Throwing a Dart at a Map and DOING Whatever it Lands On! PARENTS ONLY
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Throwing a Dart at a Map and DOING Whatever it Lands On! PARENTS ONLY

(upbeat music) – Guys, I am so happy right now. – It’s okay, Dad.
– This is the worst. I’m never playing this game again. – I’m gonna crush you. – In today’s video, we
throw a dart at a map and do whatever it says. But before we get started, give us a big thumbs up and
subscribe to our channel. Hi SOTY family! So, the kids did it,
and now it’s our turn. – We’re doing the throw a dart on the map, and do whatever it says challenge. – And I’m so excited! – If you haven’t checked
out the kids’ version, go watch it after this one. – We have some similar
things that the kids did and some different ones, guys. – Alright, so this one’s slime. If you hit this, you get slimed. This is movie date night, but, whoever hits it gets to pick the movie, so that’s important for us. – Really important. – This is the one that scares me the most. If you hit this, you have
to take a goofy picture of yourself and put it on Instagram. And lastly, the feared mystery box. – So we have shopping spree, which I am personally hoping to land on. Whoever lands on it gets
to go on a shopping spree and spend whatever they
want, within reason. This is the money one. If you land on it, the other person gets
to pick what you get. This is a dodgeball. If you land on here, you have to get dodgeballs
thrown at you, I guess. And lastly, hot sauce. If you land on there, you
have to taste hot sauce or something really, really hot. – Alright guys, the rules
of this challenge are you each get to throw three darts. If you land on the white
zone, you get nothing. Let the challenge begin. – You must stand behind the line. – [In Unison] Go Dad, go Dad, go Dad! – I’m going first. – Dad, don’t you like hot sauce? – Oh, I do. – And I don’t. – But I like money more. I gotta throw it like a pro. No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! – That was way off, Dad. – Guys, I think we may need
more than three throws. I am hoping for the shopping
spree, or the money. Either will do. – Why not the movie? – Money’s better, guys. Just saying. – Nuh uh. Slime. – Guys, I do not wanna get slimed. (laughing) Zero, I got nothing! – We are not very good at this. We might have to move closer. – Ahem. The new line is right here. – I’ll take it. – Round two. Are you ready? – I have never been more ready. Oh no. – [Girl] Slime. – Slime! Guys, he barely, barely hit slime! I get to dump slime on him. I’m so excited! Oh my goodness. That is just so close. It’s not white at all. Alright guys, it is time for the slime. The bowl is ready. Alright. – I can do this. I hope she dumps it on herself. – It’s steaming. – Is it hot? – [Man] It is steaming. – Ready? One, two. (upbeat music) (laughing) – Oh my gosh. – Look at the steam. – That actually felt kind of good. (laughing) – You didn’t get as much
on the front of him. – Aren’t you glad you
threw the dart at that map? – Yay. Let’s do it again. I feel like I should be on Nickelodeon. – Alright guys, it’s going
my direction, I think. I’m ready for round two. I’m pumped. What is it? Oh! It’s shopping spree! I get a shopping spree! – Wow, look at this. – This game is not fair. – I am loving this game, it’s awesome, we should play it very week, I swear. – I am not loving this game so far. – Alright guys, it is time
for my shopping spree, and I am in the mood for shoes. I need some shoes. And we’re bringing Blake,
because guess what? She needs shoes too. Shopping spree for both of us. – What about me? – Nope, no shoes for you. Guys, I found Blake’s section. What one do you want? What one do you want? (upbeat music) She’s shopping. – Try ’em on. We don’t know what size she is. – Do you like your shoes? Alright, we found a
pair of shoes for Blake. Now it’s my turn. – It’s not fair. I get slimed, she gets shoes? – Daddy is buying our shoes. We got some new shoes. So excited. – [Taylor] Where’s it going? – [Steve] For good luck. Oh no. – Yes, Instagram! Steve gets to post a goofy
picture to Instagram. Guys, I am so happy right now. – It’s okay, Dad. – This is the worst. I’m never playing this game again. – It’s okay. – Alright, are you ready
for your Instagram picture? – No, I do not like being embarrassed. – Guys, he’s totally lying, he loves it. He embarrasses himself daily. Are you ready? Let’s try out some of these. – Do I look good? Oh my. I feel like I’ve been in a movie before. (laughing) I opened my eyes wider when I saw it. (laughing) – [Jamie] Let’s see, I know which one. Um, that one’s the best. There we go. One, two, three, and picture. Posting that to Instagram. – That’s not bad, I
think I look good there. – Perfect resemblance, guys. Guys, I am on a roll,
I can’t do any wrong. I am going for money, movie
date night would be fine, maybe another shopping spree? – No no, once it’s been
eliminated, you can’t go again. Can you? – I landed on an ice cream twice. Check out that video. – Alright guys, I’m ready. Last round. Oh no. (laughing) – I call throwing them at Mom. – What does the dodgeball mean? – I call throwing ’em at Mom. – We all get to peg her with a dodgeball. – It’s okay, Mom, it’s okay. – I’m gonna crush you. – Alright guys, it’s time, for– (laughing) – [Steve] I’m excited about this one. – For dodgeball, guys. Dodgeball. Be nice. Be nice. – It’s coming. – How am I gonna dodge in a dress? This is not gonna be easy. (screaming) (laughing) – [Steve] So you’re moving? – Yes, it’s dodgeball! – [Steve] Put those hands down! – Just two balls. – [Steve] Why am I enjoying this? Time for the heater. (Jamie giggling) I am not going out like this. I demand one more dart. – Wait a second, I don’t agree to that. – Let’s take a vote. – [Steve] All in favor of
Dad having another dart, raise your hand. – Me. – So, it’s a tie? – I know how to solve this. Follow me. Parker, can Daddy throw one more dart? I’m just gonna tell them she said yes. – [Parker] No! – Let’s go. – [Parker] No. – Thanks, Parker. Guys, guess what? She said I get another dart! (cheering) – I guess it’s round four. – No! No. No, I can’t get the
same thing twice, can I? – But Dad, you asked for another throw. – I’m making it an official rule. You can’t land on the same thing twice. – Rewind. (rewind noises) – All I have to say is, wow. – [Steve] Oh yeah. – He landed right on the money. – This is my money dance. – Um Dad, you should stop dancing. – Alright guys, finally,
Steve has redeemed himself. He gets something that
is semi-good, but maybe, because you do not know what
is in these envelopes, at all. He’s mixing them around, guys. There is a specific amount
of money in each one of the envelopes, and you don’t
know what you’re gonna get, but you are gonna be eliminating them. – Oh no. – Yup. – But what if I eliminate the good ones? – [Jamie] Alright Steve, you need to pick one
envelope to eliminate. – Right in front of me. – [Jamie] Alright, let’s see what’s in it. – I don’t wanna look. What is it? – Ooh, five dollars, five
dollars, five dollars. – Is that the low one, or the high one? – [Jamie] You don’t know,
you’ll have to wait and see. – Shoot. Five dollars would have been nice. – [Jamie] Alright, make
your choice wisely. You get to pick one to eliminate. – I’m nervous, I don’t know. Just go, you just go. – Do it, do it, do it! – I’m looking this time. – [Jamie] What is it? – It’s less than five dollars. It’s a one dollar bill. – Lucky. Alright Steve, this is the last one. You get whatever is inside of it. – I can see the bill right there. So it’s not a coin, which I
was a little bit nervous about. Mom tricking me. Twenty dollars! – Boo! – I won. This is the highest one. – I’m ready. – No, no, no. Come here Blake, I’ll save you. I’ll save you, Blake. – No! I hate hot sauce. – You both got two bad
things and one good thing. – Ooh, I get to pick
something hot for her to eat. I like it. It is the moment of truth. Finally, this one has
to deal with something that’s not so fun to do. I’ve had to do all the hard ones. – I had to do dodgeball. – That’s not really that hard. – K guys, so, I have to eat something hot, and I do not like these things, so I’m gonna try to eat
a flamin’ hot Cheeto. – They’re flaming hot. A? A mouthful of flamin’ hot Cheetos. – What? It did not say. Okay, I’ll put three. – Five. – I can’t. There’s no way. (gagging) – Alright, moment of truth, guys. – [Steve] Wait, wait, wait, wait. Five. – I can’t do five. I have three. Three is what I’m gonna do. – [Steve] Alright. – K. Alright. One, two, three. (crunching) – [Steve] Chew ’em all the way up. Are you faking it? Are there any tears? How hot is it? – It’s not that bad. – [Steve] K, another mouthful. – Ooh, that’s hot. Okay, I don’t like these. I did it. Ah! Where’s water? Alright guys, hopefully you
enjoyed our video today. Make sure you comment below
which version you liked better. The parents’ version,
or the kids’ version. So subscribe to our channel. – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – Bye! (upbeat music)


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