VRS145 – How to Invest Wisely in Vacation Rental Property with Erica Muller

Hi, this is Heather Bayer from the Vacation
Rental Formula. In this episode of the Vacation Rental Success
Podcast I am so delighted to catch up, once again, with my friend Erica Muller of the
Flamingo Group in Orlando, Florida. Erica is a Realtor and she specializes in
vacation rentals. I last interviewed Erica, around about 2 and
a half years ago and we talked about the realty market in Orlando and we talked about what
owners and sellers need to do to make the experience of buying and selling really good
for them. I wanted to catch up with her to see whats
changed in the last 2 and a half years and a lot has. We know in our vacation rental industry how
much has changed, well it’s definitely changed in realty too. So, Erica shares a lot about buying a property,
what you need to do, the research that you need to do beforehand. The people you need to talk to and how to
choose the right professionals to help you along the way. She is also offering 2 great downloads. One is a .pdf of 10 questions to ask a property
manager, so before you take on a property manager to manage your place these are the
10 questions to ask. The other resource that Erica is sharing is
her purchase spreadsheet which is a terrific tool to allow you to evaluate properties in
different neighbourhoods and different areas by inputting a lot of data that she tells
you where to find online. Certainly listen to the interview but definitely
go on over to the show notes as well and download the resources that Erica has shared with us.

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