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Announcer: The Vancouver
housing market has priced out
the average person. But not at Can-Do Realty! No one is turned away
because we can do! Now this is the perfect home
fort the first-time buyer. One room, 18 square feet and
access to the washroom at theTim Hortons
across the street. We love it! Let’s take
the grand tour, huh? Oh, it already feels like
a home, not just a house. Eh? If 18 square feet
is out of your price range – we can show you something
in a wall-dwelling. A wall dwelling? Yes, that’s where you live
nestled inside the insulation inside the wall of a home
that you could never afford. I love it! It’s in a great
school district. It’s itchy but there’s more room
than you’d think. And if a Wall-Dwelling is
more than you can bite off, don’t worry,
we can accommodate you. This is a mo-ped. You can use this
to drive to a market more suitable
to your budget. I’m finally going to be
a home owner — somewhere. New Brunswick! Announcer: Can-Do Realty,
realize the dream. You know, if we throw up
a couple of mirrors it will seem
even bigger. Yeah! Oh, that’s nice.


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