VetCatch is all about taking Veterans fishing. The Veteran Realtor HAD to be at this event!
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VetCatch is all about taking Veterans fishing. The Veteran Realtor HAD to be at this event!

On Saturday, July 6th, VetCatch hosted alocal fishing event, and I was kind ofshocked to find out that VetCatch isreally a local organization looking togrow and branch out. So I decided I hadto go, and if I was gonna go I was gonnasee if I could snag an interview…which Idid! So yeah, it sounds a little bit likea couple of crusty old vets talkingfishing and veteran stuff, but it’s stillsome really good content from a reallyfantastic organization. Y’all ready?Just a couple of miles from the MacDillAir Force Base Main Gate, a couple offlags fly, and a wreath hangs on theAmerican Legion Post 138building, and it’s here that I caught upwith Jeremy Gordon, Vice-President of VetCatch“I had some red white and blue underwearI wanted to show off to everybodyso I pantsed it in the middle of the thingtalkin’ about ‘Yep! That’s right!!!'” ♪ [Music] ♪Well VetCatch, what we do is we takedisabled veterans, let it be physical orpsychological disabilities, and we put themout on the water, and put a fishing polein their hands, and let them do their thing.[Music]VetCatch is our organization thathelps take the disabled veterans andbring them down here do some fishing inFlorida, enjoy the sunshine say as muchas we would it’s an opportunity for usto be able to recognize our nation’sheroes. Peoplethat went out there and made thatsacrifice…giving them something backonce they finally made it home.Veterans of Foreign War that’s that’sthat’s always gonna be your guys whohave been deployed into a combat area.Zach: Right? Yeah!
Jeremy: Yeah, and if you’re priormilitary of any kind you can join theLegion so there…
Zach: Does that include Coast Guard too?Jeremy: You, yeah whose Guard all right.All right. Don’t you judge me!
Zach: Go ahead and judge me…All right I never crack on anybody’sbranch. We all do our jobs, alright? But, uh…yeah it’s what…
Zach: They’re an easy target.Jeremy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but it, you knowsomebody’s got to watch the house.
Zach: Exactly.Jeremy: You know so that that’s it’s it’s allgood. We… everybody, everybody plays theirpart throughout all the militarybranches. (Hard Cut)
You’re on right now Vic! Say “Hi”This, this is actually the commander ofthis American Legion… (Vic – “Post 138”)Pretty good! We’ve, we’ve gotten about that I’ve tagged upabout 70 some people and I don’t evenknow out of the folks who just headedstraight out on the water.Zach: Cool beans. Anyhow, where were we?So it’s it’s one that’s open to everybodyto be able to join and we just wanted
to emphasize thatalong with our own organization VetCatch.and just basically saying heyworld this is us, this is what we’re doingThe concept is that, if you have apsychological disorder there’s greatbenefits come from that. It lowerscortisol levels in the brain for up tothree weeks with a single fishing trip.That’s an elevated chemical in the brainfor anybody with PTSD. The other thingthat we do is, just, just as fine motorskills for anybody who has any type ofphysical disabilities. We do a little bitof adaptive fishing stuff for peopleactually have injuries that would holdthem back from a regular fishing styleso that we can teach them in a way thatthey can still be able to participate inin fishing. And also we do meetupsthroughout throughout the areaI, at random, just select a place that isa veteran owned business and we’ll go inand we’ll say, ‘Hey let’s bring it alltogether. We’re gonna do a meet-up atthis place” and it’s all aboutreestablishing that camaraderie betweenvets that they had when they were inletting them be together and just justgetting folks, because you got a lot alot of vets, the first thing that they dowhen it when things start to slip alittle bit is they isolate themselvesfrom the rest of the population. So wewant to get them out there andreintegrate them into society as much aswe can, and not be somebody who isjust shut into the house and not notcoming out into them to the world.Our whole push is basically built aroundtrying to be able toOne: Help the disabled and Two:Battle the 22 with veteran suicide soit’s it’s a combination of things that
we’re working.Zach: 22 push-ups!
Jeremy: 22 push-ups! So the the22 push-ups is traditionally done forawareness for veterans suicide. Our thingwe call it “I for you Stop 22” and it’sall about one and you know I’m here foryou, I believe in you, and lastly is,you know, I live for you. So it’s not aboutjust saying that you know I’m aware ofwhat’s happening it’s saying that youknow I’m there for anybody who’sstruggling and also saying I’m not gonnabe one of those 22. I’m gonna be therefor everybody who’s hurtin, and you don’thave to worry about me. I’m not gonna bethat guy. Everything that we do is abouttrying to do it as celebration a lifetype thing because nobody’s earned theirfreedoms more than veterans. So we try toget out, do events where everybody’sgonna have fun, they’re gonnalive it largeHowever we can do it. I mean like today.We’re here at this beautiful AmericanLegion and
Zach – “It really is gorgeousI didn’t even know this place existed!”Jeremy: Exactly what I’ve got out ofso many people today and this isprobably the best American Legion thatyou can find for an example of what theycan be. This is actually, they have thelargest membership of any Legion
in Florida.Zach: “Wow, yeah.”
Jeremy: And it’s because, wellright here at MacDill Air Force Baseyou know everybody’s in here like wellI’mma sign up for that so we can be partof that. And we were doing this event wewanted to make sure we emphasize theimportance of keeping things like theAmerican legions and the VFW’s alivebecause it’s not just the Legion Postpeople imagine that Oh being part ofthem is all about just being part of alittle dusty bar somewhere and theyactually have all the representatives inCongress that fight for all of the vetveteran benefits and without them, thatis a huge blow to the veterans community.They get us the benefits that we receiveto make sure that they’re not somethingthat’s reduced and of course to improvewhat we’re getting with things like theVA and stuff like that.It takes reps in Congress to do it andthat’s something that placeslike this give us.My partner with this, he’s the presidentof the organization, Bill, he was leavingthe military. I was already out and hewas like, “I don’t know how I’m gonna beable to deal with not being around my
brothers all the time.”Zach: “Right? And that’s a very
common problem for all of us.”Oh yeah and and then theyget out here in the civilian populationand like these peopledon’t make any sense to me.So we we set up something I came up withthe idea it’s like hey you know whydon’t we start…You like fishing. Startwith fishing. We’ll do an organizationthat’s focused around taking vets out onthe water let them fish. You can still bearound vets, it’s therapeutic for themand therapeutic for for the folks goingout at the same time.
Zach: “And when you lose afish, nobody’s going to blush at whateverlanguage you use.
Jeremy: Oh no no no. Out on the boat?That’s on the boat. All right, this Iwas out with sloppy joe charters whichis one of our most common captain’s thatwe use most frequently just a coupleweeks ago and he was laughing because Ihad some red white and blue underwear Iwanted to show off to everybody,
so I pantsed itin the middle of the thing, talkin’ about“Yep, that’s right!” You know,
but it’s Vets I mean…we’re gonna do what we do.
Zach: Yeah, we’re going to have fun.Yeah it’s it’s all about having funenjoying everything you can
and enjoying life!If we’re not in your area,
because of coursewe’re focused in Florida right now oneof my biggest goals…
Zach: This particular chapter,is it strictly Tampa, or are you…
Jeremy: Now with with VetCatchwhat we’re doing right now it’sbasically up and down the Gulf.All I want is to be able to get Vetstogether so yeah that…
Zach: “So what like whatall sponsors did you bring in on this?On this one? Yeah. Oh, man.So for this one, of course, we worked withDysfunctional Veterans, and DysfunctionalVeterans my boy Chappie, he, I hit him upand I’m like hey….
Zach: Disgruntled Vets, not Dysfunctional.Excuse me, DISGRUNTLED! DISGRUNTLED! ARRGH!DV6 is bringing me on here later, andI’ve talked to that old fart too,
let me tell you, dudeI got him on the phone, I got himon the phone he called me while I wasfishing just uh just here a couple weeksago while we were out there on thatfishing trip with Slobby Joe Chartersand he calls me up he immediately sayshey this is the Veterans freakinghearing loss lawsuit people callingabout your suit and blah blah blah blahand I say are you freaking serious rightnow how did it get my number and ofcourse it wants to be at DV6 the firsttime he ever calls me he immediatelygoes into his crap right? I hear his birdscreaming in the background you know andI’m just like well ok I shouldn’t knowhim from the bird that this was not thehearing aid lawsuit people or whateverear plugs lawsuit but yeah but withDisgruntled Vets, Chappi, I hit him up outof the blue when we very first startedtrying to push a social media growthbecause in the beginning of this we werejust doing it we wouldn’t tell anybodywhat we were doing we would get moneyfor it we would pay a charter captainthat would take them out on the water andwe weren’t asking for recognition for itwe’ve had a Facebook, we’ve had a websitedidn’t push it at all. It’s not until nowthat I’ve actually hit a point where I’mlike, You know what? We really need tostart telling people what we’re doingand pushing to go big, because. I mean,we’re we’ve been funding a lot of stuffout of our own pockets so and if I wantto go bigger of course it takes it takesmore funding…
Zach: It does, and it takes a while to getthat gravity point where everythingstarts to come to you and you can domore and more and more with what you’vealready gotten going but yeah you gottayou got to start slow to get
that system in place.Jeremy: Yes, absolutelySo we went from a thousand, let’s seea thousand one hundred and fifty followersin February, to thirteen thousand fivehundred. Now we’re constantly boostingand growing every single day it justkeeps on sprouting and our biggest goal isto be able to get to a point to whereokay now we’ve been just assaulting thetar out of the Gulf. We want to get it towhere we start standing up chapters inother states. We want to keep on tacklingadditional issues like veteranhomelessness. Man, we’re a hundredtimes more likely to be homeless.If somebody was to step in and say wellI’m gonna give you money, but I think it’sgonna be too much money for youyou to handle and actually do for yourprogram. WRONG! Because the first thingI’m gonna do is buy a tract of land andstart figuring out how we’re gonna puthouses on it for folks. You know, so it’sit’s it’s all about everything we can doto tackle these issues and, of course,of course, the 22 a Day Suicides,
one active duty,three hundred times more likely tocommit suicide than a normal person youknow that will always be what driveshome because I’ve lost so so many people.I had two that were extremely close tome while I was in the service, three morethat went that, I you know, I knew themand stuff, you know. And of course once onceone gets you, you know every time anothercomes, it digs at you. And then after Iwas out of the service, it just keptcoming. So yeah that’s that’s kind ofbeen how I’ve lived it all the waythrough this and it we’re all abouttrying to be able
to stop it from happeningWhen it comes from you’re talking aboutveteran organizations. What I make sureI emphasize everybody is it’s a hugecause! So we’re never gonna have enoughnumbers to cover everyone. It’s gonnatake it’s going to take everyone workingtogether as a whole so there’s severalpeople to say hey you’re doing the samething this organization is doing,
or that one,heck we got two of them outhere right nowReelingFreedom is out here, I thinkWhat’s the other one I got out on
out in the place?Zach: You’re asking me?
I’ve the memory span of a goldfish.Jeremy: Yeah man, yeah me too.Now is a great opportunityto give a shout out tothe wonderful sponsorsthat made this event possible.Barracuda tackle donated a 7foot radius 3/8 inch mesh cast netCheck them out over at BarracudaTackle.comthe Tampa Bay fishing club join up atMy Warriors Place is aretreat center for our Veterans, MilitaryService Members, Law Enforcement OfficersFirefighters, Gold Star, Blue Star, andSilver Star families. Support them atThe Fallen Outdoors connectsveterans with veterans to provide anoutdoor opportunity at no cost.Find out more atOur captain’s,who made it possible forthe attendees to get outon the water properly.Captain Court DouthitRecreationSpecialist.orgTommi Dominguez FishingTakeaDayOffFishingCharters.comAnd of course Slobby Joe Charterscheck them out atSlobbyJoeCharters.comAnd a very well-deserved, huge shout outto Liberty Outdoors, for providingcoolers, kayaks. and more.Check out the Freedom 2 and all theother kayaks, coolers, and accessoriesat Liberty Outdoors.usLiberty and kayaks, for all.♪ [Music] ♪Lastly I want to remind everyone about22 Until NoneCheck them out at 22UntilNone.organd if you’re a veteran and you needsome crisis resources go onto Facebookfor the Battle in Distress group orcall the Veterans Crisis Line at800-273-8255Hey, you know, you’re not forgotten.You know we’re here for you, we love you,you’re all our brothers and sisters,it doesn’t matter where you arewhere you’re at…You’ve got a fantastic location here anda wonderful organization. I really thankyou for inviting me out and a bunch ofother people as well. It looks likeeverybody’s having a great time, I don’tknow if anybody has actuallycaught any fish or not…Man. he said it so far, it’s alittle warmer out right now, so right nowthey’ve been pulling in catfish andstingrays which is – nobody’s happy aboutit but uh but you know we’re it’s justmore about coming together than it isanything else you know and they’reon the water and if you’re on the waterthen the effect is there.It’s not a competition –it’s a cause.Zach: That’s one of the thingsthat really geeks me outabout it especially the veterancommunity you would think there would bea level of competition with all this.The only competition is how quickly can weall help each other grow our cause.Absolutely because we all got somethingwe’re working towards and we have towork together if we’re gonna do it. yeahWell, thank you so much for your time.I appreciate you having me.I had fantastic time at this event and I’mreally stoked at all the awesome peopleI got to meet and what a beautifullocation all this happened at.So big thanks and shout outto American Legion Post 138.Gorgeous location, awesome people.VetCatch is growing quickly andfor great reasons, so help them grow alittle bit. Go over and follow them onFacebook or Instagram and maybe I’llcatch you at the next event!Did you like this video?How am I supposed to knowunless you click one of those littlebuttons down there. If something reallygeeked you out, or if you have a realestate question, drop a comment below andI’ll do my best to answer you as quicklyas I can.But if it’s something really good,I might just make another video to answerthat topic too.Just an FYII never monetize my videos which meansI have to make money the old-fashioned wayand that means earning it throughReal Estate, which means somebodyhas to hire me! Hint, hint!Now I only work in westernPinellas County Florida, but if you’vegot a real estate question in Florida orsomeplace else in the US, I can help youwith the Florida questions directlyanyplace else I’ll refer you to anexpert in your area.Have you ever gottena business card from someone that youwere really excited to meet, and then youget home and you can’t find it and youhave no idea how to findthat person again?YouTube makes it easy!Just click that“Subscribe” button.And if you really wantthe belt-and-suspenders,click the “Bell” so you getnotified directlywhen I publish a new video.if you’re looking for one source that’smy web hub of Awesomenessgo over to my website at ZachKidd.comIf you think you might be ready to getstarted on your journey, click that“Book Appointment” button and we can gosit down and have a cup of coffeeand figure out what thebest game plan is for YOU.This is Zach KiddThe Veteran RealtorOut.

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