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Vir’s school group is going to The Himalayas. You have to go there and destroy them. You have to finish Vir. Haha!! Mona! Hey! Where are you ? Yeti! Boss. Have a look at my invention, Mona. What has happened to my Yeti ? Boss!! You should praise me boss. I burned down this Yeti with laser gun. Otherwise he would have terminated you. Timbaktoon! This was my robot. I had invented it to finish Vir. You have burnt it. I will have to make it again. It’s very cold here. Mrs. Sen Gupta, this is the Himalayan region. So it is obvious that this region is going to be cold and not hot. I will increase the camp fire. Vir, we have reached here safely. Inform grandfather now. Oh yes, I had forgetten. Grandfather, we have reached safely. How are you? I’m fine, just removing the water out from our house. It’s filled in here. Water is filled in there? Is it raining there? Haha! Yes son, it’s raining here. Rain of tears. Since the time you stopped Gintu and Chulbul from coming with you. They have filled the house with tears. Vir, please call me there. No! Whether you cry or you sing. I won’t give you the permission to come here this time. Stay there. It’s an order. Vir, take care of yourself. Ok! Grandfather. Sir!! There is a huge shadow. Come on everyone, go back in your tent right now. I was sure that you will go near that tree. And that’s the reason even I joined. Look. Someone is there behind that tree. Hi, I am Vir and she is Imli. Don’t be scared. We won’t harm you. Will you be my friend? Eat this, it’s a chocolate, it’s very tasty. Give it to me as well. High five. Let’s do Yeti’s style . Yeti’s style. We are friends from today. Take, have more chocolate. Choc Choc is very tasty. Yes, thanks! It’s called chocolate. Vir, what are you doing here? Sir, I came to check whose shadow it was. But there is nothing here. It is only a tree’s shadow. Alright, go and sleep now. Tomorrow morning we have to leave at sunrise point by cable car. Oh! What is happening here? Look, something is there. This is Yeti. Now what will happen? He was the one I saw at night. I told you. All that I saw was his shadow. Robo boy suit on. Robo boy suit on. Robo boy has come. Robo boy has come to save us all. Why have you come here? Please go away. These people will get scared of you. Hey! I am Vir, your friend. We met last night right? Remember? I have become a robot boy just to reach you through this rope. I am Vir, try to recognize me. Haha!! Vir, thinks that he is a real Yeti. Very good. Vir, won’t attack him thinking that he is a real Yeti. And my robot will finish him off. Sorry, my friend. Thank you Robo Boy. Run everybody! Sorry friend, mistakenly you felt down. I had no intention of pushing you. I just wanted you to return back. Sorry, we are friends. Have this chocolates. Leave me. He took Robo Boy along with him. Kakkad sir, please do something. Yeti’s style!! Yeti, you finally recognized me. Yeti’s style. How are you feeling Vir? Today you can’t escape. My Yeti robot will finish you. Oh! So this is the matter. I was fighting with a robot. Friend you get aside. I will see him. Look there, Robo boy is still fighting. Boss!! Our robot is ruined. He is right boss, he is right. I am mad, very very mad. Friends he was not Yeti, but a robot who is now finished. Now there is no danger to you all. Thank you Robo Boy. Imli, where is Vir? Don’t know. He must be hiding somewhere. Hey! Where has the Yeti gone? You didn’t see? Oh! You must be hiding out of fear. Haha!! You are a coward. Why are you both giving high five? Sometimes I doubt that Vir is the robot boy.

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