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Tony Ray Baker, Realtor | Tucson AZ Real Estate

I’m an average guy, I like long walks
on the beach (laughing) okay flyer boxes are good to go signs ready, were good! Tell Tony Ray gossip, I wanna hear it Tony Ray Baker, he’s an amazing, amazing asset and an amazing agent. I just listed this property two days ago now we’re getting hit with a lot of
interest on it. We’re gonna keep those flyes in that box all the way through
the end of escrow, okay? as long as it is open and she hasn’t
signed another person can bring an offer. he’s just got such
a wonderful personality and he makes you feel very at home, he makes you feel like family and that’s very very important when
you’re dealing with somebody he simply doesn’t tell you something if it’s
not right, you know he doesn’t lead you down the garden path. In the appraisal process I have to prove that this house is worth
the $239,000 and you know we work when we’re looking
at Compton style maybe a little bit lower some a little nervous on that
situation I do things a little differently, all
marketing, all photos, all web sites virtual tours everything
has to be ready to go before I’ll put this on the market because there’s no sense in issuing this
out and using buyers over just not having photos and stuff. I didn’t study for real estate, I actually studied interior design architecture. What I’ll do is I will pickup a blow up mattress and I’ll take a
double blow up air mattress and another queen size mattress and put it on the double air mattress. This is what we do, We lay down on the floor put my head against the wall and I tell them, that’s your mattress. this is a little nineteen fifties
retro chair, okay and I have a little black retro futon I had a house that was
decked out totally modern but it was a townhouse
one-bedroom and I knew my buyer was an older couple probably that wanted to use
it as a vacation home in just use it for us to still stop by
place. Well the problem is is it’s all new and contemporary and that
doesn’t speak to them, so I thought what do I do with this? I want to speak to
people. The college students who needs one
bedroom or the senior couple who wants to use it as a vacation home in the
winter here I just made the house the whole you and
guess what house it wasn’t older couple buying it for a
college student they fell in love with it and they bought it because he fell in love with it, they all fell in love with the house. decoration and house, so this is why this stuff is here they will let me know when we get recordation at the court house and then they’ll tell me when that happens and you’ll get your keys and then you get to move, good yeah. we went looking at houses on a Sunday and had a blast I’ve gone looking for houses before it can be a lengthy frustrating process and that wasn’t the case, so he had a lot to do with it. It’s almost sad that it’s over so quick he’s fun to hang out, it’s another miracle (laughing) and I’m gonna hit done and its gonna have the whole house floor plan for you this to be a great for you guys to go buy furniture we called him just to kinda talk about houses and in less than a week we’re looking at houses and put an offer in that same weekend, this whole thing came together 30-45 days its just a whole lot faster than expected which was awesome. Questions about real estate, call Tony Ray Baker at (520) 631-TONY (8669) or visit


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