Tom Anderson: Austin Deaf Realtor
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Tom Anderson: Austin Deaf Realtor

Tom: Hello! I’m Tom Anderson. I’m a Deaf realtor here in Austin. I have a customer waiting for me in the lobby. Come on! Hello! Woman: Hello Tom: Kristen? Kristen: Yes. Contact me by text, email, VP. Have you met with a lender to get approval for a mortgage? Kristen: No, I haven’t. I will show you three homes today. Downtown, Circle C, and Buda. Condo, Southwest, Buda. I’m with Keller Williams Realty. Have a good day. Tom: Downtown. Before there were two or three tall buildings but now, five years later, it’s over 15. Austin is one of the fastest-growing downtowns in the southern U.S. 709. Beautiful. I’d love to live downtown. If you want to live downtown, this is what you get for $420,000. One bedroom, one bathroom, the rest of this, 1,200 sq feet. This condo was built in 1949, but was recently updated. Now the next home we’re going to is in Circle C. Ten minutes away. Big difference from here and downtown. No trees and now you see trees everywhere, it’s green, the house is bigger. Private backyard, your dog can walk here. $420,000. Nice home, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two-car garage, 2,600 sq. feet. The next house I’ll show you is in Buda. It’s 10 minutes further out. 3,600 sq. feet, three-car garage, five bedrooms, four bathrooms. Master bedroom. Three leveled closet. In downtown, 15-20 minutes from downtown, and 30 minutes from downtown. Big difference, it’s a night and day difference. For the same price, approximately. How do you feel about your viewings today? Did you get a better idea of what Austin looks like? Kristen: From that experience, I think I would like the third one. Tom: Excellent choice, I agree with you. There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s up to the person, what you need and what you want. Do you know that finding a home — that is only 1/3 of my job? 2/3 of it is the back end. Helping them find a home inspection, doing the negotiations, loan approval. Many Deaf customers of mine feel, when they compare it with working with a hearing realtor, and working with me, they feel like…. Night and day. Black/white to color and 3-D. With ASL, it’s an information overload. Because showing a house, anyone can show you a house but to follow through, to get to a successful closing and to move in a happy and satisfied customer, that’s my “2/3 challenge” of every day.


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