Varanasi: The River Talks To You| India| Holy Land| Travel Story|CC
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Varanasi: The River Talks To You| India| Holy Land| Travel Story|CC

In 2011 I begin my first travel journey
to India and after a 15 hours train journey from Delhi I reached the holy
land of Varanasi. Varanasi City is a mystical religious and spiritual abode
that one must visit in Uttar Pradesh state of North India. This oldest living
city in the world is also known as Banares Banaras or kashi. The town has the power to trigger many layers of one’s belief in God, faith, people, rituals, life,
and death. Basically Varanasi the holyland of Hindus and people used to believe that all your sins will be vanished by visiting this place the
entire city is clad with a different dimension of ancient Hindu traditions
and timeless culture system. No doubt the city is modern in terms of its
infrastructures and other amenities but people still dearly hold to traditional
values and remotely believes. On my second day in Varanasi I was sitting on the boat and enjoying the view of Ganges River and I started to complain myself
saying how the hell this could be the holy land of Lord Shiva or God? This
place will look so dirty and dead bodies all over. Suddenly, I was looking at the
reflection of myself on the river and heard my inner voice saying; before you could judge this place, what about you? There are so much dirtiness and sins
hidden inside your heart and how about that? That was one of the enchanted moment in my travelling journey and the first time I begin to ask myself “who am I”? I promise to Varanasi the land of Lord Shiva. One day I will return with a purified heart and will be standing in front of you. The river does exchanged silent messages here! Go and see for yourself! Love You Varanasi!

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