TNT Land – AVM Shorts Episode 12
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TNT Land – AVM Shorts Episode 12

SC: What is this place? SC: Oh hi bunny. Bunny: Hi! SC: YOU CAN TALK?? O_O SC: Do you know where my friends are? Bunny: Yeah! Yeah! Follow me. (bunny hopping) SC: Here? SC: There? You say? Bunny: Yes. SC: It seems slightly unpleasant. SC: Whoa! This house is huge. SC: You live here? Bunny: I bet you’re hungry. Lets eat! Bunny: Take a seat. SC: Woah, Blue would love this! Bunny: Here you go! SC: Yay! *Le omnomnomnom* SC: Mmm tasty. *Le omnomage continues* Bunny: Here, I’ll get that for you SC: Thanks man!! 😀 Bunny: (hehehehe… another victim) SC: huh? Bunny: Dang it! Bunny: Surprise!! SC: CAKE!!! Bunny: Here you go, new friend! Bunny and SC: Cheers! *Le omnomnomage continues* *silent cold and misery* Blue: The rain stopped. Green: What about below? (monsters burn up) Green: You know what? Let’s finish this! Everyone else: YEAH (BABY)!!! *Omnomnomnomnomnomage continues* Bunny: (This should trap him…) SC: Done! Rabbit: (Oh no!!!) SC: *scratches head* SC: Whoa! SC: What? SC: Huh? Bunny: TAKE THAT! *Round 1: Fight* (get over here) SC: Dude?! What even is this?? Rabbit: Your DOOM Bunny: GOT IT! SC: $#%7! Bunny: Drag him down to hell, boys! SC: Gotta get this chandelier down… SC: Take THAT AND THIS AND THAT! Jeffery: We’re not finished! SC: My sword! Jeffery: (What you’re gonna do now…) SC: Argh! SC: Damn these creatures! SC: Die! SC: Gotta get out of here… Bunny: Look around! SC: Holy crap! SC: How can I get to the portal (before this place explodes)! SC: Oh no, no, no! SC: Don’t do it! Bunny: I’m doing it! SC: If you do it, we all die! Bunny: Then rot in hell! *slow mo* *Que Dramatic Music (Ave Maria)* SC: OUT OF MY WAY!!! Bunny: Oh no you don’t!! SC: I got an idea! SC: FETCH YOU DIRTY CANNIBAL SC: Go! SC: Almost there….. BOOM! (Rip weird rabbit land 0:00 – 4:25) Green: Take that! Yellow: Almost done! Blue: Get back in! All: YEAH! Red: WOOOOOOOOOO! Red: *Dancing* -Yellow: Look!
-Blue and Green: What? Red: *Stops Dancing* Holy… Red: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Green: NO! Green: Red fell! Blue: No way… *cries* (I ship it) *SPLOOSH* Green: Look down! Red: Hey guys!!! Red: I’m still alive! (Captioner Cyka lasg:Its a miracle!!) Yellow: So what now? Green: CANNONBALL! Blue: Let’s dive! Yellow: WOOOOOOO! to be continued 👌 Beatbox time Alan is too lazy to talk… Alan: Hey guys! Remember this epic shirt? Alan: TADAAAAAAAAAA!!! 😀 *This was supposed to arrive in the mail three days ago, so much for expedited shipping. So here’s the virtual version instead! Alan: And that’s not all!! 😀 *Clearly having too much fun with the outro* Alan: You want a shirt? Alan: Use the magically appearing code for a discount! Alan: Limited time offer! Green: Dude you gotta teach me how to beatbox like that… Yellow: Hey, percussion’s my thing! Blue: Actually it was mine first.. Red: Well now it’s Alan’s deal with it Green:… I still haven’t forgiven you for almost dying on us Red…


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