Tiny House Hunters: Livin’ Tiny in the Orchard | HGTV
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Tiny House Hunters: Livin’ Tiny in the Orchard | HGTV

the nation, people are going small– really small. With a budget of $100,000, Ben
and Erin have been on the hunt for a tiny home to
build on their orchard in Hood River, Oregon. Their builder Jim has shown
them several custom models, and now it’s decision time. First up is a 400 square
foot home priced at $75,000. That is the house that I
thought felt a little tight. I did not like that you had
to walk through the kitchen or the bathroom to
get to the bedroom, and that was your only option. BEN: Yeah, but it
was a galley kitchen. Well, that’s not
a positive for me. I was impressed with the
full-size appliances. BEN: But I did like
the industrial siding. ERIN: The price tag
was below our budget– definitely affordable. ANNOUNCER: The
next house they saw was the smallest, at just 360
square feet, priced at $60,000. BEN: Obviously that
price point is great. ERIN: Yes. BEN: I think the concept
and the layout of it was really intriguing. When you first walk through
the door, it felt big. ERIN: It did. BEN: But the reality of
it is it’s pretty small. ERIN: The appliances were tiny. And remember, we had to
walk through the bedroom and around the bed to get to
the entrance to the bathroom. And it was very tight. BEN: I did like that
tongue and groove ceiling. ERIN: Oh, that was cool. BEN: So what did you think
about the house on the vineyard, which is 750 square feet? It was $92,000. ERIN: I really liked
the high ceilings. All the windows in
there– that was great. BEN: It’s not a galley kitchen. The cabinets were a little
bit too modern for me. ERIN: This house
had the same problem that we’ve had with
the others, that you have to walk through the
bedroom to get to the bathroom. BEN: I am a little concerned
square footage wise. I’m not certain
that footprint is going to fit on the piece of
property that we’ve picked out. To be honest, I really like
the design of the smaller home. I just think the square
footage is too small. ERIN: I think it’s pretty
obvious that the largest house is the best fit for us. BEN:I absolutely agree. I do think it will
meet all of our needs. I think that we can also talk
to Jim, make a few tweaks, and it will fit perfectly
into our orchard. ERIN: We budgeted
$100,000 for the house. It came in at $108,000. I feel like that’s on budget in
the world of building a house. BEN: Spatially, it’s huge. We have full size appliances,
beautiful countertops. ERIN: It still has the
efficiency of a galley kitchen, but it still feels open and
airy, which is what I wanted. So I think that compromise
turned out really well. I love the modern
touches in this bathroom. In the bedroom, I really like
this built-in closet storage. And then probably the best
feature of this bedroom is this enormous slider. We have so much bright
light coming in here. It’s really great. BEN: Hi, girl. ERIN: Hi, Gracie. I’m really looking forward
to how I can easily clean up the nice hardwood floors. It’s not going to take me
very long, because there’s just not that much floor space. BEN: One of my favorite
aspects about this house is the windows.


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