Throwing a Dart at a Map & BUYING Whatever it Lands on – Challenge
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Throwing a Dart at a Map & BUYING Whatever it Lands on – Challenge

>>[Dad] Wait a minute,
I never agreed to this.>>Mommy did.>>[Dad] are you in on this?>>[Mom] Yes.>>[Dad] So everything you
land on, I have to pay for?>>Yes, yeah. (cymbal crash)>>[Dad] AW!>>[Girls] Yeah Justice!>>There’s never enough stuff from Justice!>>[Dad] Yeah, what’d you
do, buy the whole store?>>How you feeling Daddy?>>[Dad] Uh, broke!>>Oh, okay, well Lush here I come. (cymbal crash)>>[Dad] Ah no! (cymbal crash)>>[Dad] Ah no! (girls cheer wildly)>>[Dad] Please hit the wall.>>No, Universal Studios.>>[Dad] No it ain’t gonna happen.>>Might (girls whoop and scream) (upbeat synth music)>>Hi guys it’s me Emily>>And Evelyn>>From TwoSistersToyStyle,
and today we have a new challenge for our parents and that is the dart challenge>>Yeah>>[Dad] What?>>Yeah>>The dart challenge>>Yeah>>[Dad] What’s the dart challenge?>>Okay I’m gonna explain
so basically we have>>[Dad] Wait a minute,
I never agreed to this!>>Mommy did!>>[Dad] Are you in on this?>>[Mom] Yes (surprise spring)>>[Dad] Well thanks for
ganging up on me guys>>[Mom] You’re welcome.>>Well, you’re in now so anyway>>Yeah, in now!>>I’ll explain, so we have
this giant map of America ’cause that’s where we
live and it has all of our favorite stores, it has
like Universal Studios, Robux as well which is not an actual store>>[Dad] Universal Studios>>Dad! We’ve been wanting
to go there for a long time and guess what, You’re gonna pay for it!>>[Dad] Univ.. ah, what what. First of all Universal Studios has
stores in it but it’s not a store, it’s a theme park.>>Yeah I know, we also have like Robux and Universal Studios but
those are not stores, they’re just places and
things we wanna get.>>[Dad] Wait, wait, who’s paying for this?>>YOU! I told you, you’re paying for it.>>Yeah.>>[Dad] It’s amazing
how you know, you guys all organize against me.>>Well..>>You’re the Dad, you’re the boss, right? The boss has to pay.>>[Dad] Okay but you guys
are re writing the rules but okay I’ll go along with it for now. Let’s see what’s next.>>[Mom] They never played darts before so don’t worry Daddy.>>Well, I have a good
aim so um I’m definitely going to get this one you know.>>[Mom] I think it’s going
to be mostly the white wall Which we need to patch up.>>[Dad] Oh, okay so hang on a minute. If you hit the white then
you don’t get anything.>>We don’t get anything>>If we hit the white
and the black border then we get nothing.>>Anyway, don’t forget
to subscribe because then can be part of our e-squad!>>And also comment down below if you were playing this game, which
one would you aim for? And if Universal Studios
is the one you would aim for then pick a store
or Robux cause that’s like obvious I always pick that one.>>[Dad] Comment down below
if you feel sorry for Daddy! (sad spring sound)>>Nobody will comment but okay. So lets get the darts
and let’s play because I really really want to get
some bath bombs right now. Okay guys I have the
dart so I’m going to try to land on either Robux or
Justice or Bath and Body Works, around in that area. I’m really going to try to get the Robux. (cymbal crash)>>[Dad] Ah!>>[Girls Together] Bath
and Body Works! Yeah!>>Looks like I’m going to
Bath and Body Works today.>>[Dad] You can buy a bar of soap.>>Dad, no I’m going to
get a bunch of candles and bath bombs and like>>[Dad] What? So everything you land
on I have to pay for?>>Yeah and I can get like how much I want. (uptempo beat)>>Okay Dad, are you ready to shop?>>[Dad] Nooooo (synth music)>>Okay Daddy, get your wallet ready!>>[Dad] Oh boy!>>[Evelyn] I’m aiming for
the Robux because yeah.>>[Emily] Yeah, everybody needs that.>>[Mom] Go ahead (cymbal crash)>>[Dad] Aw man!>>[Evelyn] Justice, yay! We’re going to Jstice,
we’re going to Justice We’re going to Justice, we’re going to>>[Dad] Don’t you guys have
enough stuff from Justice?>>No, there’s never
enough stuff from Justice!>>[Dad] Now I’m in trouble. (synth music)>>More overalls. Okay Daddy I’m finished, ready to pay.>>[Dad] Yeah, what’d you
do, buy the whole store?>>Where we going next, Orlando?>>[Dad] Nah, don’t land on that one.>>I think it’s too hard
for now because the only one’s Bath and Body Works and I’ve already been there so
I’m going to try more the other side. Well try Robux, Justice, Target area, I think that’s a nice start (cymbal crash)>>[Mom] Oh!>>[Emily] I picked Bath
and Body Works again!>>[Mom] More soaps.>>Yeah, okay we’ll take that. Okay Daddy round two, lets get shopping. (synth music)>>[Dad] Your turn Evelyn,
I hope you land on like the white background or nothing.>>No, I’ve got my muscles prepared. I’m ready to throw it
at Universal, Robux, or somewhere I want to go to.>>[Dad] Oh boy!>>[Mom] Ok go ahead. (whistle and clank) (Dad laughs)>>[Eelyn] No!>>[Mom] Why Evelyn?>>[Dad] There you go.>>[Emily And Mom] Noooo>>Awwww, okay fine, here.>>[Dad] Emily why don’t
you hit it in the same spot Evelyn hit?>>Yo!>>Okay we can do this (cymbal crash)>>[Dad] Oh! (girls cheering)>>[Dad] Not a bad shot.>>[Evelyn] Target!>>[Mom] In the bullseye.>>How good was that?>>[Dad] Yeah, very good,
um you know they have like a dollar section there, right?>>Yeah, but not everything
in there is a dollar.>>[Dad] Oh boy.>>[Mom] They have Apple products.>>[Dad] Oh! Don’t give them any ideas.>>[Mom] (giggling) okay let’s go shopping>>[Dad] Emily here’s the dollar section. Don’t knock yourself out.>>Yeah but look I found a plant, and it’s a pen holder>>[Dad] That’s so cute, perfect, get that>>Okay but that’s not all.>>[Dad] Ugh! (synth music)>>Smooshable toys I found moochmellow Okay Daddy I’ve gone very easy on you. (register beeps)>>[Dad] Ah, when will this madness end?>>Um, Never, until we
go to all the places.>>[Dad] Oh boy! I hope you get the white or>>No, no, no>>[Dad] Or the wall, I’ll even take the wall at this point.>>[Mom] Okay Evelyn are you ready?>>You already took the
wall, um yeah I’m ready>>[Mom] Okay, let’s see. (cymbal crash)>>[Dad] Ah!>>[Evelyn] Yes, It’s sugar!
We’re going to It’s Sugar!>>[Mom] You’re getting lots of candy!>>[Dad] No they’re not.>>And pusheen!>>[Dad] Oh my gosh!>>Pusheen, pusheen, pusheen!>>[Dad] It’s It’s Sugar,
they only sell candy there.>>There’s some pusheen>>[Dad] Ah man, why
didn’t you just buy like a I dont know like a polo
mint or like, you know like>>No, pusheen, candy,
pusheen, candy, pusheen, candy (synth music)>>It’s coming home with me>>I’m going to try for the Robux>>[Mom] Okay you ready? (Whistle crash)>>[Mom] Whoa>>[Dad] Yeah I love it, you missed!>>[Girls Together] Noooo>>Okay Evelyn your turn again.>>[Mom] Okay Evelyn do
you have any favorites?>>Okay I’m gonna do it first to third; number one Universal,
number two Starbucks because I really want a refreshing
drink, number three Robux>>[Dad] Well, judging by your throwing yeah, good luck, good luck.>>Nononononono>>[Mom] Okay, go ahead. (whistle clank)>>[Dad] Hahahaha!>>[Evelyn] Noo>>[Dad] Hey look at that, you were aiming for Justice and you just missed.>>I’m not aiming for Justice, I aimed>>[Mom] (laughs) you just missed.>>[Mom] Okay Emily, do
you have a favorite?>>Robux>>[Mom] Okay try not
to get on Target again.>>[Mom] Starbucks.>>[Dad] Starbucks, that’s not so bad. I can deal with that. I get myself a cup of coffee too.>>I want Starbucks. (synth music)>>We went very easy on our Dad in here.>>Okay, I really want
the Robux, the Clair’s, whatever I land on especially Universal.>>[Mom] Okay yeah, I
wanna go to Orlando too! (cymbal crashes)>>[Evelyn] Claire’s!>>[Dad] Ugh!>>[Evelyn] Claire’s I got Claire’s>>[Dad] Oh no! There’s so many things I want to get from Claire’s like the squishy>>[Dad] No, no, you get like one thing>>No Emily got a lot of
things so that means that I’m getting a lot of things too!>>[Dad] Oh boy!>>Boom, boom, boom, boom Yay!>>Daddy, time to burn a
big old hole in that wallet>>[Dad] Oh boy! (synth music)>>How you feeling Daddy?>>[Dad] Uh, broke?>>Oh, okay, well Lush here I go (cymbals crash)>>[Dad] Oh no!>>[Emily] Yes, yeah>>[Mom] That was a good one.>>[Dad] Ah>>Time for me to get the best bath bombs. They have some really
expensive bath bombs there>>[Dad] Look for the
section where they have the seconds, you know?>>[Mom] Seconds? You
mean like the used ones?>>[Dad] No, not used but
you know ones they didn’t make too well and they sell
them at a discount isle?>>They don’t even have that.>>[Dad] Oh boy! (synth music)>>[Mom] Okay Evelyn are you ready? I’m packing our bags to go to Orlando so. (talking over one another)>>[Dad] Ain’t gonna happen>>Things I’m gonna land on>>[Mom] She will land on
Orlando, come on Evelyn.>>[Dad] Aint gonna happen.>>[Mom] Make it happen.>>Yes, I will make it happen. (trumpet plays, cymbal crash)>>[Mom] Oh (party horns) (girls cheering)>>Robux, yay, Robux!>>Okay come on Daddy,>>I’m getting Robux>>[Mom] Okay Evelyn
ready to get some Robux? I should say Daddy, are
you ready to buy some Robux for Evelyn?>>[Evelyn] Yes, I want this one.>>[Dad] No way, you can
have the one for $4.95>>[Evelyn] No I want this one.>>[Dad] Uh, you can have the one for $9.95>>[Evelyn] No I want this one.>>[Dad] How about you
have the one for $24.95>>[Evelyn] Sure>>[Dad] Ah!>>[Mom] That is a lot, there you go!>>[Evelyn] Yes!>>[Mom] You’re the proud
owner of how many Robux?>>[Dad] Too many.>>Okay>>[Mom] Your last round>>[Dad] Please hit the wall.>>No Universal Studios>>[Dad] No, ain’t gonna happen.>>Yes it might. (all cheering)>>[Evelyn] It didn’t do
it, it’s on the white. (sad springing)>>[Mom] Oh no, so close yet so far.>>[Evelyn] Daddy, Dad
you would be able to go there too and enjoy the rides.>>[Mom] Oh, so close well, it’s Evelyn’s turn.>>[Evelyn] I really wanna go to Universal>>I was so close, Evelyn
aim for Universal.>>[Mom] You can do it, you can do it. I wanna pack our bags and go to Orlando. (drumroll) (party horns) (all cheering)>>[Dad] Oh my gosh! Evelyn where did you learn to shoot darts?>>(talking over) you get
to go on the rides too!>>[Dad] Ahhhh, no! You’re going to be able
to enjoy the rides too.>>[Dad] Oh!>>We’re going to Universal, we’re going to Universal finally!>>We’re going to Universal!>>[Dad] Ah>>Can we go now?>>[Dad] No, no, no. We
can go in the morning it’s the weekend tomorrow>>Yes, yes, yes>>Yay! So follow us on instagram on the YouTube and on the YouTube community tab because we will be pictures, and
everything we’re doing I’m super excited because
I’ve like never been to Universal before, I’m
like super excited to go on all the rides and this
was super fun, I mean we got to go to all
our favorite stores and>>Yeah>>It was really fun because
we got some stuff and>>Yeah>>And we kinda (talking over
one another) dart throwing>>Yeah, we basically landed on everything.>>Like both of us.>>Yeah combined.>>And I don’t know, comment
down below if you had this dart map what would you
aim for or hope you would get>>[Mom] Now what is your favorite?>>I bet that you guys would do this, yeah.>>[Mom] That’s where you’re going>>Yay!>>Thanks for watching,>>See you next time>>Please subscribe,>>Bye (synth music)>>[Emily] Thanks for watching this video, we hope you liked it.>>[Evelyn] Don’t forget to
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