Video Marketing For Realtors – How To Tell Stories
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Video Marketing For Realtors – How To Tell Stories

– A few years ago when I
was still a Hollywood editor working on marketing for
Disney, and Marvel Movies, I guess I wasn’t quite
performing up to snuff, because I got a visit from my producer and the vice president and
this is what they said. (upbeat music) My name is Trevor Jones. If this is your first time
here, I’m the Hollywood editor turned full-time real estate
agent, and on this channel I teach real estate agents
to grow their businesses by creating better videos so
they can sell more houses. If you haven’t yet, go ahead
and hit that subscribe button if you wanna grow your business and stuff. When the producer and the
VP came into my office, their message was simple. They said, Trevor you need to
tell stories with your cuts. A cut is like a TV spot like a commercial. And I said, guys some of these cuts are like 15 seconds long. With the required intro
and the required end page, that gives me seven or eight
seconds to tell a story. You can’t tell a story in
seven or eight seconds. Plus a lot of these videos
are for eight year olds. They don’t care about
story, they just wanna see Hulk punch Thor in the face. (loud thudding) Guess what? I was wrong. When creating videos to grow
your real estate business or any business for that
matter, story is everything. If you haven’t seen it yet,
I created a video right here that explains exactly why that is. I know a lot of you may think, I’m just not a great storyteller. I was an editor for 15 years,
and I was basically told that I wasn’t a good storyteller. Man, that was a real
(bell ding) moment for me. Here’s the thing, I think we
are all great storytellers. Stop for a second and
think back to the last time something super crazy happened to you, and how excited you were to
tell everybody you ran into, even strangers about that crazy incident. I’ll bet you did a great job telling a very emotionally, compelling story. (laughing) – [Woman] You guys are
gonna make me pee my pants. – I have the dorkiest family. – See, you got it in you. So first of all, you
are a great storyteller, you just have to believe in yourself, and secondly you need to
make a conscious effort to tell better stories. A few months ago I posted
a short, vlog style video on Facebook and YouTube, and
a friend of mine watched it, and he’s like, Trevor your life is so much more interesting than mine. Is it? Not really. I just took the interesting
parts of my life, condensed them into two or three minutes, and suddenly, wow my life is amazing. Everybody has interesting things
that happen in their lives every single day; write them down. Next step is when creating
videos choose a story that will release the
hormone you want released in your viewers’ brains
when watching your story. I talk a little bit about that in the video I referenced
earlier right here. In real estate there are many
kinds of videos we can create and some of those videos don’t seem like they lend themselves
very well to story. For example the market
update, the reality is nobody really cares
about facts and figures. To make a market update more watchable, you should integrate some story. How do you do that? I’ve got some ideas. First of all, what is a story? A story is something that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Typically in a movie you have setup, conflict, and resolution. Remember like that conflict
building the suspense, building that emotion, that
I gotta know I gotta know, that dopamine spike,
followed by the resolution. Another way to look at it
is you have a character that wants something, he overcomes
some struggles to get it, and he is changed in the process. So any of those rough structures
will work for any story. Now the thing is your video
has to be about something. Sometimes especially in
like the vlogging world, people create stories like here’s my day, and it isn’t really about
anything in particular, it needs to be about something. How do you incorporate story
in your business videos like a market update? The best way is to use personal
stories, things that have actually happened to you
that you have an emotional investment in yourself, that
you’re emotionally attached to. Remember we talked about
writing down stories, writing down things that are
happening in your life everyday so you have stories to pull from. You wanna find a story that
relates even a little bit to what you are talking about. For example for a potentially
uber boring market update, it’s probably a market update
for a city that you live in. You can tell a story about how you came to live in that city. What you love about that city. How you thought about leaving that city (monotone) to go live where
your kids live in Utah instead. As a matter of fact I made
a video about a city I spent most of my life in,
Simi Valley right here. I incorporated story
throughout that entire video, you should check it out to get some ideas. Another kind of video us real
estate agents should be making is a business to business interview, where we interview other businesses. For the love of all things holy, don’t ask them their address
and their hours of operation and the average sales price
of one of their products; nobody cares. Ask them their story, find
out how they came to open a business in this city, at this location, what their passion was. I made a video where I
interviewed the owner of our crossfit gym, Greg
and he has an amazing, compelling story, it’s right here. I’ve heard the rest of his stuff
it’s not even in that video and he’s got a crazy story and
that is far more compelling than knowing what time the gym opens and how many classes there are today. Okay, what if you just can’t think of anything personal at all. You’ve never had a personal
experience in your life that relates even remotely
to what you’re making a video about, well you could
do a little cheat that my wife and I do sometimes which is
you go to a cool location. You go to a location that has
a history, that has a story. So you’re doing a market
update in front of the house where Poltergeist was shot in Simi Valley, and you can talk about that
house, and what that house is worth today, and then show
four seconds of that house going of into Never,
Neverland from the movie. It’s probably okay, you
probably won’t get a strike on YouTube for doing that. And what if you just can’t think of any interesting locations in your entire city? Well there’s a secret website
I’m gonna tell you about that only I know about, and now
you’re gonna know about it too. The name of that website
is… (angelic singing) Just type in your city name
and places of interests, and boom you’ll get a huge
list of interesting places in your city that you probably
didn’t even know about. Read about one of those
for five minutes, go shoot at that location, and tell
the story of that location. Whether it is the place
your city started with or the Indians lived there
six thousand years ago. Whether your city was named
after what happened at that very location, or maybe movies
were actually made there. There’s a bunch of movies
made around my city, and there’s tons of
cities around the country where that’s the case. In fact there’s a beach near
my house called Leo Carrillo, where a bunch of movies were
made, and I made a video from there and that video is right here. And when you talk about movies and stuff that happened there,
suddenly a potentially boring video becomes very interesting. Here’s the thing, it shouldn’t be a 90 minute, feature length film. It should just be a few
sentences, you’re incorporating some story into your video
to suck your viewers in to get them to feel something. Every location has some story
to it, even a train station. In fact I did a video at a
train station right here. It was a market update but
it was more interesting, because it was at a fun location. Okay, you have no personal stories, there’s no interesting
locations in your entire city, and you’re desperate for a way to incorporate story into your video. Just do a tiny bit of
research about whatever it is you are going to talk about in your video, there’s a story behind it. What’s the history of
interest rates of usury? What’s the history of earnest money? What about the first grant deed? Who was the first guy
to become a millionaire by buying real estate? It’s unlimited, just break out
that magical website Google and do a tiny bit of research
and you can find the story of anything related to our
business, which is real estate, and make your videos
much more interesting, and tell your viewers
things they didn’t know that they’ll probably find fascinating. There’s story around all of this stuff, you just gotta find one for every video. If you want more tips on
creating great videos, go ahead and watch this video right here. It’s pretty dang good. If you haven’t yet, go ahead and subscribe so you don’t miss out on future content. I can’t wait to see the
stories you have to tell.


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