Use Zillow to Make More Money without Paying for Impressions!! // The Real Estate Blitz!
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Use Zillow to Make More Money without Paying for Impressions!! // The Real Estate Blitz!

What’s going on everybody? KSAKris here! The Real Estate Blitz! Today I wanted to talk real quick about Zillow
a little bit. I know it’s a dirty word to some but you know,
the reality is Zillow is a de facto standard. What I mean by de facto is whether you like
it or not, people use Zillow to look up the values of their homes to potentially sell
their homes you know, there’s all sorts of stuff. Zillow is used. Zillow, Trulia, Redfin is catching a lot of
weight recently in the market that we’re in and it’s disturbing to me. Redfin’s probably … like Zillow I get it,
Redfin bothers me a lot but you know, it is what it is. It’s important that you consider Zillow or
other platforms as you get a little bit of money. The question is how do you consider it? I know some people have listened to my views
on impressions and all that other jazz. I’m not going to talk about that today. What I’m going to talk about is if you’re
anti-Zillow, what could you or should you be using with Zillow to better your business
to help you out and I want to talk a little bit about that. Not everybody’s down with paying money for
impressions and I think it’s Zillow’s fault that this happened you know? When you start talking to them, they create
this scarcity as if “Well there’s only so many impressions that happen in any given
market. So if you purchase X number of impressions in this market, then you will be number 4,
number 3, number 2, number 1.” So you’re paying a certain amount of money
and you’re number one. Well they say all this great stuff, they hook
you up. You know, they get ya and you’re like “Alright
I’m in!” you know? Fish hook’s in and … next thing you know
it’s like a month, two months in and they’re like “Wow you know, it’s really slowed down
what happened?” “Man you moved to number 12.” “Number 12? Holy crap I was number 1 like two months ago
what happened?!” “Well, turns out you know …I don’t know
mysteriously there’s more people. So you know … but we can get you number
one again. Now it’s gonna cost you more money but we
can get you there. You wanna be number one again? We’ll hook you up.” and then so like every
other month, you’re getting a phone call saying “Hey you know, you want to talk to more people
right? Well it’s gonna cost you more money.” and it’s just a never-ending battle, it’s
really irritating, it’s not something that you can just turn on and walk away from and
you know, get a certain amount of deals. However, what I started finding: If you are
a listing agent, like I mostly I only do listings … man there are some cool stuff that you
can do with it! What we do is we actually pay about $300 a
month! I think it’s $300, maybe it’s a couple dollars
over three. Anyways, around there. $300 a month and it gives us Premier status
on Zillow and Trulia. The reason why that’s important: when you
walk in and talk to a client everybody, everybody knows about Zillow, everybody knows about
Trulia right? So they’re gonna ask questions about that
and it’s nice to be able to say “First off, I just wanna let you know I’m a premier agent
on Zillow and Trulia so I can ensure that your property is always going to be showcased. One right? So “Oh good! Fantastic!” because a lot of agents aren’t,
cause they’re thinking that they got to pay for all these impressions to become that – you
don’t, it’s $300. But it only really works if you’re a listing
agent. I’m gonna be very blunt. If you’re a buyer’s agent or you aren’t working
with any listings don’t listen to this strategy, it’s just not for you. I don’t know, it could be but you’re wasting
your money. If you’re good with that, a lot of agents
are. A lot of agents are good with wasting their
money so if you’re good with that way to go you know? Spend away! But it gives you … if you’re getting impressions,
you only get 5 Premier properties so you can actually showcase 5 properties. If you’re just paying the $300 a month you
get 10! 10 Properties so I’m able to showcase 10 of our listings that we have at any given
time and that’s important! Next one! I’m able to go out and do videos often with
this little bad boy right here! I just walk around, take my video right? And *boop* pop’s it right back up to the top
of the list. Pop’s it right to the top. Every time you pop in your video, it drops
it right up on top as if it was a brand-new listing on Zillow and Trulia. Next one! “Coming Soons” are huge! We try to make sure to gain as much exposure
before we go on the market by putting in property on the “Coming Soon” on Zillow one to two
weeks before it actually goes on the market. One to two weeks before it goes on the market,
we’re putting it up as a “Coming Soon”, we take a nice photo of the exterior of the home,
we post it up and we just get a ton of agents calling us, we get a ton of people calling
us, we get a ton of buyers off of it and the big one is we just drive up the interest to
that property before it ever hits the market so we can put on there projected price, we
can put on there when it’s coming on the market, everything. And we’ve you know, we put 12 up … 11. 11 or 12 up last month and 7 of them are in
escrow, and a lot of that is because we’re dropping it on Zillow so if you want a positive
thing about Zillow and I don’t say many positive things. Just the amount of interest that you can create
with paying $300 a month … it’s awesome. To me, it pays for itself they buyer leads
that come in off of our own listings because again, 10 of those that I put up there are
only showcasing the person that’s paying for it so if it’s me, it’s 10 of my listings are
going to only show me whenever somebody searches for it and they find it on Zillow, they’re
only calling me. They’re only reaching out to me. If they have interest or want to communicate
or talk with an agent, they only come to me, they don’t go to any other agent, they’re
not in competition with any other agent and to me that’s a huge win. I don’t want other people making money off
of my listings if I can make money off of my own listings. So anyways, that was just an idea I want to
bounce off you. Zillow isn’t completely bad but it is the
devil. I’m joking … sort of. But yeah. So some ideas if you’re really getting into
it and you want to check out Zillow that’s my thoughts. That’s all I got today! Do me a favor! LIKE/SHARE/COMMENT! Check me out as usual on Facebook! Check me out on YouTube! “The Real Estate Blitz!” If you haven’t, subscribe to the channel on
The Real Estate Blitz! Please do! I’d appreciate it. Right? And … go check me out on Instagram! If you’re on Instagram. KSAKris! Kris with a K! And that’s kind of like my … really my dailies! My life, me, kids, stuff like that. It’s all I got! Alright appreciate y’all and I’ll talk to
you tomorrow!

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