Tips on how to for sale by owner (FSBO) on Zillow
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Tips on how to for sale by owner (FSBO) on Zillow

Hi, Michael Dzurenko here with Skyline Properties
in Bellevue. I was invited to attend a zillow summit for
premier brokers in the greater seattle area, that happens to be today, and is located at
the Meydenbauer Center. The CEO of Zillow is supposed to be there
and give a speech and present the latest things they are doing. So, I’m headed there right now and on my way
over there I was thinking about the seller’s market we are currently in, and about people
who ask me: Should I try to sell sell my house by owner (FSBO)? Why should I hire a real estate broker to
sell my house? Should I try to sell it on my own first, and
save that three percent listing commission, or the six percent total commission if they
can dig up the buyer themselves? My response is, absolutely, give it a shot. If you think you can do it and you think you’ve
got what it takes, you might as well give it a try before listing with a real estate
broker. But there are some things to take into consideration. So, one of the things you want to remember
if you are doing a for sale by owner (FSBO) and utilize zillow to do that, it is a great
tool, as well as Craigslist and some others – is always make sure you invest in your photography. Real Estate Brokers, the good ones, always
invest in professional photography. So that is something for you to consider. If you are not privy to taking quality photographs,
then it’s a good idea to do what a professional would do and hire a photographer. You also want to make sure that your data
is accurate about your home that is being inputted into zillow or craigslist, because
all the searches people will be doing on those sites will be utilized to call and pull up
your listing and the data you input into the system will be called and triggered based
upon how people are searching. So that is another thing you want to remember. Watch out for tire kickers! There is a lot of buyers out there that look
and target for sale by owners (FSBO) and they will try and wear you down by calling and
asking you all these questions, but all they are trying to do is get a super good deal
on your house because you don’t have anyone representing you. You have to be willing to say no to people
who are continually wanting to come back. They may be interested, but use discernment,
be smart and don’t let people mess with you too much if it seems like they are just trying
to wear you down to get a better deal on your house. Another thing to watch out for is “Preview
Brokers”. There are a lot of Broker’s out there that
will prospect for sale by owners (FSBO’s) once you make it public or live that you are
trying to for sale by owner (FSBO), once you put up a sign in your yard or an ad in Craigslist
under the guise “Hey, can I come by and preview your home”, I may have a buyer for you…or
whatever. They probably don’t, and they are really just
trying to list your house, so it is a good idea to just say no to them. If they do say that they have a client it
is good to vet it and ask them and say “Hey, send me a pre-approval letter for your buyer
and I will be more than happy to come let you take a look at the house and open it up”. Also, you want to make sure that you are willing
to work with a buyer’s broker, and state that if you are, because it is true that most of
buyer’s are working with a broker. Why? Because buyer’s typically don’t pay a commission
to a broker, that comes all out of the seller’s net proceeds. Most buyers want to be represented for legal
purposes, and they work with brokers and agents, so you want to make sure that you are clear
in communicating that you are willing to work with buyers brokers. One of things too, is the form 17. Please, Please, Please make sure that you
accurately fill out a form 17, that is a disclosure statement for a seller. Disclose everything about the property to
the best of your ability. If you need to, and you’re not comfortable
with doing this on your own, which most people aren’t. Hire a real estate attorney or somebody to
look over it for you, because everyday people walk into a building off Third and James in
the King County Courthouse and somebody walks out a winner, and somebody walks out a loser,
based upon lawsuits having to do with real estate transactions, which is another huge
reason to be represented by a real estate broker, but there are ways around that, like
hiring an attorney to review that for you and make sure that you filled out everything
accurately and appropriately, because it is a big part of your real estate transaction
in the state of Washington. If you would like a copy of a form 17 feel
free to email me at: [email protected] that’s [email protected] or give
me a call or shoot me a text and I would be more than happy to send you a copy of it. Hope that helps. If you have any comments or you disagree with
this approach or doing a for sale by owner (FSBO) please feel free to comment below,
and thanks so much for watching.


  • The Dollie Dungeon

    Aloha, Michael! Thank you for sharing the For Sale By Owner tips! We're thinking of going this route even though it was not our first choice because we're having a challenging time finding an agent to work with. Out of three agents we've called, one came out and looked, but then said she was in the middle of changing brokers and asked if we could call her back in a couple of months; one did not call back after saying she would do so,;and one rescheduled at the last minute and then didn't show up for the second appointment. I think I'll look through your other posted videos to see if you have any tips on finding the right agent as a seller. If we were in Washington state we'd definitely give you a call; you seem to be fair and realistic in your representation of the real estate selling/buying process. Again, thanks for the Zillow and FSBO tips! (I'll post again if we're successful in selling – and if we are, we're looking to relocate in the northwest, so maybe you'll hear from us!)

  • Natchez Glen House

    Michael we are selling our home with a realtor and have been very disappointed. Would you say having only two showings in 5 weeks would be less than normal? You can see a video of our home at our YouTube channel thanks.

  • Flat Fee MLS Listings

    Nice video Michael! I would add that while Zillow is a nice place to start, buyers have many similar options for their home searches. It may be worth considering a syndicating option such as the MLS to be sure that buyers find your property, no matter what site they are searching on.

    And yes – beware of the tire-kickers and real estate sharks!

  • madtownkit

    Nice Video Michael. You're a helpful coach. Best of luck to you. Would love to see more of your videos. We're having our 1st open house tomorrow. Thanks for your help, Kitty in Monona, WI on the water.

  • seth bridges

    So if you are selling FSBO and somebody with an agent wants to buy it do those people with the agent pay the agent's fee or does the FSBO seller?

  • Deborah Asplen

    Thanks for being so honest. I would use you as my realtor if I lived in Washington simply because of this video and your apparent willingness to help the public.

  • Charles Stanley

    Interesting information regarding FSBO. Would appreciate a copy of Form 17 that you mentioned on the YOU TUBE Video.
    C Stanley

  • Kellan - Real Estate / Financial Independence

    Great tips, Jeff! Having a realtor who is on top of things like this makes life 10x easier as an investor or home-buyer.

  • jan lascko

    Zillow is all about Real Estate Agents. My home is listed FSBO on Zillow, and the scam is that RE agents are LISTED FIRST for contact points. By rights the OWNER should be listed first! When I spoke to Zillow, this is what they told me: RE Agents pay a fee to APPEAR like they are the listing agent. It's a bait-and-switch technique. I asked the Z rep if I can pay a fee to REMOVE agents from my FSBO listing and I was told no. I told them I would gladly pay a fee (like you do with to be exclusive. I have done my homework, my research and this "scam" Zillow does for their FSBO's is terrible. We become victims to this bait-and-switch.

  • 163 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Fail

    Thank you for taking a position of leadership in the real estate industry Michael. I wish you great success in 2018.

  • Joy Medina

    This was very helpful! Since we've listed our home on zillow we have been bombarded with calls from realtors wanting to come by "with a potential buyer" and now we'll know what to say to them. Thanks!

  • Mollie Payne

    Really appreciate your honesty here. So many agents are just ready to say it's a bad idea to do a FSBO. Very good advice you are giving here, instead of the standard, "You need an agent."

  • sneha sree

    Hello, your video is very helpful and learn some information thanks for your posting this video and what is your opinion on this website : can give me your suggestions and ideas.

  • Minarose

    Get your real estate license and SELL YOUR OWN HOME! Real estate agents are fucking criminals it's ROBBERY
    specially if you live in the Bay Area or California

  • Sonia Ahmed

    (((((Before you list your house true Zillow do your self a favor please check in google the complain they have you will be amaze ))))))

  • Sandy Hankins

    It was very nice and to the point. All I got was 6 months of tire kickers. So I upgraded the bathrooms with granite and going FSBO.

  • miriam Russo

    I was on FSBO for 4 days and no show or calls from buyers.
    I did not offer anything for a real estate agent because I have always sold my properties by owner. have a free site on Zillow where you are the only one as a seller.
    FSBO did not list me on their contact list at all!!!
    FSBO is only for realtors to put a stop to the sale of your real estate.
    See,why do I need to be contacted through FSBO?
    For the simple reason that they use my time ,money and home for their realtor games.
    Accidentally, the second day in with FSBO a site opens up with Zillow stating that within less than 24 hours I had 124 views and bunch of these people saved the page…… no buyers ,no calls….
    I have sold properties before and had multiple buyers coming through to see them.
    Facts about FSBO;
    They will regulate your sale.
    You will not get any" traffic" to your property unless you are willing to pay for a commission 3% or more.
    You do not see what they write about your property on line…only realtors can Isee that.
    Now,I was looking for a property with a realtor once but he didn't want to show it because the owner was to be " difficult"….no commission?

  • Mel Llaguno

    Lots of in's and out's with the FSBO process, but that doesn't mean as a buyer or a seller you can't navigate the process. Checkout out our guides:

    Also a quick run down of why Zillow may working against buyers and sellers in the FSBO market:

  • Paul best

    Z is slick,,FSBO has 4 spots, spot 1,2,3 are agents, last 4th is the owner's infor/lead,,so if someone clicks YES I want info blhablah blah,,the LEAD will automatically go to agent in spot 1,,,there are very light blue circles next to each agent,,if the lead FAILS TO CLICK THE Owners box,,the owner will have no idea the lead actually wanted to get in touch with him, instead the lead goes to agent 1. I found this out fromanother YTer real estate agent video. I would say 99% have no idea about this circle and how it works Z is very slick

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