‘We Are Still Recovering’: House Member On Diverting Funds | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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‘We Are Still Recovering’: House Member On Diverting Funds | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • a2soc

    I hope the hurricane destroys trumps properties. I’d like to see how much money he gets on insurance claims. inflated or deflated assets?

  • Johnny Wadd

    Lets load up trump full of tacos and send him into the eye on air force 1 with a nuclear sized fart to destroy the hurricane

  • BlueTalulips

    They can wait around for their "strongest hand" until their blue in the face! Trump's obstructing justice by blocking key witnesses, including Mcgahn! He keeps on obstructing justice, even beyond Muellers report! I repeat he's Obstructing Justice WTF more do they need to proceed with impeachment?! Are they waiting for him to start nuking Hurricanes or Finland!? #ImpeachNow

  • CMM

    PELOSI:   enough is enough. YOU are enabling dictatorship by stopping impeachment. This WH Mafia

    Nazi Pervert is making a joke of the Dems, the country and is implementing his
    Dictatorship. The  fascists feel empowered by his example.

  • TCt83067695

    5:08 if ppl had focused more on his emoluments violations rather than russiagate maybe he would have been impeached by now

  • paladinbob 123

    i salute this representative standing up for her people in face of such discrimination and racism …its a shame that the president is not worthy of the office , whilst she is doing her best for her own public …..sad to see the puerto rican's treated again as second class citizens considering their sacrifice in so many wars for america, and they have only received attention from the corporate exploiters for their pains :(… If was them , i would go push for the greenland swap deal , as at least the dane's would treat them fairly 🙂

  • Tessmage Tessera

    Every single promise that Trump made to his base, back in 2016, has been a broken promise. All of them except one: he continually brutalizes innocent Hispanic people. So I guess we know why Trump's base continues to support him, despite all of those broken promises: they're evil, disgusting, racist Nazis. Every single one of them. They don't care if Trump lies to them — just so long as he keeps terrorizing Hispanic people.

  • Jarrod

    This hurricane starts as a storm down in the Caribbean brushing over the windward Islands about two days ago and it's now a hurricane heading towards Florida. Why is it that Florida is such a hot zone for hurricanes.

  • ღSwnsasyღ _

    I just moved out of Florida a month ago.. Phew.. Was in the last one 2yrs ago. I'm over it.. Now I'm in Atlanta so what we get here 😆

  • nighttr

    I am still wonder how they are going to build the wall with rolls of paper towels?? Are they going to be made in Mexico ?

  • altitude illume

    republicanism#REPUBLICANISMisAGAINST90percentOFamerica #MOSCOWMITCH + #POOTINbonespurs2020 + #2russiaAssistSCJustices for fascism usa, TO JOIN florida/georgia/sowcow…, the #SOUTHSgoodOldBoyPOLICESTATE. come visit, y'all!

  • angela bluebird60

    Trump pulling FEMA Funds is yet another urgent reason to e mail our reps, along with our, "reps,". Article 25 has been indicated basically from the start. Trump is inept, unfit, needs to be removed. We the People can make this stance clear-and relentless by sheer number.

  • Macnutz420

    Let us just hope that Dorian wipes out Doral, and saves America from yet another diplomatic disaster, with a wall, of water.

  • BklynGuy87

    This is terrible to say but it’s the truth: I have very little sympathy for Florida. They voted for DeSantis and Trump. They are consistently involved in some nonsense (Trayvon Martin) and oftentimes I wish they would secede from the Union ends rant

  • Ron Lucero

    The House should start diverting funds away from the white house.  Let the "billionaire" blowhard pay for all his and his staffs  transportation/Living costs like every American must do.  He's living on welfare while in the white house.  If he did a presidential job then it's ok, but he's not doing a job.  Too busy tweeting, and watching tv.  Cut as much funds from the white house and any department that is diverting funds for his "wall".

  • Boyd Gilbreath

    No one has stopped the people who own trump from doing as they pleased since trump took office. Something is happening that the people are in the dark about. Why does Congress behave as though they are not going to have to face re-election? What happened to the rule of law? Why is Congress totally stopped from doing anything that is not exactly what the people who actually own the country want by the Speakers of the House and Senate. Like this lady, all she has to offer is amazement and single letter to the temporary head of FEMA. We will hear nothing more about this. After midnight a whole new cycle starts. There will be no impeachment. But there will be something that we may never really understand because the media is so filtered here. There will be gun bills that do nothing. There will be billions of dollars missing after trump passes. The end is near.

  • John Edward

    OUR STRONGEST HAND IMPEACHMENT .. TRUMP And REPUBLICANS are going to STALL you in court until after the election. Wake up begin impeachment now

  • Will E

    What is it precisely, we hope to accomplish, with this kindergarten roundtable, of sloppy journalistic finger painting? News flash, let me just put that on the mama boy fridge so's everyone can see.

  • Anne Murdock

    The only way that these United States of America is going to even "survive" Trump is if Moscow Mitch and Putrified Pelosi are removed from their positions immediately and the rest of Congress moves swiftly and deadly to block and stop every illegal move that Trump is doing! As soon as he does something, the house needs to move fast and pass legislation, to make sure his evil policies are never implemented! This is what the 3 branches of government was set up to accomplish and it is way past time for Congress to get up and and FINALLY do the job they are being highly paid to do!!!

  • Charles

    So I guess Obama…when he did exactly the same thing in 2014 had an "obsession with immigration, rooted in his xenophobia and racism" too. Hilarious. Go ahead. Google it. And guess what? There will be NO shortage of funds for any Hurricane disaster, ever. (They don't put the money in Al Gore's "Lockbox") Just more useless garbage from the Russian Oligarch Hoam-Masters!

  • david bellamy

    I just watched sixteen year old Greta Thunberg land in New York having sailed across the Atlantic in a small racing boat and heard her remind us again about the huge danger of climate change. Trump suddenly seemed even smaller and more pathetic an excuse for a human being than before and I felt quite humbled [and a little ashamed ] by the actions of a sixteen year old who had the guts to do something for all of us because she actually cares.

  • M Infanger


  • toney ingram

    If it was black people doing mass shooting they would have been done something but since it's white people they feel like all they really don't mean it

  • chrissyce

    Trump, Pence and their entire criminal administration are probably hoping Trump's Doral and it's bed bugs will be destroyed. Trump will leave the FEMA money alone if he will benefit from it and if Doral no longer exists; the inquiry into whether Trump is committing a crime by trying to hold the G6 (can we even say G7 anymore since Trump hates our allies so much) at his private resort.

  • John Santamaria

    You say you saw a difference in 2018? That was a Blue Wave 🌊, in 2020 your going to see a BLUE SUNAMI !!!

  • Niels Daell

    If a new financial crash, worse than 2008, strikes, say, this fall or during 2020, the President will have to rely on an energetic mobilization of the U.S. citizenry, to stampede the Congress into immediate passage of emergency recovery legislation rather than bank bailouts. Congressmen will have to taste the fear of God, to the point that they will just forget about their Wall Street campaign contributions and special interests. Our Congressmen must be forced to vote up the use of federal credit for loans directed exclusively into the real, physical economy, to crank up productive jobs in infrastructure and industry. No more bailouts for speculators’ losses like the $23 trillion that was dumped down that sinkhole in 2008, with the results that we see today.

    How will we will deal with the problem of contagion: the danger that speculators’ losses will shut down the commercial banking system on which our economy depends? Not by bank bailouts, but by hiving off the dens of the Wall Street gamblers’ speculation from the commercial banking system, through a revival of Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall law. (A law which President Donald Trump campaigned to revive.) Then their dubious gambling assets will not be eligible for federal taxpayer support, and can be written down or written off over time, as they are sorted out. Only legitimate commercial banking functions will be protected, not speculation.

    The issuance of low-interest federal credit exclusively for productive employment of unemployed or unproductive labor and capital, is not inflationary. If it is vectored towards science-driver programs like the Trump Administration’s international Moon-Mars program, or the international effort to harness controlled fusion energy, it will be counter-inflationary, increasing the productivity of all labor, as scientific and technological breakthroughs filter through the economy. In the United States, this policy is as old as the George Washington Administration, and lay behind the economic success of the Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt Administrations.

    The late economist Lyndon LaRouche (1922-2019) developed and fought for these policies for decades and summed them up in his “Four New Laws” of June 8, 2014 (“The Four New Laws To Save the U.S.A. Now! Not an Option: An Immediate Necessity,” EIR, June 13, 2014).

    Internationally, at the first sign of a new crash or earlier, President Trump should invite the leaders of Russia, India, and China together for what will amount to a wartime alliance with him against a common enemy—namely a devastating world depression. Together, these four great nations have the power to supplant the current London-Wall Street speculative monetary system, which is collapsing, with a new world credit system based on the lessons of Franklin Roosevelt’s design for the postwar Bretton Woods system. (Despite its post-Roosevelt problems, the longest period of world economic growth occurred under Bretton Woods, especially in Western Europe and the U.S.)

    The new system will facilitate massive, long-term, low-interest development credits to developing nations of Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe. With the help of the space program and a cultural renaissance, the United States will have to cast off the rot of the past decades and surpass Japan and Germany as a great exporter of high-technology capital goods into such areas as China’s “Belt and Road.” As in Roosevelt’s conception, this New Bretton Woods system will be a dollar-based gold-reserve system of relatively fixed exchange rates—without which such long-term, low-interest loans are impossible.

    Lyndon LaRouche designed this system and fought for it for decades.

    This can be done. Americans must join with their Presidency to make it happen.

  • Kathy S

    Do nothing Corporate Dem's, the Courts said, you would have more subpoena power under Official Impeachment Inquiry. I could careless about that milktoast Mueller Report. He passed the baton to you Congress so do your job. Emoluments Clause and all the other corruption will fall in place!

  • David Hale

    The director of fema said today they have 21 billion dollars on hand, and the money that went to the border is less then 1% and is nothing that will affect fema and their ability to cover any disaster……. msnbc more fake news. And more fake outrage.

  • pr0xZen

    Yet another impotent oath breaker. You promised your constituents to be a check on the administration and hold Trump accountable. You took an oath to the United States, to defend the constitution. Not to deny doing so and punt the job to the general public to deal with. House dems should all have their salaries withheld until they start upholding their oaths or resign. Starting with Pelosi. Your oaths didn't come with a "but only if all members of all branches of government agree with and support you" clause.

  • Askal Tesfa

    There is no problem for Trump to instruct anything anybody to come or go to different country like the instructions he ga e to trade with other countries but not China

  • Hildebeast Clinton

    “The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired with the Russian Government in its election interference activities.” Robert Mueller, III, Congressional Testimony. July 24, 2019

  • Marry W


  • Drake Koefoed

    priorities, gun control which is never ending while democracy is being shut down. fascism will take control of gun control. they will take all of them, and your dangerous looking knives

  • rapunzel eh?

    it is also the will of the American people to have trump impeached. except for the wingnuts that support him, but really, are they Americans? or just members of the DJT cult.

  • alex johnson

    Any chance Lying,Cover-up THE TRUTH MSNBC HACKS will report .THE 70 PAGE I.Q. report about Corrupt Lying James Comey?? Doubt it,the entire lot of worthless Frauds at this Garbage news outlet won't report the truth,or even Mention THE I.Q. report about the most CORRUPT F.B.I. director in U.S.History!!!!

  • bluegold21

    A republican woman being allowed to speak about guns negatively. Now I have seen everything…Does anyone think she has an Italian twinge to her phenetics?

  • Edmund Singleton

    No One Is Protecting Us…How many products can you name in consumer or business hands if used as directed cause bodily harm or even death? try these on for size. Weed killers, most kinds of industrial coal mining, asbestos, tobacco and vaping products, opioid products, assault rifles, and the process of fracking near ground or surface waterways, unless under strict professional guidelines and care, absent those, are deadly, all the while allowing the manufactures of such products to earn millions of dollars in sales or licensing fees. When made aware of the dangers of their products, can claim not to be responsible since government oversight allowed them to exist.

  • Jugganuat

    De santos said kemp are beneficiaries of voter suppression, gerrymandering and Russian hacking. Neither of these people should be in office

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