VLOG #014 | Your Network is Your Net Worth | Amber Anderson
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VLOG #014 | Your Network is Your Net Worth | Amber Anderson

– Do you know the power of your network? Well we do which is why we always host our Life Lounge events and tonight we have an amazing lineup. We have Anna Danes who is a
Billboard Top 25 Jazz artist who is sharing her amazing
inspirational story, she just recently did a TED
Talk here in Solana Beach. And of course, we have
one of this nation’s top keynote speaker Scott Duffy will be leading us through
the end of the night. But Life Lounge is about
mixing and mingling and being inspired by San
Diego’s top business minds, entrepreneurs, and I
always say your network is your net worth and
this is how we’re able to showcase our luxury
listings to all of those buyers and the people that know those buyers that could actually get this home sold. (upbeat music) So tonight we had an amazing night. We heard some amazing
speakers but Scott Duffy was so inspirational, I mean, the guy sold his business
to Richard Branson. We had the founder of Ugg Boots, we had the guy who created the face recognition on our iPhones. But this is just one extra way
that makes our team different because it’s all about
getting your home sold but more importantly who
you work with matters. So if you haven’t yet, subscribe. Let us know what you think
and ciao ciao for now. (upbeat music)

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