Watch Live: Trump Hosts Turkey’s Erdogan At The White House | NBC News
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Watch Live: Trump Hosts Turkey’s Erdogan At The White House | NBC News


  • Dokuz Asker

    Ha ha ha ha!
    Trump says he has good talks with a so called Mazloum Kobani:
    Erdogan is a Rotarian (Rotary Club member)! And that PKK or the so called innocent YPG that frames out nothing more than or different from Taleban of Afghanistan meeting R. Reagan both being illicit drug producers and traffickers for fight of some freedom.. uest as what they do.. the ilicit drug that melted and corrupted Turkey, Romania, Poland has been dealed with the Mossad, Asala, CIA, Former KGB and to-day Russian and British secret services' umbrellas. And the global framework nothing other than this even since early 80s..
    Do you watch Snow Fall on CBS? That is the snow fall the future of the insane as Jews, Armenians and Wasp.. the poor and ignorant are perfectly abused.. Mexico by USA equaling Tajikistan by Russia is Poland, Romania and Turkey here.. and again by Israelite and Wasp Rotary/Bilderberg that is American and European.

  • Michele Esquilin

    Know these democrats are attacking Turkey. We never agreed in democrats taking control of our rights and now people are being attacked

  • TrollFarm Sage

    There is a persistent false narrative in the US that much of the problems in the world are a result of former large empires that covered diverse groups of differing cultures, languages, religion and beliefs. The false narrative tells us these large empires, such as the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire were responsible for war and poverty of that era. History has shown us the opposite. The huge Ottoman Empire based in Turkey, actually had a very long and friendly relationship with the huge neighboring Austro Hungarian Empire, who was generally pre-occupied with the virtually endless conflicts in Europe between the nations that were divided by various differing ethnic and language groups. Remarkably, one of the main nations at war with the Austrian Empire, was the Prussian Empire, with the same languages and general ethnicity. This contrasts with the compartively friendly relations between the Austrian Empire and the Turkish Ottoman Empires that have vastly differing language, religion, and ethnicity. It was only after the Austrian empire and the 600 year old Ottoman empire were dissolved after WW1, have we seen the near constant war and conflict in the Balkan and Middle East regions formerly under those empires. A similar case is demonstrated by the fall of the British Empire, and the sad increase in poverty and conflict in former British territories. We should reject the myth that small, ethnically divided, democracies are the solution to world problems, as history has shown us that evil actors on the world stage, such as China and Russia, can easily undermine, weaken, corrupt and manipulate small democracies, especially those struggling in the early years to develop. US and NATO should instead embrace the idea of changing these divisive regions of conflict into NATO styled havens of cooperation, prosperity, and peace. NATO should welcome and expedite former soviet east European nations to join NATO, and thwart Russia's emerging imperialist ambitions to destabilize, corrupt and manipulate those weak nations. Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia should lead the rest of the middle east in forming an alliance, similar to NATO, to thwart the efforts of Iran and Russia to destabilize the weaker nations of the region. The US should offer full financial and military support and commitment to a middle east alliance, similar to the US support of NATO. If the new middle east alliance wants to call itself a caliphate, the US government should not interfere with that sovereign decision.

  • NYC1927

    This man is out of his league. Did he just call Turkey's president "ErdoGan"? Total embarrassment to our country in MORE WAYS THAN ONE. Impeach AND remove!!! ALSO, I wonder if Trump supporters REALIZE that the largest religion in Turkey is…….ISLAM?

  • Azad D

    Erdogan is an Islamist thug who should be sued for targeting US troops, war crimes and collaboration with the ' US' enemies including ISIS, Al-Qaeda & others! 40b and 4 million refugees and $100b Turkish lies and false numbers. It could be 40b and 100b old Turkish lira. Every 3 million lira = $1. A lot of Turkish lies and propaganda here by Erdogan and his journalist. For Erdogan everyone who is not ISIS is terrorist. Erdogan is actually terrorist and his Islamist part and his supporters are the real terrorists. While Erdogan supports al-Qaeda and ISIS gangs the PKK fought and defeated them. The PKK is pro-Western secular movement, but Erdogan is por-ISIS and Al-Qaeda Islamists who are the enemies of the West and Christianity. Who is terrorist?

  • Azad D

    Putin used the Islamist thug Erdogan to kick the US out of Syria and Trump was complicit against the US national interests. Erdogan's aim is to expand his Islamist empire in the future by destroying the SDF.

  • akpnw76

    Erdogan has Trump in his pocket over Saudi Journalist conspiracy. Trump needs to resign. Pence will pardon, and we all can get back to watching Trump on the apprentice.

  • Carlos P. Jr

    Tough guy tRump always feels important when one of these Criminals call him a Friend. He's clueless as to what is happening in the Global Market.

  • Noturtarget

    Someone should tell him stop inviting thugs to the white house.
    Erdogan saying this man is crazier than me !

  • MadTurx

    this idea of YPG terror group, verified by Amnesty International check out their web page, is being an American ally is ludicrous and humiliating for USA. in what sensible mind Americans can turn their back to their long time NATO ally who been there for Korean War, Cold War, Gulf War… where was YPG, other than pretending helping USA defeating ISIS, where in reality they only care for land grab by erasing Syrian Arab villages and relocating Iraqi Kurd there (again see Amnesty Report). USA fought against ISIS with air strikes and land intelligence. NBC and like minded media needs to stop these lies. YPG Kurd are Neo-Marxist terror group whom will never really support USA interest and will back stabbed and sell Americans out to Iran and Russia when time is right

  • Jarred Avery

    Ok just gonna say this: WTF is the president of a democratic nation doing telling the reporter who's chosen to ask Erdogan a question, that he wants a friendly reporter/question? Then afterwards asking her if she's sure she doesn't work for the Turkish government because of the question she asked. Somewhere close to 26:30

  • AS90 AS90

    𝐇𝐢 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐋𝐃 🌏
    𝐈 𝐜𝐚𝐧'𝐭 𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐑.𝐓.𝐄𝐑𝐃𝐎𝐆𝐀𝐍
    The Armenian Genocide was the systematic mass extermination and expulsion of 1.5 million ethnic Armenians within the Ottoman Empire by the Ottoman government from approximately 1914 1923.

  • Turkish Soldier

    We don't need the Terrororganisation NATO and the USA. They are not our allies i hope we leave in soon the NATO. If they are a Partner of us like Trump it say why are they selling weapons to terror groups like ypg and pkk which we are fighting? Don't trust never USA and never cooperate with them better make deals and cooperations with Russia.

  • spacepatrolman

    0:12 its ERGO O -DAN not Air do win not erehwon which is nowhere spelled backwards [ a phrase originally coined by a guru for a health food company title

  • YoGotti YoungJeezy

    Atatürk and John F. Kennedy are the best leaders both countries ever had, on first thought the World ever had. Turkey and US have been allies since the beggining of times;)

    “Peace at home, Peace in the world!”

  • TubeForPeace

    I as a Turk. Love the human being. I love the US. and i love the Kurds as a human being. I hope we solve all our ideological differences as soon as possible and cal each other brothers once and for ever. Loves to everyone who reads this message.

  • Helìn Vanderanì

    Erdogan = Saddam = Usame b. Ladin = Baghdadi = FSA = SNA = ISIS = Daesh = El Nusra = El Qaeda = Ulkucu organziation = Selephian = Jihadist groups = Terrorism

  • Mary Kelly

    Erdogan is responsible for GENOCIDE along with ISRAEL, NO KOREA, RUSSIA…Trump loves all these murderers. Trump thinks caliphate is another name for cauliflower.

  • Dinçer Çelik

    You know they don't represent the Kurds. They are subcontracting to Israel. 350000 Kurdish opposition took refuge to Turkey controlled by the PKK / YPG. They are evacuating the region and trying to build a military base for Israel and the United States. Welcome to the real world.

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