When I enter a home with my clients, we open
the front door and they start looking and I can feel how the energy changes. I can see
when they are lighting up, and they are looking at it and they are visualizing themselves
living in this home. My name is Vivianne Swietelsky, and I am a Global Luxury Realtor. I specialize
in luxury residential market particularly in water front homes, condominiums, reconstruction,
or of course foreign investors or those who wish to have a vacation home here in Miami.
Well, Miami is the most desirable market for foreign investors for many reasons; it’s a
very central location for doing business. People come through on business, but they
also stay for pleasures. It’s a city that offers so much to both the investor, and the
person that comes here on recreation. For my clients here in Miami its a real advantage
to have me as their realtor, because I am a Global Luxury Realtor. Which means that
I market their property not just here in Miami, but worldwide. I speak Spanish, English, French,
Italian, and German. I have had experience doing business in Asia as well as in Europe.
I am very comfortable dealing with people from all over the world. If you would like
more information, please visit my website I also invite you to
sign up for my newsletter, and then you can receive all the latest news of Miami. Hope
to meet you soon.

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