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• From a little boy drawing on the wall
with his poop to parents doing the deed in Doctor Who cosplay, the Planet Dolan crew
re-enact some of the best true stories from our subreddit about the weirdest thing we
have ever seen at a friend’s house. I’m Doopie and today I’ll be your narrator. Number 10 was submitted by _ima_crik_ur_neck101
Sweetcommando Sweetcommando was asked by his friend to come
over to help him with his homework. When he got there, his friend was gone…
but in the next room he heard moaning. Sweetcommando thought it was his parents doing
it, but remembered that his friend’s older sister was in that room. So he went to investigate, but gagged when
he saw his friend’s sister halfway out the window, wearing a bikini and opening her legs. A guy was outside banging her. She looked at Sweetcommando and said, “Wanna
join?” He bolted out the door and never went to his
friend’s house again. They eventually stopped being friends because…
his friend was the guy outside. Number 9 was submitted by candycat731 Froggy
In the 9th grade, Froggy and one of her best friends were big fans of Doctor Who. Froggy had gotten into it just because her
friend watched it all the time with her parents. One night, while she was staying over, Froggy
got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. She heard the Doctor Who theme song playing
loud as hell down the hall in the parents’ room. Needing to go into the parents’ bedroom
to get to the bathroom, she walked in, expecting them to be watching the episodes. Instead, she caught her friend’s parents
having intense sex in Doctor Who cosplay. Her mom screamed for the doctor to cum in
her. They saw Froggy right as she walked in, horrified. Needless to say, she now despises Doctor Who,
and her friend stays at her house whenever they hang out. Her friend’s parents were actually chill
about Froggy catching them. Number 8 was submitted by gxgbro Honeybits
One time, when Honeybits was at a friend’s house, she had to go to the bathroom. Her friend told her where it was but, once
Honeybits flicked on the light, she saw large amounts of shit on the floor. She ended up telling her parents, believing
it to be her friend’s little brother. Her parents then made him eat all the shit
that was on the floor! Disgusted, Honeybits came up with a lie that
her parents were sick, then got her bag and ran out of the house. She never talked to her friend again. Number 7 was submitted by Roxy_And_Stitch
SacredSnewpee When SacredSnewpee was nine, she went to her
best friend’s house for a sleepover where they planned to stay up all night. It turned out that her best friend’s dad
was having a few of his friends over as well. At about one in the morning, SacredSnewpee
went into the living room to grab a horror movie to watch. That was when she saw all the men dancing
naked to the song, “I am a gummy bear.” A man was in the corner taking a shit, while
another man was trying to have sex with a lamp. SacredSnewpee ran back upstairs, and after
that night never returned. Number 6 was submitted by Weirdgirloninternet
Pandora When Pandora went to her friend, Ramona’s,
house, they went into the woods to look for Slenderman. After a while, they returned to Ramona’s
house where they went up to her room. Pandora needed to use the bathroom, which
was next to her brother, Dolan’s, room. So she went into Dolan’s room and caught
him masturbating out the window! Shocked, Dolan looked back and screamed, “Get
out of my room!” and shot her with a BB gun. While Pandora cried, Ramona’s family put
some dressing on the wound. They’re still friends and laugh about what
happened to this day, though Pandora has a scar on the bottom of her leg. Number 5 was submitted by otaku_sans Spincess
When Spincess was 8, she went to a friend’s house to spend the night. During her stay, she went to go to the bathroom
but found her friend’s little brother, butt-naked and drawing on the walls with his poop. Spincess just walked out of the bathroom and
went to use the bathroom in her friend’s parents’ bedroom instead. She ended up walking in to see her friend’s
mother shirtless and not wearing a bra. Before she could be seen, she left. She told her friend what happened, and her
friend told her mother that, thanks to her little brother, the bathroom needed to be
cleaned up. She also asked her mother to cover up because
Spincess needed to use the bathroom in her bedroom. As her friend explained everything very casually
to her mother, Spincess began to wonder how often it happened. Number 4 was submitted by Mote-of-Lobross
Cidius Back when he was in junior high, Cid had a
friend, Hellbent, who never invited any of his friends over to his house. But one day, when they were riding their bikes,
Hellbent had to go home to use the bathroom. He explicitly told Cid to stay on the porch,
but Cid’s curiosity got the better of him and he decided to sneak inside. It seemed fairly normal, with some clutter
here and there… until he peeked into his mother’s bedroom. On the walls were various macabre paintings,
with one painting being of a naked giant eating the arm of a smaller, headless naked man. In the corner was a table with several black
candles with melted wax everywhere. Also on the table were statues of the Devil
and the Grim Reaper. Behind the statues was a screen-printed picture
of a satanic pentagram that had a goat’s head in the middle. Cid had never seen anything like that before,
despite having known a lot of members of the Church of Satan. At that moment, Cid knew exactly why Hellbent
never invited any of his friends over. Number 3 was submitted by YourDivorcedMom
Slapped Ham The weirdest thing Slapped Ham ever saw at
his friend’s house was when he was in 5th grade. One day, after school, he had a weird friend
who invited him over. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, Slapped
Ham accepted. Once they were inside his house, his friend
asked, “Do you want to see my goldfish?” Slapped Ham said yes, but instead of showing
him a fish bowl, his friend reached into his closet and pulled out a dead goldfish. Slapped Ham never saw him again. Number 2 was submitted by Kiri2118 Ladybot One time, Ladybot was sleeping over at her
friend, Robo’s, house. In the middle of the night, she had to go
to the bathroom. Robo’s bathroom wasn’t available because
her older brother was using it, so she told Ladybot to use the one in her mother’s bedroom
because she wasn’t home. When Ladybot walked into the bathroom, she
noticed a dildo stuck to the mirror. Then, as she washed her hands, she saw a cup
filled with condoms next to the sink. Needless to say, Ladybot thought it was weird
seeing a dildo stuck to the mirror. Number 1 – What’s the weirdest thing I’ve
ever seen at a friend’s house?


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