VAN LIFE ROAD TRIP | Tiny House Living in Spain 🇪🇸

we’re Eamon and Bec and we’ve spent the
last two months driving our van around Europe and if there’s one place we’ve
been a little extra excited to visit it’s Spain
maybe it’s because we’ll get to brush up on our Spanish or maybe it’s because this guy’s heard all
about its world-class kiteboarding but our excitement has been met with equal
parts nerves so I’m just like a whole big stress bag as we’ve heard a lot of
stories of pickpocketers and van break-ins… the van is here I
thought maybe it could be towed. so dramatic today we head to the capital
city to discover all of this for ourselves morning Bec good morning everybody
welcome back to Van Life I’m feeling real real real good being back in the
van we have been in Lisbon a little bit longer than expected and that’s because
we had some issues with her exhaust it has been a long overdue project it’s
actually something I was aware of back when we replaced the motor in Mexico so it
feels really good we got a brand new exhaust tailpipe and the old girl is
humming Trinity is ready for Morocco but we’re not going to Morocco just yet we just
wanted to get her fully road ready we’re feeling very confident we are going to
an M town and her name’s Madrid so you might have noticed a new coffee
technique and we’re using the Aero- press what we do is we make like one
really big strong shot and then split it and get to coffee though the aero press
I like mine just with water and then also Melissa Moroney brought us a Chaiwala Chai pot we forgot it when we shipped it over nice to have it back
yeah we’ve been missing it so much because Becca likes it with milk
she likes to heat up her milk and we only have a big pot so I’m gonna heat up
some milk for my buddy do we have milk? you know it’s little things like this having
a coffee down by the water every day but I think add up to a larger sense of
happiness and it’s an its little thing like that that everyone I think watching
this could do is make yourself a coffee put it in a thermos or take wake up and
walk down to the park and enjoy and I think there’s something special about
making your coffee yourself you’ll find out exactly what you like what you don’t
like this grass is soaking wet it kind of feels good on my feet
and yeah I think it’s a great way to start the morning thanks for a little date, morning date at the
beach every day is romance day with me Oh Eamon the chugger… sugar oh my god okay
huge brain freeze going on a long road trip check your
tire pressure it’s very inefficient to have a low tire pressure doesn’t take long for the two of us to
get hungry so we’re gonna stop at a random truck spot just off of the
motorway and make some lunch how you feeling driver feeling great I’m not
sure we got to eat though got peppers potatoes also got tofu mm-hmm scramble
with on potato like yeah now I know that Eamon on this channel gets a lot of love
for his cooking skills but I’d just like to give myself a shout-out because
without my sous-chef-ery and all of the times I chop all the veggies and prep
everything for him making yourself a chef giving myself a shout out! and I’m
giving all the sous chefs out there a shout-out yeah you guys can’t even see
my head you know what I mean are you a sous chef or a chef? we’re not
necessarily going oil free but I would say we’re just a little bit more aware
of how much oil we’re using so we tried to make this whole meal all sans oil
we’ve been listening to so many podcasts lately about like health and wellness and
whether it’s mental health or food and what you’re putting in your body and
we’re just conscious aren’t we but we’re trying to be conscious so this one is
topped with arugula the potatoes and then like a tofu scramble that almost
looks like a chili it’s got some nice red kidney beans how is that awesome hmm
and then we’re using a lot more spice so even on the potatoes just like salt
pepper I like a little bit more flavor so I put like garlic rosemary thyme you
put every spice on our beautiful and while food was cooking we can with
the plan for the rest of the day will tell you after lunch first we just need to fill up with water, stock up on groceries
and next up a two hour drive to this amazing camp spot another one of our
park for night finds this guy was a little bit off the beaten path it was
like 40 minutes down this bumpy and private we read that it was 4×4 excuse me bud appropriate poop with the
view huh excuse me buddy that got dark really quickly and as you can see Eamon
and I were in a silly mood so we didn’t get the work out we were looking for
today but we did get some movement in which felt really good we’ve just come
back into the van made some tea Eamon had some cereal and now I’m gonna
try to convince him to watch my favorite show you’re not sure what Bec’s
favorite show is my current favorite show is the block I’m so into this I
also love this show all the time we lived in Australia and the only reason I
can watch it today and from Spain or Canada or wherever else in the world we
are is because of our Surfshark VPN okay so you’ve maybe heard us
talking about surf shark before but if you’re not sure what that means or what
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at the risk of someone being able to log in your computer
on the same network yeah it’s like sharing all of your information with
strangers so this keeps everything safe whether you want to do online banking or
you’re just sharing passwords or whatever you don’t want strangers to see
that big thank you to surf shark for supporting our channel and yet again
sponsoring today’s video because we’ve teamed up with them they are giving you
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have it on your phone or your computer you literally just join the network and
it automatically does it it’s not like a need to like sign in or anything like
that it’s the easiest software use safe surfing and should we get in good morning good afternoon good day
wherever you are in the world we’re here like let’s get after it we have had
quite the productive morning we had a great workout I made us a recovery
smoothie and Aemon even had time to fit in a shower now we were gonna go and
enjoy the beach and this beautiful camp spot but the more we look around the
more garbage we see so we feel like it’s the least we can do to try to clean it
up a little so we’ve got a garbage bag we’re gonna hit the beach full bag from me I got more in you we’re
gonna put it on what we call our treasure ooh and bring it back into town
and dispose of it challenge everyone but even if it’s just two or three pieces
you on the way back from your beach store it in your pocket then dispose of
it if we all did that well if we all didn’t do this make a big difference but
in a lot of these countries is just poor education is young people that don’t
give a crap that don’t think about it and unfortunately it takes people who
know better to I guess it changed the world as much as we loved van life in
the UK and we really truly did we’ve been loving than life in these warmer
climates just because we can introduce fruits and fresh salads and all of those
cravings have come back so I’m gonna do these dishes cut up this watermelon make
a fruit salad with pomegranate and grapefruit and oh goodness
how good is life so I think we’re gonna finish up this little snack packs
whipped up because we’ve got a bit of a drive it’s still two hours into Madrid
and we’ve got nothing planned but you know that’s the way we like it so
hopefully we can get out of here this is the last time I can see you in a
while Cashin yeah wasn’t so much a little bit
of rain though that could have been yeah okay now just a 40 minute bumpy ride
back to the main highway nothing like a bumpy ride
whoo keep you on edge huh a little cardio yeah
why my sir I can’t 40-minute bumpy ride also Amon stepped on these sunglasses
yesterday and all day I kept wearing them thinking they didn’t look that boho
and he kept being like oh babe you’re gonna keep wearing those I think yeah of
course why not and then I caught a glimpse of myself wait baby have you told him about our
new favorite snack apparently this is actually a very common snack in the
Mediterranean they’re called the pinna beans you can buy them in a
jar and then you need to like yeah do you see them and pop them in your
mouth hey I love snacks like that where you have to like work for it be they
literally wait don’t do that yet ruining my letting they literally taste
like cheese ease they’re so flippin good I’m gonna make an epic recipe with these
you’ve already had an entire darn one day we didn’t even know what they were
no we saw them at the gross surely those look interesting now we can’t live
without him help trying house lots of them no honestly your chewing is so
gross though you can I’ll just go home and sit on sidewalk and rain is looking
like it might hold off which would be amazing is it forecast yeah I called for
rain all day today all day tomorrow we still got that garbage on the back of an
should be rot here we are we’re gonna pay for parking and hopefully we don’t
go broke doing though doing so doing that
what would you do if we came back in our van natok that well I would say we saved
a lot of money and a bunch of paint job that have to embrace it love a nice van
bro 20 minute walk from the car and we have
arrived to Plaza Mayor I just like to point out that Amon is
plan this whole afternoon so I’m giddy with the excitement loving Ali stop this
stop is like the city center it was once used for big public events like crowning
in ceremonies they would have markets here where you could buy food and other
goods and executions public executions as well as bullfight so it’s I mean
those things aren’t happening today I don’t think but it’s got like a still
very central feel to it definitely a central feel a little bit tour see a lot
of shops selling different goods foods ice cream souvenirs stuff like that and
then there’s actually like three stories of what we think our residential
properties wrap around the entire place this city I have to say is beautiful its
impressing isn’t it very impressive all right let’s explore I was really worried this thing was
gonna fall I had it planted just on this year yeah I don’t know why it’s doing that
now we’re starting to build up a little bit of an appetite and I looked up a
vegan restaurant that does tap us enter L we might be early yeah it’s beautiful
we have the extreme pleasure to being the only guests at them we have great
service and we just said please order us whatever you think we’ll like we’re
really open it’s all vegan so we have no worries
got raw cheese board coming tacos some tartare should be interesting so these
two are like blue cheese how do you say black coffee well how did you say food food in
general comida yeah yeah yeah no no well the food was amazing
thank you very much just go take care brother all right one Spanish lesson and
meal later that was so great you know I was gonna say even I have this wrestle
number blue or blue I don’t know whenever I leave a building always goes
blue hold on there we typically have this role we don’t dine at a place
unless there are other people dining there it’s sort of like a symbol of good
boy I don’t even think about that we went in because we had read about it and
we knew it was vegan and whatever and it was such a great experience because
Francisco was so lovely he spent so much time with us helped this order helped us
learn Spanish like it’s just such a fun experience to be really the only ones in
the restaurant yeah so who knows maybe we got the rule all backwards I mean
that’s what life’s all about just changing your mind on what you think
your rule should be no I think that rule came into play come on judge five what
are you doing I think the rule came really into play in Asia when there’s a
lot of restaurant options and you look at them and you’re like I’m not sure how
fresh that food is I don’t even think we used like TripAdvisor use anything back
then you know we would just walk around exactamundo all righty okay I’m pretty
stoked because the third part of the tour the Grand Tour that I’ve had is
this awesome graffiti alley so we’ll check our graffiti Center or maybe just
the building that they took over Angra feet I haven’t done a lot of research
but it looks dope and I’ll meet you there what are you thanking me
Code Red so this place is actually a designated
cultural arts building it used to be a tobacco factory back in 2006 I believe
and now it’s run by the Society of culture here in Madrid
so it’s very very interesting space there’s art all over the place it reeks
of pot and there’s just people and artists kind of taking photos and it’s
pretty cool and and there’s some really talented artists so yeah it allows them
to showcase their work in a legal setting I feel like you as a kid like
your mom has this exact artwork not as good but hanging downstairs you can
notice good not as good at lift no Ritter I yeah I was never good at
drawing so if anybody’s ever in Madrid come down
to the basement of this place and take a photo perfect it really matches the color here nice
so it’s by the fire extinguisher right by the theatre room I would say that’s
got to be one of the more interesting places on planet Earth
just the fact that 2019 the government still supports that and there’s no like
police or like security you just roll in and everyone’s chilling the vibes good
too it’s not like there’s like a weird vibe so yeah come check it out this is
the name of it I have a hard time saying signings first is the band so here I
thought maybe it could be told so germ I think I know I know it’s surrounded but
this is just what goes through my hikes I’m so freaked out by people who write
to me things I saw a love letter on the front of the window quanto man maybe we should leave him a tip too hello beautiful alright so we’ve just
driven to a park for a night spot not far from where we actually parked the
van it’s pretty sweet spot and if you go further up here can almost see the
entire city from this vantage point fans right there beautiful sunset another
wonderful day babe killing it are you guys staying there tonight no
are you sleeping here tonight no mañana si se puede
pero tranquilo okay he’s a Casillas okay male Don Mir tranquilo see he’s innocent
mucho el ruido Mucha Booya mucho esta bien para una noche
tranquilo David you’re an absolute legend it’s so funny because we got back
to the van and had a parking ticket but is only for a euro which didn’t really
make sense to us thank you we just got a message from one of our
community peeps and he was he spotted the van I guess while we were out and
noticed that we were getting a parking ticket he stopped the parking cop and
actually paid the ticket price for us so I guess that’s why I was only here
ticket he put more money in the machine oh what a guy I’m like so overwhelmed by
how amazing our community our community is it’s ridiculous and we’ve met so many
of you across Portugal and Spain and England and Ireland and were like so
internationally so coolest thing so we love you guys thank jeez that is putting
us to bed in such a good mood God and we’re watching another Ford this data
dude got even watching another episode ok bye

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