Tips When Firing Your Realtor, Take A Tip Tuesday

(phone ringing) – You’re firing me? – It’s Take A Tip Tuesday. Do you need to fire
your real estate agent? (organ music) Hi my name is Kristina Smallhorn,
Your Real Estate Whisperer for Ascension Parish, and if
you’re thinking about firing your real estate agent, you
better be aware of these things. (phone ringing) – The number one reason
why most real estate agents get terminated is because
of lack of communication. They don’t pick up their phone, they don’t pick up their emails, and they don’t pick up
their text messages. Before you even start writing
that strongly worded letter, I would go ahead and do this first. Call the broker. That’s the person that the
real estate agent works for. The real estate broker is
gonna help you and champion on your side. They’re gonna find you
another real estate agent in their office that could work for you. – You called my broker? Ew, Greg’s working with you? Good luck with that honey. – If that doesn’t work, you
can always explain to them that you don’t want to
work with them anymore. That you’d like to work
with a different company and you’ve chosen another agent. Most real estate brokers
are pretty understanding and will let you out of any
kind of binding contract. If that’s not the case, you
may just want to wait until that contract expires. – Oh no, honey. You think that you can get away with this, but that house that you saw
that you’re about to write up with somebody else? I already showed you that house, and I’m the procuring cause. – Procuring cause is a real thing. If that real estate agent
actually showed you the house, and you decide to write that
house up with somebody else, you’re still gonna owe that
commission to the broker to the original agent. So be careful on that, if
you want to buy a house and you don’t use the real
estate agent that showed it to you, you may owe her some money. Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that you just can’t get out of. (door slams) – Oh no, nuh uh. You’ve a listing agreement with me. You’re not gonna be able to
get out of it that quickly. – In the state of Louisiana when you sign a listing agreement, there’s
a space that has how many days after the listing is done that
the agent will still get paid if the buyers that had
come through that house are still gonna purchase that house. – Good thing that she
has 90 days ’cause if any of those buyers come through
the house, guess what? I still get paid (laughs). – So you still may owe
that listing agent a fee. So make sure you see where
on that listing agreement, you’re gonna really wanna
check to see how many days they put after the listings expired if they’re considered procuring cause. Look, some relationships
just weren’t meant to last. It happens to the best of us. If you try to communicate
with your real estate agent, and they’re not
communicating back with you, and you’ve reached out to the broker, and they’re not willing to
work with you, it’s best just to let those contracts that
you had with them expire and move onto the next one. – I hope you found these
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