Throwing a Dart at a Map and DOING Whatever it Lands On! KIDS ONLY
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Throwing a Dart at a Map and DOING Whatever it Lands On! KIDS ONLY

– It’s my last and final round! Oh snap! Money! Money money! – She landed right on the money (laughs) – In today’s video, we
do a crazy new challenge but before I get started, subscribe to our channel with a big thumbs-up! – Hi SOTY family! So we are doing something
new and kind of crazy. – We’re going to do the
throw a dart at a map and do whatever it says challenge! – That’s a mouth full – Here is our lovely map! – Alright guys so we are going
to explain this a little bit. If you land here you get candy! If you and here you get – Money. – Mom and dad are the only
ones who know the amount. – Obviously, if you land here
you get anything you want from Mcdonalds, here you
get to pick your favorite ice cream, if land here you get to choose between three mystery boxes. – And I’m the only one
who knows what’s in ’em. – If you land here,
you have to get slimed! – Ew, gross! – If we land here, we get to
create our own Lego creation. If we land here, we get to pick a toy. – [Mom] Who wants to throw darts? – [Children] Me! – Every kid is going to get
three darts to throw at the map. – If you land in the white
zone, you get nothing! – If you throw it and your dart falls out, you get to throw again. – Alright I go first, and I have to stay behind the red line. – Ooh. – Steven got mystery box! – What does that mean? – Alright Steven, are you
ready for your mystery egg? – But I thought it was a mystery box? – So you’re going to choose
an egg, and that egg is being eliminated, and you’ll
see what’s inside it, and then you’ll have to pick from the other two to decide which one you get. So which egg do you
want to eliminate first? – I eliminate this one. – Alright, lets see
what you missed out on. A crisp 20 dollar bill! That’s rough. – Daddy, can I have that? – No, you can not. – So now you have to
eliminate your final egg. Do you want to go little or big? – Little. – You’re eliminating the little one? – I don’t know! – Final chance. – Yeah. – Good choice, unless you like tomatoes. – No, not really. I hope the 20 dollar bill
wasn’t the only good thing. Alright, lets see what I got! Oh, pretty good actually. I’d rather have the 20
dollar bill, but not bad. I got a lollipop. – I’d say, today was not your lucky day. – Alright Steven, let me
show you how it’s done. (mother clears throat) Oh, here we go, sorry. – I earned a Lego creation! Bring on the giant Legos. I’m going to build something amazing although these blocks are freezing! (upbeat music) – I don’t know what I’m
building but it looks cool! Alright guys, so far it’s half an igloo. I’m going to build this later, we should get back to the game. – Going for ice cream. I need some ice cream! Ice cream, here I come. (screaming) Booyah, boom! My stomach has spoken. Guys I love cookie dough ice cream! It looks delicious doesn’t it guys! There’s ice cream every where! I really like this game. I want all of these toppings! So delicious! – I’m the dart queen. I want Mcdonalds so bad! Ice cream! Looks like we’re going
back to ice cream store. I know exactly what ice cream I want. No, no, no no, yes! I love creamies! Yum yum yum yum yum yum – I hope I get the ice cream! Oh yeah! (screaming) I wanted something! – Round two! – This time I’m going
for the rubber ducky. Aw! I get nothing, I was so close though! (laughs loudly) – Eye on the prize. Darn it, I was so close! I get nothing! – Coming for you! Money money money, aw, ice cream again. But I’m, but I’m still full
from the other ice cream. – I’ll trade you, Peyton. – Guess who’s back! It was so good I’m going to get it again. Guys there’s seriously a lot of ice cream I don’t know if I can handle
another one but I’m going to. Round two! Mmm. – I want a toy so bad but I’m worried I’m going to land on the ice cream again! – That would be too much ice cream. – Dang it. I got absolutely nothing. – I want the ice cream! I’m gonna go over here. Wink! (screaming) I got ice cream! I want purple! – I’m regretting putting
ice cream on the map. – It’s my turn for ice cream! (baby cooing) – Alright guys it’s the
final round, round three! – Time for the duck, yeah! I get a toy! – Alright it is Steven’s
turn to pick a toy! We have a suitcase full of
toys and Steven is blindfolded and he has to reach in and pick out a toy and he won’t know what it is, there’s some boy toys and
there’s some girl toys. – I’m kind of regretting
landing on the rubber ducky. – [Mother] One, two, three, pick! – Whoa, there’s a lot of stuff. Ooh, what’s this? I want to pick, is this a water bottle? I don’t want that one. Ooh, what the, I have a
feeling this is a girl toy. This feels like a milk jug. I want to pick this. Guys, is this one a
good one for me, or not? (laughs loudly) – That’s a girl toy. – [Mother] Take off the blindfold! – Ugh, magic putty, what else was in here? What, are you – [Mother] You had that in
your hand at the very first – I did? – [Mother] Yup. – What? I guess I get putty. – I can do this! I do not want to get slimed guys. Yeah! That’s what I wanted. I get a toy, I get a toy, boo yah! Alright guys it’s my turn. Please don’t get a boy toy. – [Mother] One, two, three, flip! – What is this? Oh, this might be cards. Sounds like it. What the? What is this? I don’t know. It feels like slime. This is a hat. I got to find the best thing. Uh, this? I’m guessing this! Guys, it’s my final choice. Is it a good one? – [Mother] Take off your blindfold! – What? It’s a good smelling pinky pop! That’s pretty good. I’m pleased with my choice. – It’s my last and final round! Oh snap. Money! Money money money! – She landed right on the money! – Guys, how much money do I get. – Alright Peyton, since you
picked the money, we have three envelopes, each
contains a different amount of money, I’m going to shuffle
them around a little bit and you don’t know what’s
in what, but your first pick is the one you don’t get,
you’re going to eliminate one of the envelopes,
so which envelope do you want to get rid of, Peyton? – I don’t know which one to get rid of! – I can get rid of all of them. – No, no no no. – Oh. – I’m ready. I am going to eliminate this one. – Let’s see what you’ve eliminated. Oh I think it’s a good pick. This envelope contained one penny. – Ooh, I definitely
picked the right envelope. – Alright Peyton, time for round two. Which envelope do you want to eliminate? – Oh, this is a hard one. I’m going to eliminate this one. – Let’s see what you’ve eliminated. – I’m so scared, I have to close my eyes. – The first round she eliminated a penny this round, oh no, she
eliminated a dollar. Sorry, you don’t get the dollar. – Then what’s in this one? I’m scared, it’s going
to get like nothing. Open up! I got 20 dollars! – I need to aim right. I got this. Yeah! I got it, I got it. I’m a professional dart thrower. Who would have known? Alright guys it’s my turn to
pick a toy out of the suitcase. This is big. What’s, it’s squishy. I want this. Is this a good choice guys? – [Mother] One, two, three. – What is this? Well it’s not a boy toy so I’m happy. It’s a squishy wrist slime. – The ducky. – [Mother] I think she
keeps getting closer. – [Peyton] She got slimed! – So, should Parker get
slimed, or go get slime? – I want slime! – Alright guys so Parker
landed on slime and instead of sliming her, we’re going to
let her pick a slime to have of her own, are you ready Parker? – Wait, I want three! – Three? – [Mother] Alright Parker
so there’s a sprinkle one there’s a glow in the dark
one, there’s some squishy ones which one do you want. The sprinkle? – Thank you for my slime! Uh oh! – Hopefully you liked today’s video if you want to see a parent’s version give us a big thumbs- up! – Comment below which thing you
would want to do on the map. – Subscribe to our channel! – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs-up! – And see you guys tomorrow. – [Children] Bye!

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