Tips and Advice Every New Real Estate Agent Needs to Know | #TomFerryShow
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Tips and Advice Every New Real Estate Agent Needs to Know | #TomFerryShow

– If you’re under five
years in the business, you wanna a learn how these
two did 122 transactions the first 3 years in the business? Watch the show. (rock music) Hey, welcome to the Tom Ferry Show. Today I’m speaking directly to agents that are less than 5
years in the business, who have the desire to become exceptional. So, if you’re watching this right now and your desire is to take
your business from two or five or seven transactions, and
get to 87 transactions, 66 transactions, did I say that right? This is what the show is all about. So, let’s just start by
just some introductions. Tell ’em who you are, where you’re from, how many homes that they now know, and how long in the business. – Anne Schreiber , Schreiber
Team from San Diego, California north county
and Last year we sold 63. This year, we’re on target for 100. – Congratulations. Six years in the business? – Yes. – Unbelievable. – Jeremy. – Awesome. Jeremy Cady I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I have a team in Atlanta, and I have an expansion team
in Jacksonville, Florida. We are completing our fourth year, and we’re on track to do
120 transactions this year, and are smiling and having fun. – Alright, so now, as you’re watching this I don’t want you to get overwhelmed. I asked these two,
specifically, to be apart of this show to talk about the tactics. So, whether you’re watching, you could be 20 years in the business and looking for a little reset. Or, you’re just coming
into the real estate industry you’re four or five years in. How do we really do it right? So I want to just start
with if you were starting over today knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently. Either one of you. – I think for me I hired a coach very quickly when we got into the process which I believe was probably one of the greatest decisions that I made. I didn’t even know the magnitude of the decision at that point. But looking back, I would
have stayed very consistent. – Consistent with what? – My coach and I, we really came up with, basically, pillars and business plans of where our leads were gonna come from. But when and I think a new agent can probably relate to this, when you don’t see results
in 90 days you run this way, and then you try to run this way. – I tried this and I tried that, – Absolutely.
– And I tried this. – So, to answer that question, looking back, I would have
stayed extremely consistent for a minimum of nine
months, maybe a year. On levers that we said,
whether you’re buying leads, whether it’s for sale by owners, whether it’s expiress. Whatever you’re getting your
business from in the plan, – Your past clients, open houses.
– Stay consistent. – Knocking on doors. Yeah, I don’t care if you freaking out. Stay consistent, because it’ll work. – This show could stop right there if everyone just did that. Think about it, in the
number of people I talked to, I tried this and it didn’t work. I knocked on doors once. I tried an open house no one showed up. Oh no you’ve gotta do it
30, 40, 50, 60, 80 times. – Instant gratification society. – And then you start to get some data. So Anne what would you say? Looking back six years ago
which was like yesterday. – Well I did the same I
joined coaching really quickly which had a profound
impact mostly financially. ‘Cause we didn’t have any money. We had no money when. – Okay speak to that. – Well it’s really a
super expensive business and if you have no money you
have to be very creative. So at my first summit when I was there and you still do this
and it still matters. You were like here’s your
first commission check. This amount goes here,
this amount goes here, this amount goes there. – You’ve seen this on the Tom Ferry Show. – And when you have savings
and you manage your money correctly you can make
different business decisions. You don’t have commission breath, you’re not panicked it
like drives so many things when you have money in the bank. You can make better decisions than huh! I have to close this deal, so that and also organizing your database I would have gotten an
accountant a lot sooner. I would have had a bank
account a lot sooner, I would have had a credit card a lot sooner all for the business. – Like business accounts. – Yes. – Yes. – That would have separated it. I didn’t separate it from
all my business stuff for about 18 months
and that was a mistake. – Let me intervene on
both of you really fast. I think the vast majority of people that get into real estate business think they’re getting into selling houses. – Yes.
– Yes. – As if it was like I sell cell phones and I sell houses, right? People that sell cellphones
aren’t running a business. They’re a sales person, you walk in and you say I want that phone. – Punch in punch out. – Talk about starting a business. Like share with them what
does it mean to business. What should they be focusing
on if they’re watching this if they’re not
incorporated as an example. What should they do? – Well you have to have a business plan which I was lucky enough to
have both you and my sales manager ask me to do and
when you’re an entrepreneur you look at the world differently. You wake up and you know
you’re unemployed everyday and you have to go find business. That is very different
than I’m gonna go sell. So I don’t know if that helps but. – Yes so starting with the business plan which you got hit kinda
two different ways. And you’re an entrepreneur, if
you don’t kill you don’t eat. So running a business,
starting from the beginning. – I think one of the
biggest things that happen to me is I was introduced
to the network of people and one of my favorite sayings says, if you sit with winners
the conversation different. And so from the very
beginning I very intentionally sought out the help of
people that had been in the business 15 years,
had reinvented themselves. Fallen, gone down or
whatever and I just gleaned knowledge and said how do you do this. How do you do that and how do you do this. And in this space, I
mean real estate agents we all like to share, we like to talk. We like to go back and forth and the value of that allowed me to
basically wrap my head around that my business is not a hobby. This is not a hobby, I mean
yeah I can go sell houses. You can go sell three or
four houses and five houses, that can be a hobby, that’s a cool hobby. But if you actually want a business, you actually want
something you can transfer to your family or change your family tree or have something you
feel passionate about. It’s gonna have to be business, so what is a business, it
takes time, it takes a plan. But I believe mentors are
huge and it changed my world. – Having the exposure right. – And anyone, any new
agent could literally plug into any eco system, yours mainly. And just say hey, you’ve sold
372 houses can I just come buy you coffee for two hours
and I’ll wash your car. Tell me how you did it. – But what if they say no? – Then go pick the next one. – Thank you very much. – ‘Cause we all share. – Right ’cause so many of
us we get stuck in the no and I’m like well that’s
what’s gonna kill you in every area of your business. If you get the no and you stop. – Why wait five years to make a mistake. – Exactly, exactly. – Learn from the beginning. – Mindset, accountability, all that stuff is just gigantic being a business owner. And you have to talk with
other business owners and study success and
fill your mind, right. With all of how to handle no. – So let’s talk about a daily schedule. Let’s get really granule, so
it’s year one in real estate. And how many homes did you sell year one? – 61. – Okay so 61 and we kinda talk about it, I know it drives you nuts, I know. Now you gotta remember
– It was crazy. – He also came from running a business and he was used to a certain lifestyle which we can talk about in a minute. – That’s correct. – So Anne how many homes
did you sell year one? – Five. – Five, this is perfect, right perfect. – It is. – How did do in year two? – 15. – 15 I think that would be called three x. What did you do the next year? – 36. – Hello that’s called exponential growth. – There it is that’s the growth. – so let’s talk about
maybe at 15 transactions and 36 transactions what
did your schedule look like and what did your schedule
look like year one? Let’s go ladies first, can
you process that real quick? – Year one, I don’t think year one is anything we would want to replicate. – No, so let’s talk about. Yeah let’s talk about what we
did in 15 transactions and 36? – Yeah well I mean you have a schedule, you’re running a business,
you show up, you get up. I am an athlete so I get up, I exercise. I fill my mind with something positive, even if it’s just
reading for five minutes. Write everything I’m grateful for, send it to my real estate coach. And just that act alone,
honestly like I can track on the dates on my gratitude journal when I’m not doing it and
what happens with my business. So that’s a huge thing for
me and then showing up, prospecting for an hour,
doing all of the things that drives business to you first. – Okay you just talked about, morning routine and prospecting. – She did it all. – Yeah I mean if everyone
watching just shut it off and just said I’m gonna do
that for the rest of my life. They would retire from real
estate, they would be just fine. So break it down for me, who were you prospecting? – My sphere initially
because that’s all I had. ‘Cause I didn’t have past clients or they had just bought their house. – All five of them. – Yeah all five of them, so
database also Facebook groups. I was running a smaller business but I was really influential
inside Facebook groups and that really helped me,
so social media was huge. Just being of service, servants heart. – So talk to us about what
you said to people in year two and year three, I mean in your sphere. Right and you call me, we have contacts, kids, life, whatever, you’re
an athlete, I’m an athlete. Ring, ring, ring, hello? – Hey Tom, how are you doing? – Is this Anne ? – This is Anne Schreiber. – Oh my god Anne , how are you? – I’m great, how are you? – I’m doing outstanding, what’s going on? – Well I don’t know if
you’ve been seeing online. I know we’re friends on Facebook
and I’ve made a big change for my family and I started
a real estate company. And we’re selling real estate now, I just wanted to be sure
you were aware of that. – Congratulations! – Thank you very much. – Okay so I gotta be honest, is everyone in San Diego
now in real estate? – Well it wasn’t then but maybe. But you know me, we’ve had
a good history together. You know that everything I go after I go after with a 1000% and I just want to be your trusted advisor in real estate. I’ve invested a lot of
time, energy and money and coached by one of
the top coaching company in the world for real estate. – Such a powerful note there. – And I’m exposed to
all kinds of information that could be of great use to you whether you want to refinance your home, or you’re looking into
what you wAnne a renovate. I meet and see clients every single day and if you’re thinking about
doing a kitchen remodel you wAnne a talk to a real
estate agent before you do that. – I gotta stop, if you’re
watching this right now. If that was in year two and
she’s coming out of the gate. You can hear her passion,
you can hear her confidence. And obviously you’ve been doing this now for an illustrious six
years but when you say those kinds of things it fires up
the person on the other end. What was some of the
objections you got early? – Okay thanks. – Yeah, ’cause they don’t know you, right because they don’t
have a need at this time. They’re not rejecting you they just don’t need your service at this time. How did that “rejection” make you feel? – Well then I felt very rejected and I felt it was personal
and my coach would say to me, “What are you hallucinating now Anne ?” And now I know, now you
know I have a lot to offer. I am going inside homes every single day. – I like that passion! – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I help people make
decisions every single day. You can make a really
big, wrong expensive turn. – Yes. – In a lot of different things. Whether you’re buying
a new home construction without the consults
of a real estate agent. Doing upgrades, whatever
you’re doing, getting a loan. And it would be really unwise not to speak with someone that’s in
that industry everyday. If I wanted to go learn how to rock climb, I wouldn’t try to go do it on my own. – Yeah you’re not gonna cut your own hair. – No. – So I think again if you’re
watching this right now, both Jeremy and I are sitting here and we’re going yeah, right. – That’s good energy absolutely. – See when you’re new to the business, if you come across like
a new agent, it’s okay. You just won’t be an agent for long. Right, you have to have a
swagger, a bravado, a confidence. – You know how to say it. – 61 transactions what did
your schedule look like? – Schedule definitely
have a morning routine. That’s probably very cliche sounding. – It is but it’s okay, so for the ones that don’t understand
it, what does it mean? I believe if you win the
morning you win the day. And I didn’t know that at the beginning but I absolutely mathematically
saw that play out. That if I won the morning, if I had a morning routine. I mean I don’t think a morning routine has to be specific to anybody. – [Tom] No. – I mean some people like to read, some people like to jump up and down, some people like to swim
but your intentionally saying I’m gonna win the morning. And you’re intentionally
saying I’m not gonna do morning appointments and I’m not gonna be a desperate real estate agent. I’m gonna control my life and
I’m gonna control my schedule. But one thing my coach
said in the beginning which is really interesting and I probably thought about this more than any. Is we sat down and he said, “Design the business based
upon what you’re best at.” And so yeah new agents watching this there’s a plethora of
different kinds of people that are going to enter this space. And so yeah we sold 61
houses our first year but that was a very calculated plan. Like we really knew how to get there. – You knew who you were going after, what you had to say, what you had to send. – And then golden thing and
I think anyone watching this, when you design your business plan and you say this is what I’m gonna do, this is how long it’s
gonna take to get there. What changed my business
is I knew my daily number. It completely changed my business. So what’s a daily number,
I knew that a certain conversation would lead to a contract, I know a certain contract would
lead to a certain closing. And mathematically
would repeat to my goal. And that’s really simple
totally mathematical. – Totally basic, that’s a business plan. – Yeah so you drill back
to your daily number and I don’t care if you’re
one day in the business or a hundred years in the business. I think that principle remains of knowing that number because then it’s just math. – We have clients today that,
I was just with Tom Toole. Every 17 conversations I have a closing and you go to the person next to him every 63 conversation I get a closing. So we know the business is math and you can watch previous Tom Ferry shows to get the exact formula. You made very calculated
decisions in terms of who you were going to go after. – Absolutely. – Anne was calling her sphere and working those relationships what did you do? – When we set up the business plan, in order to do the amount I wanted to do we knew we had to at
least have four pillar. We’d have four income sources. So we picked expires, we
picked for sale by owner, open houses and I didn’t have sphere which was really weird because
I was in a brand new market. So I was going cold turkey which arguably I think taught me a
really interesting skill of being able to have some
really ugly rejections. – Yes. – But knowing. – Yeah think about no sphere. – Yeah no sphere but
knowing that we needed at least four pillars and
so take that understanding and then compare it to someone
that gets in the business and just wets the finger and
say I’m gonna sell a house. Take that scenario which
is that, that’s two worlds. – 100% – And that’s like two trajectories. – Okay so let’s talk, so
you had very specific. I mean you demonstrated your skills. It’s clear if you’re gonna go expiress and for sale by owners and open houses as an example. Those are very specific skills, how do the two of you develop the skill and then I wAnne a talk
specifically about the listing presentation as well but skill. How did you develop these skills? – Role playing. – Practice and role playing. – But no one likes to do that. I got into real estate
because I want freedom. – That’s a recorded people. – You have to role play. – Yeah. – You have too. – I don’t have to role play, talk to them. – What happens is you
practice on your customers. – Bingo. – That’s what happens is
you role play on the people that you so desperately
need a transaction from. You role play on them so back off that. – [Tom] That’s expensive. – It’s the worst that you can do. Role play with people
that are willing to say, hey that was a terrible,
you said that terrible. ‘Cause what does pipe say
96% or 94% is how you say it. – The way you move your body – What’s your energy?
– And your tonality. Versus the word seven percent. – Correct so drilling that back down that’s a business plan and
that’s a key piece of it. – So how much starting at the beginning, how much did, they can
download scripts from my site from a myriad of just
go to Google and type real estate scripts something
will show up, I don’t care. How much time did you spend practicing? How much time did you spend practicing in the beginning and maybe today? – I didn’t spend as much
time as I should have in the beginning and I still don’t. If I’m gonna be 100% honest
and just listening to him and I wasn’t as strategic,
I had little kids, I didn’t have any money,
I mean there was a lot of other barriers but I
could have sold a lot more. And I still could sell a lot
more if I spent more time on that and it is
totally my cross to bear. I’ll be just a hundred percent honest, but I do listen when I hear people. Where I’m like ugh, it’s
like a verbal ninja move, then I record it and I listen to it. I’m just somebody if I had an outline, you have to have your
objections and then your train of thought basically that’s
gonna split off of that. So if it’s this objection, this objection, this objection or this objection. How am I gonna handle it based on the personality in front of me. – Bingo. That sounds pretty calculated. – Well it is but I’m like 10% in honestly. I’m upping my game this year. – Okay this was made public
on The Tom Ferry Show, so here we go. So role playing and listen
we live in a world today where the vast majority of
people are going to relate to what you just said. And they’re gonna look at
Jeremy and go ah, ah, ah, right. But here’s the thing right, so they both got there,
one got there in year one. One got there in year five, right. – Yeah. – And skills matter, right. What you say matters, confidence matters. You have so much natural
bravado and charisma and likability, right,
he and I just lack that. So you’re gonna win in that game, right we have to work on this. – She sold six houses in San Diego now, right, I think it’s working. – Yeah I think that they would both like to switch average sales, well maybe you don’t want to
switch to his sales price. – Talk about the listening presentation ’cause the vast majority of
agents they’re told this myth. Let buyers finance your
listing learning curve. And they think they can go out with buyers and not with these skills
and most of them think taking a listing is kinda scary. What would be some hacks or tricks or tips that you would recommend to our listeners for them to up their listing presentation? Whether it’s what shows
up before they get there? What they do while they’re there? What they leave behind? What have you found, ’cause
let’s assume they all have one. But what are some things that you’ve done that have made it special
and unique so you win more? – Well it’s hard when you first starting, but once you have listings,
if you’re doing your job right some personality types really like data. So I pull my list to sell ratio, I pull my cancellations
and expires compared to other people and that’s
really all that’s gonna speak to one personality type. So one of the coaches I
had would say you have your magic bag of things that you
pull out for whatever you need. – Felix the cat, remember Felix the cat. Some of you have to Google that. – We like Felix. – Right, yeah the bag of tricks. – The bag of tricks. – So for the high analytical
you’re bringing data. – Yeah it’s all about
knowing the person sitting in front of you and what kinds
of questions they’re asking and what they’re personality
type is in trying to present in a manner that is
reflective of those eyeballs. Which is really hard when you first start. So I think it’s mostly about
asking the right questions. That’s how I got off to a good start I think ’cause I asked a lot of questions and then I would repeat their answers. So Mr. Seller, Mr. Ferry you’ve mentioned that you want to be gone and. – She goes right into the role play. – You mentioned that you
want to sell your home for the most amount of money
in the shortest amount of time without any hassles and
I want to give you all three of those but if
you have to prioritize them how might you do that? – I deal with some hassles if I got the most amount of money. – Okay and that tells you
right away like how you’re gonna prioritize what you’re
gonna give back to them. – Yes and also maybe pricing,
pricing options, right. Are we gonna create a bidding war or are we gonna put it at the highest possible price and hope and pray. So I like that personality
types is super big. Is their anything else
that you show or deliver at an appointment that
you’re just like oh that’s what’s getting them right now. I don’t mean getting them in a bad, I mean that’s what gets
people excited, right. Jeremy you go and them come
back, what about yourself? – Can we talk about the
failure ratio in real estate? – Sure, please. – Is that a bad thing to talk
about on the Tom Ferry show? – I talk about it all the time. – So as a new agent,
what they say 87% fail in the first five years
and for me I believe the reason for that but what
I saw was real estate agents think they’re gonna show
houses in their nice cars but they forget that they’re sales people. – Yes. – And if you’re not a sales person and don’t hone your skills and
actually have a sales process not a, I don’t wAnne a talk about cars. But you can’t be cheese
but you are a sales person. You have to sell a product,
whether you’re selling you, you’re selling your past sales. You’re selling your
family, what you’ve done in the community, you’re selling. And so I knew that going in the business and so how I did it is I
found a listening presentation that I liked from an
agent in Texas I believe. And I had my coach call the
agent and say how much money you’re going to have to
pay you to give me the Adobe PDF version and he
said just email to me. And I clicked and changed
my logo and put my pictures in and three days later I
had a listening presentation. – We call that R and D,
Rip-off and Duplicate. – But it didn’t cost me a dime but the cool thing was
is I actually had a now 24 page document and I looked pretty swag. And we had not sold a house, I had not sold a single
house but we were going in and saying hey myself,
my team and my brokerage and my city ’cause I had no past sales. I had to add my brokerage in the mix. – Yup of course. – We sold 77 homes. – Key distinction for a brand new agent. – Yeah I mean if you have no past sales, you have to tell the
truth but you can bring your brokerage in and say hey, we have the highest
producing team brokerage. We had 77 closings in March, Mr and Mrs. Seller how
does that make you feel? We’re really doing great
things in your community by the way this is how
we get those results. – And when you list your home with me I’m gonna put the power of
this team to work for you. – Absolutely but if you don’t
have a listing presentation if you haven’t practiced,
if you haven’t role played and you have a little swagger,
you’re selling yourself. And if you don’t learn how to
sell yourself 87% catch you. – Oh yeah. – That’s a huge statistic. – That’s a big number,
it’s 90% failure rate in all small businesses after 10 years. So 87% in real estate is not a shocker especially concerning
most people go in saying well I just like people in houses. Versus wait a minute this is
the person’s most expensive asset, I have a fiduciary
responsibility to be really good. The way you were saying,
there’s a million mistakes you can make along the way
and I want to protect you. You’re a friend I wanna
a take care of you. So any other hacks on
listening presentation. – I don’t know that it’s
like a great catchy hack but I think what you said,
really matters in terms of you saw something
you liked and you knew you could sell that and
so you went to get that. So it doesn’t really matter I don’t think, it’s just having the confidence behind it. My sales manager and my coach
said you’re an information broker, you need to know your
market better than anyone else and when you have
that you’re not as worried. Well the first couple times you are until you’re like wait I
really know this and I know it better than half the
agents I’m talking to. – Yes. – Confidence just goes through the roof. – So then you have passion,
like you can really mess up here, like you need me
and you don’t feel that until you feel it and
so the only way to get that is to go and see a ton of property and have a lot of conversations. And pick whatever you’re gonna like. It doesn’t really matter what it is just as long as you got
passion behind it right. – Right, I’ve seen that a
thousand times with agents, they’re like you know what
it is right now staging. Oh my God I’ve got this
and you see them light up and I’m like staging’s
been around for 20 years. But they just found a stager. – And they sold it. – I have this video app that
absolutely makes your home. – And people disconnect to it. – Exactly, so you gotta find something you’re passionate about selling. And if your presentation
doesn’t get you fired up it’s not gonna get the
clients fired up, right. – That should be a tweet. – Exactly, we need to tweet that. Looking at the social media queen. All right, so any closing thoughts. You know my hope is that a
hundred thousand new agents watch this in the next 35, 40 days. – It’s an awesome industry. – There’s so many people watching this so what’s the one sort of closing thought about what they can do, some motivation, mindset, whatever you want
to share, wish them well. – If he can do it I can do it. I just didn’t decide
to do it the right way but I’m still here and
I have an opportunity to go for next year and if
they can do it you can do it. That really is all it is,
you have to have a big why. I had a huge why you know. – Speak to that. – Well when you don’t have any money and you have to go be your
own miracle for your family you just do period and you need something. You need a reason why you’re doing this and why you’re gonna go
hustle ’cause it is relentless and it does break you down unbelievably. You have to be tough and
resilient and bounce back up really fast and you
have to have people around you, like you that will help you. And that you’re pouring into
your mind every single day and I would also say
fight for your culture. That was a big thing my coach was really, it took me awhile to see that until I let some people off of
the team that didn’t belong. And then I really saw like
this can really oh wow this can really happen, it’s
not just special for them. It’s not just special for them, they just fought for their culture. And that’s kinda further down the line but fight for your own
culture first and then the people you bring into your universe. – And fight for your family right? – Yes exactly. – Closing thoughts? – I think the parting
thought I would have is what a terrible thing it would be in my opinion to have a listening presentation. To put all this energy into it, create a business plans and
then miss I think the most the most important step and
that’s to be extremely genuine. – [Tom] Yeah. – You have to be so genuine with people, if you don’t care about people
and don’t have commission breadth if you’re a new agent. Just put it aside, if you can be genuine all of the other stuff
that you have comes alive. Your listening presentation comes alive, who you are, what you’re doing. If you care about them truly
from the heart you’ll win. – Can’t say it any better than
that, you guys were amazing. Thank you so much for watching, remember always your
strategy matters and now more than ever your passion rules. And if you know someone
that is less than five years in the business forward
this to them immediately. And they will know that you love them. All right see you guys soon. Hey it’s coach Tom Ferry, have you been considering hiring a coach? If so click the link below
and check out what we do. (instrumental music)


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    Step 2: learn
    Step 3: be consistent (9 months)
    Step 5: identify leads
    Step 6: manage your earnings
    Step 7: be genuine

    All out of those steps requires
    #1- business mindset (not a hobby)
    #2- identifying leads
    #3- passion
    #4- control schedule (design your business, control your life)
    #5- confidence
    #6- business plan
    #7- develop your skill by
    * role play (observe good responds from good broker, make a real estate script)
    bag of tricks

    75% fail for the first year, why?
    #1- cheesy lines in listing presentation
    -Refer tips #3
    -Refer tips #7
    -video presentation that you yourself psyched/fired up, good indication that your client might felt the same excitement

    Thats what i can list, if anything left out, do comment down below

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  • Raffaele Tiberio

    Cold Calling is DEAD, people do not want to be annoyed anymore.. do not even open EMAIL.. Best way is bring traffic to your website through proper content and then use Conversational AI for Lead Conversion.. If you want to know more.. email me at [email protected], or chat with our Lead Gen at I am glad to help!

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