Use Contra Costa Real Estate Resource to double check Trulia and Zillow homes for sale.
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Use Contra Costa Real Estate Resource to double check Trulia and Zillow homes for sale.

One of the most frustrating things for a
home buyer is to look on the national home search websites, get excited about a home and find out that it’s not actively for
sale after all. So i’m going to give you this quick video to show you how to use the Contra Costa Real Estate Resource website
to double-check those listings before you get excited. On the left hand side here I have a listing on a national website. The listing ID, which is the MLS ID
number, is showing as four oh five seven seven
five four eight Come to the website. On the home page you’ll see here it says Search MLS ID number. Click on that, type in the MLS ID number
showing on the website and click search. In this particular case, one result
returned. Click on that and you will see all of the photos and
all of the information that is available on the MLS regarding this home – quite a bit of information. Now let’s look at another option. So here we have another listing MLS ID number four oh five two four two five seven double check that in this case you’ll see that zero
results returned. What that means is this home is no
longer actively for sale even though it is showing up on the national website the reason for this is that the
national websites have multiple data feeds and is sometimes difficult for them to
blend so it’s entirely accurate. The data feed on our website is
directly from the MLS so it shows the status as soon as the realtor inputs it. I do want to show you one other thing
that’s showing up a lot on national web sites. Look to the left here is our listing that’s showing up
that has no address, onlay an area and if you look in the neighborhood
section it does not show an MLS ID number. In this particular case, that means this
home is not actively for sale. It is, in fact, a home that’s scheduled
for foreclosure auction. The opening bid is the minimum bid that’s
required in cash at the courthouse steps. Now if nobody bids on this home at the
courthouse steps, it will revert to the bank and – sometime in the future – become a
listing that’s available (for sale) on the MLS. Hope this helps, thanks very much.

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