Want to Manifest Your Neighbors?
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Want to Manifest Your Neighbors?

Want to manifest your neighbors? Hi! I’m Suzanne, your host on Soul’s Home® TV – Where home feeds your soul. Several years ago, I shocked myself by manifesting the perfect neighbors! Eric and I lived in this townhouse in Rockville, Maryland with his three children and cat – Alaska. It was a challenge finding someone we felt comfortable with… to take care of Alaska when we went away. So, when the “for sale” sign went up on the house next door… I wish that a family with a responsible child… who’d love to take care of Alaska when we traveled would buy it. This seemed far-fetched! So, I concluded I was crazy, for thinking I could wish… a cat-sitting neighbor into buying a house
and pushed the thought away. I was shocked when my new neighbors moved in
and I spotted a mommy bike and a girl bike! Could it be that my wish was granted? When I introduced myself to the mom and asked her if her daughter might like to catsit… she was elated! Turned out mom had manifested us too… as she had hoped a neighbor would offer her daughter her first job when they moved. We became fast friends and Eric and I had peace of mind… knowing that we could go away assured that Alaska would be well-cared for. Honestly, to this day, I can’t believe that this worked but it did! If you have the opportunity, I hope you’ll make a conscious decision… to set intentions for what you’d like in your neighbors. If you feel moved, write about this below because sharing is good for your soul. Next time, we’ll talk about: Manifesting the house you want. Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.

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