Welcome to Our San Diego Realtor Vlog
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Welcome to Our San Diego Realtor Vlog

Welcome to our channel trailer let me tell you what “NOT” to expect you’re not going to see your typical Realtor vlog here. It’s no surprise to me that George won the champion of homes award Everything that he’s done exemplifies a Champion of Homes. He is perfectly suited to have been awarded that distinction Whenever we can we’re gonna approach things and use a little bit of humor. In here to that memory card area you know right into that area where all the memory goes. I’m a clean that really good. For quite some time We’ve understood the power of video We’ve used it for our client’s, fellow Realtors and even our community, and that’s something we’ll continue to do. Product reviews of course we’re gonna continue those. Anything related to the digital arts and how we conduct our business we’ll be happy to share. Of course we sound like a channel that you’d be interested in and we haven’t even talked about the occasional giveaways. If you decide to take the risk, go ahead smash that like button, hit the little bell, make sure to get notifications when we post it. We’ll see you again very soon. Thank you We’re not going to brag


  • Bob Brown

    Hey George just came across your channel love your style and the fact that you have set yourself apart from the crowd love the humor! Great job keep up the awesome job! I a fan just subscribed, looking forward to seeing more of your content!

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