Trick or Treat: Halloween 2016 at the White House
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Trick or Treat: Halloween 2016 at the White House

The President:
Happy Halloween! Hey Prince. What’s going on man? (singing) Purple rain. Purple Rain. ♪ (music plays) ♪ How you doing? Superman, you’ve got
to give me a high five! Male Speaker: That’s POTUS! The President: You
look so powerful. High five. You are so strong! You knocked me over! Hey, how you doing fireman? Good to see you. How are you? Happy Halloween,
Ghostbuster. Look at this, Jimmy Fallon. You’re the bride
of Frankenstein? That’s what I thought! You’ve been lifting
weights, haven’t you? You look so big! Female Speaker: And he’s
got his hair like Superman. The President: He’s
got Superman’s hair! Air Force One! Hey Michelle. That’s a good
one right there. Michelle, lame duck! Mrs. Obama: That’s
really good. The President: This is
one of the better ones. Mrs. Obama: There’s
a lame duck. The President: These look
like a couple of Obamas right here. Here you go. Just get your candy,
that’s the main thing. See you buddy! (laughter) Male Speaker: I’m
doing my thing. The President:
I was flexing. Mrs. Obama: Happy Halloween. Male Speaker: That’s POTUS! Male Speaker: I
know, that was POTUS.

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