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So turns out most Americans haven’t really seen that much of the United States. I grew up in Pennsylvania So as a child, I pretty much only traveled to surrounding states like, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and New York And then I’ve also been to states like, West Virginia Florida, Illinois, Alabama and Georgia where I have extended family. When I was a teenager I started traveling a little bit more like to meet friends I made online in Connecticut or just to go on vacation to places like Rhode Island, Massachusetts, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. Then when I was 16, I moved to California, this is when things start to get a little more interesting. When I was 17 I went on a North American tour where I got to travel to 16 of the biggest cities in the United States and Canada. I went back to a bunch of states that already been to but also went to a bunch of new ones like, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Michigan and Tennessee. When I published my first book, I went on two more tours and while again I revisited States I went to two new ones Ohio and Minnesota. Then somewhere along the way I ended up in Nevada, Utah and on one Hawaiian island. Which puts my total at 28 States, only a little over half of them. But I want to go to every state so today I’m gonna throw a dart at this map and travel to the first state it hits that I haven’t been to before and explore it for 24 hours. Holy shit, I’m nervous Oh fuck. I feel like I’m not even facing the map Oh okay, I’m not. Finn, it’s- it’s cool, I know this is really weird, but it’s okay. I’m so scared I guess I’m going to Alaska! I’m in Alaska. This is the craziest thing I’ve done, in a fat minute. Literally 24 hours ago I had no idea where I was going and now I’m sitting in Alaska Alaska. I’ve obviously never been here before. I’m in Anchorage and it is 10:42 p.m and it’s still bright out. When I hit Alaska on the map, I pretty quickly remembered that they get like 20 hours of sunlight in the summer Which is just crazy. I’ve never been anywhere like this before in my life. It’s really exciting, and it’s honestly kind of disorienting So I landed here at like 9:30 p.m. and my flight back to LA is at 11:30 p.m. tomorrow. So I have a full 24 hours here in Alaska and I Have no idea what the fuck I’m gonna do I think at the game plan right now is to get some sleep if I can block out the sun and wake up early tomorrow and figure out what I’m gonna do. So I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning Good morning guys. It’s about 10:30 in the morning So I have about eleven, eleven and a half hours until I need to get to the airport for my flight home. Which is a decent amount of time, but it’s really not a lot of time. After googling a bunch of stuff I realized that a lot of the things you can do here are nature-related like hiking, Seeing cool animals, looking at beautiful views, honestly, all that is like right up my alley. I fucking love nature Anyway after looking at everything I planned out places to go things to do and I have three objectives Of things I want to do in these next 11 hours. First thing there is a hiking trail like 45 minutes away from where I’m staying right now where you can apparently see really cool wildlife, they have crazy fucking animals here like moose, grizzly bears. I mean, I don’t know if I want to see those animals… I mean I do but like Definitely from a distance. Second objective is there is another hiking trail like another 15 minutes of the road from that place, where you can see glaciers? I have never seen glaciers in real life before and we’re fucking in Alaska right now so we should go and look at some glaciers. And then the third thing is, classic me whenever I’m traveling anywhere, eat good food. I’m so excited. So Let’s go Fuck yeah, the last frontier damn I got a car baby! This dude is like really looking at me right now I am driving a pretty sweet Ford… escape, yeah, it’s kind of big It’s an SUV. I didn’t ask for this. They didn’t have any sudans. So I’m just stuck with this car. That’s a little bit too big for me But you know what, it’s fine. Maybe we can go like off-roading now While I was looking for things to do here. I also found places to eat I found this place called snow city cafe, which is 0.5 miles away and has five stars. Although it does say that it’s very busy right now. So hopefully it’s not too busy for me. Okay, so I just tried to eat at the snow city cafe, but there’s a 45-minute wait, and obviously I don’t have that much time here. But right next door is IHOH. Literally IHOH So I’m just gonna eat here You guys that was so fucking Good, what a pleasant surprise! So I already feel like I checked off one part of my objective to have delicious food. But now it’s time to drive to our first location. Okay, I’m here I literally feel like I’m going to fall and roll all the way down. I took the tram up and now I’m going to walk back down Oh my god, that was so insanely beautiful but also so insanely tiring. I just walked like two and a half miles down the side of that fucking mountain, but it was completely worth it. Although I didn’t see any wildlife. I was expecting to see like at least a grizzly bear, you know? But there is still one more place I’m gonna go where I could potentially see wildlife and that’s the glacier. It’s about another 30 minutes away from Anchorage and right now it’s like 4:50P.M. I really don’t have that much time left. So I should probably stop talking and start driving there, so let’s go. One hour, there and then back, fuck I gotta go. Oh my god. Okay, we’re here. This is so wild! I definitely wasn’t expecting this. I- I honestly don’t even know what I was expecting. When I was picturing glacier I was picturing like a chunk of ice floating in the water. But I think this is a glacier because it’s just this random snowy area in between a bunch of mountains and there’s water, let me go show you that. I guess that truly was a glacier because it literally says ‘close-up view of a glacier with rugged mountains in all directions’ Okay, hi so my trip is almost coming to an end it is currently 6:40P.M. and I am about an hour away from the airport. This whole trip was absolutely incredible. Alaska is amazing and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in my life so far. I’m so happy I came here, but I wish I had a little bit more time. So I think I’ll definitely have to plan a trip to come back here again because I don’t even feel like I scratched the surface. Anyway, I need to start heading back to the airport. Maybe we’ll see some wildlife on the way back. I’m like fucking Manifesting it. Please I wanna see a moose. But yeah, let’s start heading back to Anchorage You guys I pulled over because look, it’s a buffalo! Oh my god! Oh my god it’s pooping, it’s pooping! I did it! I really did it! Wow


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