Three Two One [Horn Blowing] [Music] HEYYOO Good morning Logang, Was poppin?! Guys, I’m keeping it contained right now But today is a big day. Kong today is a big day buddy! Mark my words. This could be the biggest day of 2017 THAT’S NOT A JOKE! Hahahaha, Yo, they’re making the gym amazing, but mark my words Logang [Crazy Yelling] Today is the day we are dropping the Maverick bottoms. THIS IS NO JOKE! No, I’m not okay This is the day that maverick Apparel officially goes from merged to actual a pair of Nike had this moment Under Armour had this moment Adidas has had this moment today Is our moment the quality of the apparel we are releasing today is no joke guys we have black Morel joggers No, man brendan is rapping No, but you’re rapping the gray Morrow jog oh, oh wait oh Great maverick athletic short. We’re not a racist black maverick a pleasure and we got the Shot who’s in my mind and the light gray version of the shorts too yo oh and ladies we didn’t forget about you we understand it’s 2017 right gender equality, so We got the black white and gray leggings for females Different women of all ages and sexiness look at my mom over there Now you’re kidding, that’s the first thing to have entered the pool Brendan, and I haven’t even gone swimming yet Well a boon Oh My god, the gate guy is like little dog we ran down the street Oh, what the heck and I look around he’s literally down the street. You’re gonna get eaten by a coyote You’re gonna die. I saw a big coyote right there last naturally. Yes like a German Shepherd coyote We can’t bro listen listen open these ears got to stop running away, bro. I love you If the low gang loves you anyway, so you thought it was over ha And ladies we know you’re busy right you got stuff to you You got objects we know that so we put pockets in the leggings joke who’s putting pockets in the leg Nobody all sorts of things in these pockets put dis banana You can put macaroni in the pocket And as if it couldn’t get any better yo the joggers the shorts they come in youth sizes So if your youth if you’re under the age of 10, we got to go and if you buy march in the next 72 hours, I am gonna uh Technically, I guess it’s like a FaceTime so Instagram. Live you can like bring people in now I’m gonna choose five of you to FaceTime on instagram live in front of 60,000 people. Let’s go yeah 72 hours y’all know, where to get the merch slogan for that con slash shop or link in the Description okay, it’s time to get into the vlog itself, which today actually is a big one Armani come on I Didn’t say mommy I said Armani Armani Talk to you about this thing bro, so we may have ordered 3000 pounds of dry ice hahaha How we bro need a giant cauldron Dry ice to make a giant cauldron I was like I like you a lot Could destroy the pool Buzzes the exactly Montage ruined what happened there Brendan? I wasn’t doing anything that sticking drone just decided to fly to the right. Where is it? He’s going boy he’s straight monkeying this true Timber what is the ice as I see as the change? Are we gonna move the ice, which weighs more than the pumpkin and that was a bitch to move The nose dry ice that anyone’s ever put in a pool was 1,400 pounds and we’re more than doubling that our mom Like you guys know Yeti is like an abominable snowman, so we’re just I see right now Let’s go if we were to put these in a pool. What happened Yes, I’m sitting here And I’m like I’m mom I’m like she’s a nursing like mom. I’m out of breath and brain is like yo me, too I felt like I was having a heart attack. He serves our all fuses guys. It’s killing us bro. Okay? We’re dying, but yo do not sit in the closed car with dry ice you will die? Kids don’t do this. No. I wonder. What’s more deadly bro. The dry ice or the Maverick bomb, baby This is no joke right you literally froze my window shot And if you notice we just put the shirt jabu jabu darkest oh Good there’s some bad news though I Know we’re supposed to have this for one day we extended it for like a week. Just like the pumpkin We’ve exhausted the forklift of everything you can do by baby. I love you. Uh the guy that I was talking to him Maybe we’ll buy one down the road right now. We got something else to do Oh Cabin bro run pack a nice weight. You didn’t even put it in yet. Oh Pool is dry We got the whole squad here is My neighbors love me. Okay. I think the plan is to count to three, and then you know why don’t I just show? Yeah There’s so much smoke everywhere oh My god Ha damn, I like my leggings a moment like the leg in Order to have to do as a maverick as the maverick. I always have to elevate go to the next level. It’s money That mother All jokes aside I’m this close to passing out. Why from inhaling it, yeah? How much just died I mean like I’m some real live shit. There’s a lot of carbon dioxide like brought like it’s immediately like Real friends do dumb things with their friends, so y’all have you guys jump it I’ll tag you Hey We drop bottoms, that’s what we did Okay, so things are calming down calming. I’m still alive yet another epic day i’m logan paul blows Oh i’m just 3,000 pounds of dry ice who’s doing it? Who’s doing it guys nobody god. Damn it maverick bottoms. We just Armani brawl is such a good idea. Oh, and these guys are gonna be done with the gym tomorrow It’s gonna be the full gym painting reveal so yeah Don’t forget guys if you buy maverick bottoms or any merch on the site logo Paul that cop slash shop or a link in description if you buy Any of the merch on the site Matt bottoms that are you should get the Maverick bottoms of the best in the next 72 hours? I’m gonna bring you into an Instagram live and FaceTime five of them five of you. I was never good at math wait. Yeah So I want to meet you guys get your merch, Logan Paul. Calm slash. I just say that The merch game has officially been changed forever if you’re not a part of the low game make sure to subscribe cuz I love y’all I was here to make it easy I Met my Pride

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