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Top of the morning to ‘ya laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to Planet Coaster! I’ve been meaning to play this game for quite a while cause I’ve seen other Youtubers around the Youtube Sphere, playing it and testing it out and doing lots of stuff. They are a lot better at it than I will be This is like my first time to- I got in and I like testing it out for a small bit, just to see what the controls were like, and to see- um, if I could actually do anything in it and, It’s quite intuitive, it’s kind of like, if you never played RollerCoaster Tycoon i-it-They’re Amusement Park Tycoon games that you get in- Amusement park simulators, you gotta get in and build your own amusement park. There are lots of rides, roller coasters are mainly like the big thing in them. Um… but you get to like, put down little shops and little stuffs. So I get to build my own amusement park and I wanted to play a game like this for ages but RollerCoaster Tycoon, it can be very overwhelming and it’s- I-I’ve never actually played that game properly and I don’t really know how it works. I don’t really have the time to sit down and watch a billion tutorials on it either. It’s probably a lot easier than it looks, but I remember getting in and I tried to record an episode of it before. Just didn’t work. So, Planet Coaster is a new game. It’s not out yet, this is still alpha, I think, so a lot of stuff is subject to change by the time the game comes out. But it just looks super interesting. It’s visually very very nice to look at. I think, yeah. This is the SandBox. I get to get in and build my own thing. Some of the other ones you can get in and see what the other amusement parks are, like see what an amusement park should be. So, I get ALL of this land to dick around in. It reminds me of City Skylines as well, in a way. Just how you have like a big flat land. OK, so. I’m not very imaginative when it comes to these things. I can’t “imaginate” an entire amusement park already. All I can do is put stuff down and see where it sits and then mess around – and change it after so I’m going to try my
best to just make something that looks decent. Um… this is going to be, like, my shopping area. I’m going to have a shopping area… Oh no. Go away! I’mma have a shopping area down here. hehe this just looks like a big giant penis hehe *Yeah, real mature Jack* OH GOD I CLICKED OUT OF IT! fucking game haha and then over here I’m going to start building some rides now building rides is a bit… confusing. At least it was to me at first.. so I’m going to try and if I can actually figure this shit out and have it loop back around OK! Let’s put a ride down we’re gonna
have a flat ride over here ’cause the coasters are different the coasters are
crazy, but the rides I get to put down coooool stuff so we’ll ease people into it. as we – as we, like, come into the amusement park this is gonna be over here now I have to place an entrance which will be… oh… *frustration* oh..I’mma place… Oh! Okay. I’m gonna place the entrance over here and then my queue is gonna come around here and place the exit over…here! Cool! Add a queue… nice! Okay! This is where stuff gets interesting; because I can make my queue come all the way out here. It’s not a huge ride, so the queue is not gonna be massive. The queue is not gonna be gi-huge-ic. Just relax, now game. We’re not gonna do anything too crazy. We’re gonna keep it within the realms of reality. ‘Cause, queues at the amusement park are the worst! Right? You have to sit there all day and it’s fucking boring. Um… Right! Now I have to add a ticket booth to the queue. Right off the start. And… Nice! Cool! No, I’m not opening my ride yet, will you fucking calm down I need to get the path to come all the way back out
again. um.. Ok, delete you, ‘cuz you’re not ri- AH it’s not right angle that’s gonna drive me insane, hahaha! Oh, god, no. could you…could you.. Do, like, a nice angle? Maybe if I make you longer you’ll straighten out a bit. *Haha nope* oooooooooo no! It’s not… wait, what does angle snap do? Ahhh! Here we go! I didn’t want the angle snap! Oh, come on! Be nice and rounded. Be nice and rounded! *Like an ass* Don’t be a dick! Be nice and rounded for me! For – for Jackaboy! Do it for Jack! Yeah! There we go. Okay! Ride- Open! I don’t think any people come in yet, though I actually don’t know, I haven’t got that far, I haven’t been able to put in people yet hahahaha Um, this one is called the “Rocktopus” Ahaha! I don’t even need to change the name of that I probably could if I wanted. Oh, the exit actually has to attach back. *Yeah no shit* So… Exit’s gonna come this way and it’s gonna lead you on to something else up there I don’t know yet! the exit’s… pfft, whatever! Do whatever the fuck you want!- Actually.. Maybe we can make the exit – oh god *Ya done fucked it* There’s probably easier ways of doing all this stuff as well, but I’m a stoop… Um, the exit’s gonna come back over here It’s gonna connect right back up with fucking shoptown over here Oh… Disneyland? This is gonna be Jackyboy land! Everybody come on down to Jackaboy land, where everybody screams as loud as he does! *Is that even possible?* So people come in, they’re like “Oh! Hey! Planet Coaster kid! “Nice to see you!” And then they come all the way over here and they’re like “FUCKIN’ ROCKTOPUS BABY!” Maybe I shouldn’t put that there, just connect it straight to- NO! No, it’s fine! ‘Cause we have room in here now for all our shops. Let’s put down… shops, no, I want – oooh! The Kraken monster! We’re gonna put him – OH, so scary! OH SO SCARY Do you even go there? Yeeeah the Kraken monster can be around the ‘Rocktopus’. Haha. Wait, are people coming in? THEY ARE! Oh, I didn’t know that! It says there’s 98 people here! Oh no! You see it in the bottom? 103 it’s going up! Okay! Need to put in some buildings! Fuck off, you! I don’t care! Umm… facilities! Okay, what are we…? Planet Coaster toilets! Yes, we’re gonna need some toilets We gonna have to put the toilets off the side of the- oh no Oh no, oh no, what am I doing? OH, I broke it! Stop that! Um, toilets Okay, here we go.. Just some nice toilets You’re not centered on this! That’s pissing me off! Hahaha Um… Oh, it’s just like not at that right angle ’cause I didn’t put my thing down Boom and boom. …and boom *insert ISIS joke here* and BOOM! Why can’t I add more? Ah, this.. fucking pathway is pissing me off now You better listen to Jackaboy! Yeah! is that enough toilets? oh wait, I think I know what I have to do I have to put some walls down. we- ‘Cause we put down the building But now we actually have to put on some walls onto the edges of it So here we go, here we go Can you… can you snap? No? Ah, shit! Is that enough? I dunno *confused laugh* Okay, I’mma put down some- some drink-y places! *reading menu* Premium food shop Why don’t I have any like shops, like BIG places? *Reading menu* Paneled premium drink shop, hats shop OK.. The drink shop is going to go in here and then.. RIGHT next to the drink shop is going to be the premium food shop See this is where people get
funnel- OH LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE Planet Coaster Man! Everyone’s having a good time!
Everyone having fun?! It’s good right?! Welcome, welcome! Jackaboy Land Woo! ahahaha We gotta put walls on these bitches um… Some stone walls We’re gonna… no we’re gonna have to make it look at rustic. nice and rustic Can I… Yeah… Are you attached? Wait which one are you attached to? That’s the thing I do- OH GOD Ok, you come all the way out here Nice. Can you come that far? Cool! This is gonna be a big place! A big fooder place! HEHEHE I’m having fun *laughs* Here we go. Can I just like stack a bunch of
you all at once? Let’s go piece by piece. Dang it. Look at this! Everyone’s having fun! Everyone’s coming to Jackaboy Land and they’re
like “yay! I love it!” Kid- Check out that fucking Rocktopus
baby It’s cool, right? Everyone getting their tickets? Everyone queuing up? This is cool! There’s 202 people in here and then everyone’s on this like “Octopus, Kraken no”
*flowey laugh* yay. Um… great now I gotta build out my drinks place Aaah.. Walls! Ok, and then I put wall signs on them after Ummmm You guys have to you have to keep with the aesthetic. There’s a
nice rustic aesthetic going on what the fuck are you doing back there stop that you crazy wall and you will
come all the way out to Ok, the drinks place doesn’t have to be too big ’cause people need food more than they need the drinky drinks. Food takes up more space than drinks! Wall signs! Ok ‘Chief Beef Logo Small’. Chief- um.. ‘Basic Burger sign’! Put you on the wall There we go! This is where you get all
your eats! All your foods! Fucking great beef! Great beef in here! And this is the cosmic cow oh god this is gi- that’s a gigantic
logo d’you have a smaller one? yeaaah milkshakes! I mean it’s not just milkshakes but whatever should I not have opened my park
already? I know but this is fun I’m having a good time ahahaha uummm… Facilities- I think people need more toilets though Right? [airhorns going off] I’ll r- I’mma remov- can I not remove
this toilet? Is somebody in it? There we go. I removed the toilet ok, now
toilets… go… here…I’m doin’ it in the same place but whatever.
Could–do I– Just add 2? Or can I actually add walls to this? ‘Cause it didn’t have walls before AH HERE WE GO There we goooooo Nice! The toilets are gonna have to be quite large. THE TOILETS! THEY ARE COMPLETE! Nice! So people come in
to get the food to get the drinks and go to the toilet and there’s a ride to go
on That’s fun! It’s- that’s- It’s half 4 in the
evening now so people are going to start getting sleepy and the place
is gonna start shutting down -But it’s ok folks! ‘Cause later, we’re gonna have fireworks
displays. It is annoying the shit out of me that that is off
center or like not at the right the proper angle for what that road is
is. Is- is that better. It’s not great but it’s better, it’s
better than what it was. I need to start building up shit I don’t have time for all this ok
another pack we’re building another right out here It’s a roller coaster time baby! Um, I’m
going to have one of these ones- the ones that your feet do the danglies on, um… right.
Which way- which way do people enter? *thinking* Okay right there. Oh niceness! Um- wait for the-
oh god Oh g- ok this is weird oh yeah baby haha make you longer they make you higher make you long make
you make- make you longer okay I don’t know- I don’t really know
how this works yet. Um- *reading* pulls up an incline OH YES! (laughs) Dude you’re gonna have the biggest
fucking incline ever and then you’re gonna come down and you’re gonna be terrified! (evil laugh) (whining) I don’t like night time though! …
(laughing) Oh mother of God (cackles) Oh God I’m so sorry! Um ok basic track then. Uh- no. We’re gonna have to start bending this down then ’cause this is where it starts- this is where it goes up and then it
just CAREENS back down. Allllthe way down ALLLLL the way down! Ohhh my god that would be fucking
terrifying in real life (laughs) I love it! YEAH! Fun shit is happening! And then all
the way down close to the ground and then you’re going to start pulling back
up. Just pulling back up ever so slightly ever so slightly. Feel those g-forces!
Feel those g-forces and get sick all over the ground! (laughs) and then we’re going to go
straight into a loop where’s the loop, um… Vertical loop! A vertical loop right and
Norwegian loop left oh god. Ohhhh no I’ll end up killing people I don’t want to kill people Oh God these loops
are tiny yes yes and then we’ll add another loop yes. (laughs) nice and then we start pulling- start
pulling that. Ok I actually have to figure out how this comes back and around.
You go down you do two loops you come all the way back around and then you’re
going to do a bunch of loops over here maybe OKAY! She is complete! The roller coaster is done! This the most dangerous roller course I’ve ever seen in my life ok I wanna take you on a little trip
around this. Can I speed up time or something? Oh I can ok are people still going around in this
fuckin place? People are still havin’ fun How do I close the place for the
day, okay I’mma save first! new save game the- ah Jack- a…tron land… yeah okay JACKATRON LAND is what we’re
building! Fuckin’ best place ever *reading* change simulation speed speed it up speed it up speed it up all the
way past keep going back I want daylight again so
I can actually show people what the roller coaster is. there we go I added a boat and a bunch of cannons so now
the cannons are firing out over there’s like stuff here Cargo… Let’s just add like, like little treasury
bits around. Oh wait are you going to block shit. Well fuck- don’t block shit bro! Is it? I’ll move it, I’ll move it just in case.
There. Just add a bit of flavor to the whole place ok I’m right about that for now there’s
a ship over there this is the, the seafront I guess
there’s a lot of sea imagery going on over here there’s a boat there’s a Krakens there’s fuckin
cannons there’s a lot of shit going on ok we’ll
take you on a tour of this roller coaster we’re going to see people go on it soon
but for now I just want to show you You come up here you go up this insanely
steep incline and then you go literally vertical, almost– it’s like a 91 degree angle
it’s almost 90 degrees. You come through this you do a loop you do
another loop you come over here you go upside down you go over there you go
around this under, up, over, turn, come over you’re, you’re sideways for all of this then
you come up over here do another loop come back around and you
finish. This is gonna kill people and that makes me happy (Don’t go to this roller coaster!) ok I need to fix my pathways just ever
so slightly. Um. right I need to start making an entrance for this. How do I- how do we
actually do that okay place entrance. the entrance is
going to be here because people go in there and then the exit is going to be
over here because people come out over there. Shit! how do I make that loop back around oh
dang. Okay the The entrance is going to come in here. Queue. Go in
there and come back out and go all the way around that seems very unintuitive. That seems
like a disaster actually. Shit! I figured out I figured out wait’ll you
guys see. You’re gonna be proud of me. (fanfare noise) I did it! it’s not perfect but…it’s- these fucking
angles are pissing me off but it’s fine! it’s fine! we’re learning!
we’re learning and we’res – we’re doing and we’re – we’re getting into it this is fun. you know how you’re on a
roller coaster and you feel so woozy and sick that you feel like you’re gonna die? don’t you just love it when you get off
that and you’re like yeah I’d love to climb some more steps over at Jackaboy Land that can be arranged even though I call it JackaTron Land. Wait are you
open? Did I – *reading* ride status open I fucking guess so. We are going to – hello
everybody! How’s everyone doing? Everyone feeling good and fine – don’t mind that patch
of grass! that’s going to be – that’s going to be worked out next time How is everyone! Everyone looks good – dude I
would not eat a burger before getting on this you have no idea the speed at which
this thing takes off It actually doesn’t take off fast at all because
I needed to have stuff to pull up the roller coaster at the start. Slows down at
the end though! Man it’s going to be fun I can’t wait to see everybody get sick.
Everyone’s going to barf and puke and feel awful and I love – dude how are you getting on? Du – hello? How do I make the camera go up? (What are thoooose?) Hel – hello? Hello? Oh it’s a lady! Hello lady! You’re not even giving tickets to
people! you’re just standing there being like hi! Hi! Welcome! Welcome See? See all the faces of – have happiness
as they come out? Or go on? Yeah, it’s not gonna be the same when
they come out. We should take pictures of them Can we add cameras? That’d be awesome! Ok, the first
people are getting on. The first people are strapped in here we go Jesus Christ when they get to the ride they’re just
like YEAHHHH! (giggles) It’s gonna be awesome… I cannot wait! ok speed up I want
everyone to actually fill the roller coaster please there we are! Oh god oh god you go flat? Ohh I didn’t know that! I apologize for
that. How is everyone? Everyone doing good? (giggles) Oh man how – how do I follow them? Is there a way of following them? On like
a camera? Right camera YEAH! oh god you can actually see in the
seat you can see the people! (laughs) Let’s do it! (claps) I’m so excited! oh yes oh yes. Everyone feeling
good? oh god this is hiiiiigh, um, this is – I would be fucking terrified of this in real life. ‘Cause I’m terrified of heights I love roller coasters though which is a really weird thing. Dudes it’s not over yet you’re – you think you’re getting to the
top but now you have to go vertical (laughs) I love this! This is so much fun. Everyone feeling good? Everyone feeling fine? ok tighten up your
sphincters because it’s about to get rough oh god it’s so high up (giggles) you ready? WHOOOO! Hands in the air! Wait you can’t really do that on this ride. Oh my
god! Oh my god that is scary! (Gotta go fast!) Holy shit! (laughing) there is no slowing this thing down! Oh God
everyone’s sideways (imitates throwing up) wait does it actually slow them down? There we
go! Everyone feeling good? (laughs) How did you enjoy it? Is everyone gonna get sick? Or are they all still happy? They’re all still happy! You should be
terrified! You just saw death! Everyone’s stopping. Are you getting ready to
vomit? what why are they stopped? I don’t know
what’s happening nice! We got a little hat shop going on. That took
forever to build actually. Um, so buildings and wall signs. These guys sell hats so
what kind of sign should we put up. With a hat synbol? *reading* Hammer swing. Right – oh
these are ride signs! No! I want something to show off that
I’m selling sweet tasty hats *reading* Hat’s Fantastic. (laughs) Hat’s Fantastic. I get it, that’s a joke.
I get jokes. Um, and then over here we do not need an explosion thanks. Oh god it’s super tacky looking! There, better. (laughs) Okay! Wow my theme park is coming along nicely.
very nice work for a first episode but I’m going to leave this episode here. This
game is awesome! it’s super intuitive to play it’s very
very easy to understand and get in and build stuff I mean for someone who
doesn’t – oh look at this dude! He’s all fucking happy as fuck – for someone
who’s not very good at these things and doesn’t really know what he’s doing half
the time this was really simple to set up and imagine like a fully fledged theme
park. I’m going to make this way bigger this is going to come out there’s gonna be
way more rides. this is my star attraction right here we need a name for the – the roller coaster.
like the – the Bowel Eviscerator or something like that or the Pukerator. Somethin I don’t know.
you guys tell me in the comments what you’d like the name of this place to be, um. The – this’s gonna be Jackaboy Land er – BOSSATRON LAND! or something I don’t know. give me ideas – give me -give me tips,
give me suggestions. anyway! thank you guys so much for watching this episode
if you liked it… PUNCH the like button in the face! LIKE A BOSS! And, high fives all around (whiplash sounds) THANK YOU GUYS AND I WILL SEE ALL YOU DUDES (very high pitched) IN THE NEXT VIDEO! Well that was anticlimactic as all hell YEAH! When you wave your arms that means – (laughs) Jackaboy Land, Jackaboy Land, whatch’y’all know about Jackaboy Land? Jackaboy Land. (fart noise)


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