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Guess who got the money, honey? Guess who got the money, honey? Kelsey Lorraine. No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no. Three more minutes, just hang on. Shouldn’t somebody else be in the splash zone? Maggie, you and I are the only two women
on the planet who’ve been inside my mother.
We’re bonded. Oh, whoa whoa. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!
It’s coming for me. Hey, hey, hey. Remember your breathing?
All right, deep breath’s. That helping? I need to push. No don’t push. Don’t push. Do not push. No baby in my Uber. Too late. Oh, wow! There goes my five star rating. You know that tattoo, I gave you? Yes. Well, they want to license it. You know, they want
to promote it and put it on
every single person that wants to get a tattoo.
I don’t know I figured I should ask you first
to see if that was okay. Oh, okay. That’s fine. Yeah? Sure. Okay. Have a nice night. I love it. It’s us, living in the now. Wait. If it’s all the same to you, that tattoo it’s ours.
It’s mine, I mean. I wouldn’t want anyone else
to have it. Is that okay? Yeah. Yeah, that’s great. I’ll see you around. Okay. Did you mean this? Yes. Even this part, where you say you’re not looking
for the man of your dreams? That what you care about now
is the man at night sleeping next to you, dreaming? Yes, I mean it. Every word. Get over here. You get over here. From the first time we met, you saw me in a way
no one had in a long time. Not even myself. And since then,
we’ve made so many memories. Some that still make me laugh, some I’ll never forget,
and some I wish I could. And now I’ve left my lie behind,
and you’re a dad. Look at us, all grown up.
The problem with memories is… They lock us in the past and we both need
to move forward. As much as I want you
in my life, I can’t right now
and I hope you understand why. Seriously, you’re just going to write me a letter and then never talk to me again,
that’s the plan here? Yes, because I care about you, that’s the problem. I’m calling bullshit. You convinced me
to sign this lease. You told me you’d always
be here for me. As you were going to be
Gemma’s aunt Liza, right? Now what, now you’re
just abandoning me? I want to give things with Charles a shot. I can’t go around riding
on motorcycles with you and having late night calls
and you know, this is going
to hurt me too. It’s going to kill me
not to see Gemma. Then why are you doing it? Is Charles that much
more important to you? Are your feelings
for him stronger than your feelings for me? Look, I get it, okay. I do.
You’re scared, of us. Scared of what we were,
and what we still are. So now you’re making
the safe choice. You know what, you don’t know
anything about Charles. And don’t you tell me
what I feel. I know that this is hard
to accept Josh, but we were
a moment in time. It was amazing
and I will cherish it, but the time has passed. Then just say it, just say it. Say you love him
more than you love me. Is that what you need to hear? Yes. Then fine. I love him more. You know you, you forget Liza. I know you. I know when you’re lying.
Especially to yourself. He wrote a letter
to the wrong guy. [inaudible] Diana, will you marry me? Is there a ring involved? I’m being spontaneous here. Oh, what’s the rush? Let her think about it. She can take all the time she needs. Yes. This assistant is not the twenty-something
she claims to be. Liza Miller,
is 42 years old. And she has been lying
shamelessly about who she is, for years. God, this woman is deranged. Forgive me Charles,
but I can not just stand by and let her slander
us like this. Diana, don’t. Colleen, you are the only shameless liar here. Diana, wait. You are a sad and petty person, simply jealous of the person
that your ex-husband fell in love with.
How dare you, how dare you? Besmirch this young
innocent woman’s name? Have you no decency? We are officially
withdrawing you as our debutant. Sash, please. Diana, it’s true. It’s all true. Diana, wait. You stay the hell away from me. Diana, if you’ll just let me explain. What a charade this has been. First Charles, now this. I can’t seem to keep up with all
the lies that you’ve told. You must have had
a good time at my expense. No, it wasn’t like that at all. What was it like, Liza? It was really hard lying to someone I care
about so much. Diana, I owe
so much to you. You were the only person
who wanted to hire me. Well, I wouldn’t have if I’d known. Exactly, that’s why I had to lie. I saw this opportunity
to work for you. The biggest opportunity
that I have ever had and I had to take my shot. But for what? Liza, I mean I have been
searching my mind for hours, and for the life of me I cannot
come up with one good answer. To the question,
what self-respecting adult would go to those lengths
for this job? To get me coffee
and chop salad. To hand stitch my pants,
to clean out bird cage, to bring my urine sample
to the doctor, to hold my hand when I was alone
on the red carpet, to convince me to fight for
[inaudible] when I chased him away,
who would do that? I mean it couldn’t have been just for the money. Of course not. I did all those things
for you. Maybe you did what you had to do.
And I can respect that. [inaudible] you hitched a wagon
to a star. But if we are going
to forge forward, honesty is the best policy.
Is that clear? I couldn’t agree more. Liza. Yes. I just want to say, I need the numbers
for the new releases. I know that I can
find them myself, but I would prefer you
to do it. I love you too. You and I have been through a lot these past few months.
Real life ups and downs. I have fallen deeper and deeper
in love with you, how can I not? I cannot imagine not waking up
each morning with you, with your smile and your laugh,
with everything about you. Liza Miller,
will you marry me. Oh my God, Charles.

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