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Jin: JH, why? Jh: Good? Is it beautiful? Jh: I am, this is ~ Jk: there is even our dorm Sg: Do you want to use it like a bicycle bag? Jh: I think this is good for practice clothes. V: I should work part time here. Jin: I just need a hat. Sg: I think he’s the best he ever wears. J: I should use one or two hats to practice. Jm: (Satisfied) Cute Jm: Oh sweet, isn’t it nice to wear it like this? Jh: Why is ‘N.O’ Jin and Suga went upstairs while their brothers watched ‘N.O’ Jk: Huh? I really want to try! Sg: Jimin Ah ~ Will you play like that? Rm: J-Hope ~ Where have you been? -7 MIC Drop! Jm: The dimples are so cute ~ Rm: I can’t get this back, Fan’s love. Jh: Are there few fans? Great Jm: What is it Jk: Army forever, BTS forever Jk: Let’s talk about what each one chose Rm: We have to be together. Jh: There must be seven people to make sense. Everybody Rm: The ‘Seoul’ illustration is very beautiful. J: Dress me like a mother and child. J: Two of these are too! Parents Jk: Is there anything for the fee?
J: I have two hats for me! Sg: I will put a cotton ball here Jk: (Oh, pawn on my ID) Who is our Jimin? Jh: I really want to use it V: ~ Big plate with cup and saucer Jk: I don’t have a pillow at home
J: (Shame 🙂 Do you have a pillow? Jk: Three rolls of towels! Jh: When we went on tour, we opened many pop-up shops overseas. Jh: But in Korea, it’s strange because it’s from a book. Rm: We shop like this, it’s really good even though it’s really objective Jk: Even if you don’t have to go shopping, If you have any interest Come and grab it once (I think you can watch it) Rm: We have grown, we love so much, It’s time to feel Subtitles translated by Jung Hyun Ran


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