Toyota Land Cruiser (2003 to 2009) Radio Removal LC3, LC4, LC5, Prado by VOG (VegOilGuy)
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Toyota Land Cruiser (2003 to 2009) Radio Removal LC3, LC4, LC5, Prado by VOG (VegOilGuy)

Hi YouTube. Today I’m going to be trying to remove this unit here, which is an after-market part from my Toyota Landcruiser LC4 2005 (Prado, 120 series). There don’t seem to be many of these around. Don’t know why. Whenever I search for them on the internet you never find this model so hopefully this video might help somebody else
in my position I going to remove this unit here (the radio / CD / head unit). The first thing I have to do is to remove these silver plastic strips It always makes me nervous… Just gently squeeze and pull upwards… … see it coming up? That’s off. Now the same on this side. You can see the join here. So again squeeze and pull gently. There you go. Of fit comes as well. You probably won’t have one of these… don’t worry that’s that helps me run my car on veg oil. I need to put the camera down a moment to remove these two bolts here. Back in a mo. Sorry I’m wrong. I’ve just taken at these out 10mm screws… actually it’s wrong There’s no need, Once you’ve removed the silver strips you then remove these upper silver strips. Same thing again. A gentle pull… This has got a pinch clip here Just squeeze it to come off I might have to let go here. So that’s been removed. Ignore the red tape. You won’t have that. It is a PINCH clip. To remove it you need dig your nails in the to sides Hope you can see that… Just pinch and it should release itself. Same on this side now. Be brave Pull gently Don’t break anything… … It’s moving… Here we go. Again another pinch clip. Here it is… Just pinch to release. There we go. So you see, that one there and that one there… We didn’t need to remove those. So don’t do it (laugh). I’ll just pop them back in. This part here however has, I hope you can see, an M8 bolt there… and there Not this one though… not yet… Can’t remember yet… But there’s two here. Grab the socket spanner and have a go. That’s four removed. Four of these bolts with a washer 1, 2, 3, 4 Still haven’t done this one. Still can’t remember it… Now it should just be a matter of pulling Easy as that. What’s this white plastic…? That’s just dropped down. so that clearly stays Now it’s come fully forward Sorry I’m not explaining very well But this… I think I need to undo this. Back in a mo… socket… That’s the result. An electrical connector. We just needed to slacken the bolt rather than removing it Now we need to unclip every one of these cables Take our time… There’s lots of pinch clips again. I’ll put the camera down again. And there we have it. Not easy but not difficult either. Just take your time. Here’s the whole unit removed which includes the radio Sorry… I’m just fiddling here… So that’s how you remove the radio from an LC4 Here we are in my shed. Here’s the unit removed from my car. Place the unit on a clean cloth and remove this part here But leave these parts alone.


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