Title Company For Real Estate
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Title Company For Real Estate


  • lara Acct

    Thanks for this informative video, we needed it. it really answered the questions we had regarding closing & title company

  • shawn arthur

    watching fox news and hear your voice look up and it's you…. I had no clue you was on there lol , congratulations

  • Isaias Sossa

    Hi I want to buy a property in Dallas, Tx for 35,000.00 I am from California, how do I find a title company that could help me? Also when buying cash how much does the realtor charges for those type of transactions?

  • Mjf5049_

    Thanks for all the videos. I have my first 3/1 SFR under contract and thanks to your advice, I’m confident about it! I’m ready for the rehab!

  • Vittorio IMB

    Hello Clayton… How can I find any off market property. Should I contact any local title company or should I get in touch with the county…?
    Thanks for your video, very helpful.

  • roc31539

    In Florida I have had better luck with a Title company . The Title company was cheaper, faster, easier to get someone on the phone to answer a question, and last minute closing changes did not put them into a tail spin, nor charging for document changes. Over all much more accommodating in regards to contract dates.


    Hello Clay! Im ready to buy my 2nd property, from a owner in Indiana who isn't asking for interest …Im going to go threw a title company like you said here..I have 2 questions!

    1) the r.o.i will be around 20%
    &Im dealing with a private Lender…How much interest should I give the lender on 15k?

    2) do I need a separate Contract with the seller,OR is the Title Company going to cover that?

    3)Bonus?…Do I need a Contract for renters coming in, or will the Property Manager handle that?

    Thank You! Your Videos give me the Confidence to Keep at it!!!!

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