't wait until the day I become successful.

  • Tahja-Ma'Ree Gregory

    This was a great video. I can’t wait to get my license. Plus I have a passion for helping ppl.

  • Darren Kriz

    Any young agents or in the process of getting license in LA area looking to collab or be apart of a team and grow together?! Bryan is super motivating and helpful! We will succeed!

  • MSD 117

    Thank you for this video Bryan i am very interested in switching my career up to be a realtor. Im 23 soon to be 24 and i feel like time is on my side if nothing/nobody else is! This video was inspiring

  • Domonique R

    Are current realtors able to do some type of shadowing? I'm in a separate industry and been juggling this idea for years now but want to know for sure I want to jump into it. !

  • Dillon Bacon

    Just seen engineered truth if you were for real about following you around for a week I’ll pay for everything to come visit where your at and learn how to gain mor confidence I’ve had an intern here in Washington state with a broker at Keller Williams but I need to meet more agents so I can see other type of communication skills other then just one maybe consider this within the next 6 months and get back to me

  • Marcia Bent

    Great video! I really appreciate the points that you made. One thing that I really admire with Keller Williams Realty is that training is offered at least once each week for now until forever that covers a wide variety of topics in Real Estate. As a Team Leader at Keller Williams Jamacia, I have personally seen where persons who are brand new to the Real Estate Industry learn to close Sales, find leads, convert leads into serious buyers and sellers, and brand themselves effectively after completing the Real Estate Salesman Course. Many of those agents are now doing very well all once they put in the work. Check us out at www.kellerwilliamsjamaica.com

  • Sam gilltill

    I am an entrepreneur. I sell soaps and I pay myself $5600 a month. That’s my salary from my business. My business profits are also good. Cheap labor in India helps. However, I have been in California and bought a property from an agent and he was great. I looked into his business and obviously it’s something I cannot do ever. Even my sales team in India makes salary plus commission. What I am trying to say if you can’t do one business doesn’t mean you can’t do a different business. Realtors definitely have to work extremely hard. If you don’t hunt, you don’t eat mentality is needed for Realtors.

  • Rotey

    You mentioned how someone can get their first commission check and it changed their lives… do you remember about how much your very first commission check was?

  • Brian Olsen - Utah Realtor

    I'm a realtor along the Wasatch Back and Wasatch Front here in UT. I agree that a pro of being a realtor is learning some sales skills. I have learned so much as a realtor and have grown to be a better person because of it. I enjoy being a realtor!!

  • mr40 cal

    Thanks for the advice im getting into being a real estate agent soon. I have not experienced the negativity "yet" and i know i will and from you saying what you said made me think better and more positive about myself and going for it anyways. I want to text more its late where i am so good night

  • Jayla Terra

    I love your channel you got me all excited and ready to kill this I have been having my license for two years and haven’t even used it I’m ready now you give so many good tips and you motivate me thanks

  • nancy gerena

    I am actually going into real estate soon. And I’m just curious as to how the commission actually works? I was wondering if you can give me an example of how much you can possibly bring home ($) ?

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