Video Marketing For Realtors – How To Start
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Video Marketing For Realtors – How To Start


  • Michelle Osorio's Dare To Dream School

    Trevor, it's Michelle with my second youtube channel. I will have my real estate agent uncle sign up for your webinar! We should collab sometime. I am mostly working through old footage for now while I focus on my own products but I'll be stepping up the production value on my education videos (to match the level of my entertainment videos on my bigger channel) by end of Summer. Would be cool to partner up on some videos.

  • Benten Peterson

    Would you suggest the videos to be from personal page and then shared by business page or vice versa? Or something else?

  • Tim Lassiter

    I have a YouTube Channel and all other social platforms. I thought I made a lot of videos but thinking I do not make enough lol. I will now give it a shot and make one daily. Leave RE put of most of them and just make random valuable vids. We shall see

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